Patchwork and Monochrome from Retro Europe.

Patchwork and Monochrome designer modern furniture from Retro Europe is imposed as one of the trendy prints of the season. Chairs and armchairs from in classic designs covered in soft Patchwork and Monochrome upholstery, are proof that triangles, stripes, diamonds and dots, as well as hexagonal shapes remind us all of a bye gone age of quality thrift.

Eiffel Furniture Collection

Retro Europe’s Casco Range of designer retro furniture is available online from in Patchwork and Monochrome. Dining chairs, armchairs and bar stools combine quality and modern designer trends. This furniture will fit into any living space whatever the style is.

Classic Modern Furnishing.

Playing with Patchwork and Monochrome furniture from Retro Europe adds fun to interior design. The versatility of Patchwork and Monochrome when we decorate spaces is part of their success.

For example, the Casco Armchair in Patchwork and Monochrome will add a touch of sophistication into romantic spaces without losing the warmth and classic essence of this style. It also fits perfectly into a modern contemporary interior.

The Casco Dining Chair in Patchwork and Monochrome would fit in a classic retro modernist dining room, as well as in a mid-century style space. The Casco Dining Chair in Patchwork and Monochrome is one of the most popular styles of this season, and positioned around the Casco Dining Table from is truly inspiring, where elegant forms are a must.

And what about Casco Bar Stools in Patchwork and Monochrome from Retro Europe? Their simple shapes make the perfect match with a modern and contemporary style, at home or in a commercial environment or industrial ambiance.

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