Getting the ‘Mad Men’ Retro Modernist look: How far will you go?

‘Mad Men’ Retro Modernist Look

Getting the ‘Mad Men’ Retro Modernist look: How far will you go?

Given the style’s popularity these days, decorating a home in mid-century modern or modernist design can be very easy, or incredibly difficult. The real question is, how far are you willing to go?

1. Maybe you will go as far as Belinda Shultz and her husband Heinrich, who live in Frankfurt in Germany.Their home was recently featured in the magazine, Best Mid Century Design Interiors, which focuses on residential mid-century style.
This couple, both architects, have furnished their home with a mix of period furniture and contemporary pieces. They have a Florence Knoll couch, and a Barcelona Chair and Stool. Plus another chair and coffee table that appears to be vintage, and came from a flea market, as did the glass cabinets against the wall in the main living area.
Shultz said that all neighbours are huge fans of mid-century furniture, and she had recommended some years ago to that they use furniture by Charles and Ray Eames in their homes. It is remarkable she said ” So many people still have the same style of modern designer retro furniture to this day, and sourcing it is just a matter of watching for upcoming yard sales.
This modern designer interior home project has taken them 15 years.

Fabulous and outrageous in its design. Art deco meets contemporary meets crazy modern.

‘Mad Men’ Retro Modernist look

2. “We’re trying to hold true to original materials,” said Juan Morata, who lives in Saberdell, Barcelona in Spain. He and his wife Christina are slowly reverting their house to the mid century, replacing the home’s modern lights, door knobs, and kitchen cabinets with more authentic mid century replacement versions.
Morata has also found his neighbours—via a neighborhood facebook forum a source of supply. “We’d send out an email saying ”We’re looking for a retro style arc light, does anyone have one?” he explained, describing the hanging arc floor lamp. ” People do occasionally get rid of them, they do require an extensive repair, often dearer than a new one , so people are more than happy to give them to us.”
Other items, like enamelled metal sinks, he has found through sites like Ebay.
This modern designer interior home project has taken them 20 years.

‘Mad Men’ Retro Modernist look

3.Joseph and Maria Hollande from Paris in France, live in a 4th floor apartment on the Left Bank. Their 200 square meter home is a magical experience to see. Modernist retro furniture and furnishings are everywhere. The Bauhaus Sofas and Chairs in white leather look sensational in the main living area. The highly polished steel frame wrapped around the and crisp clean lines of the square furniture framework work in perfect harmony.
Across from the living area in this open plan space, is the kitchen and a huge circular breakfast bar . 8 Mono Bar Stools in red sweep around the breakfast bar in perfect formation, giving this totally white kitchen, a massive lift of colour. Up in the corner on a small elevated stage area is an Eiffel dining table, facing the floor to ceiling windows with a magnificent view of Paris. The Eiffel Dining Table is finished in a black gloss and around the table are 8 Eiffel Dining chairs. Their light walnut legs and black plastic shells offer great comfort and modern designer style to this truly magnificent home.
In the Reception Hall there are 2 Adjustable Coffee Tables either end of a Spiers Sofa. A Danish style contemporary sofa of elegance, style and comfort. Finally, and perhaps, the most engaging piece of furniture is in the master bedroom. Facing away from the bed and onto huge windows, to allow the occupant another amazing Parisian vista, is a Lips Sofa. Red and bold, fabulous and outrageous in its design. Art deco meets contemporary meets crazy modern.

The modern designer interior home project has taken them 7 days…..

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