1. Modern Designer Retro Furniture from Retro Europe is designed by the in-house design team at Retro Europe.

Retro Europe has a very talented in-house design team with a simple philosophy.
To design high-quality modern designer furniture, at affordable prices and fit for purpose and function.

Buying a piece of modern designer furniture is in many ways similar to buying a piece of art.
You fall in love with the design and style and experience that all important feel good factor, but unlike art, furniture must be functional and perfect for everyday use.






2. A carefully selected choice of 100% genuine leather and quality fabrics, designed for every style, every space, every budget, everyone and everywhere.

Retro Europe modern designer furniture is beautifully crafted in a range of fabrics and leather, in modernist to mid century styles, from vintage to contemporary designs, and even fun and funky chic statement creations



3. High – quality and comfortable modern designer furniture from Retro Europe is for real life everyday use. Durable, and perfect for both commercial and home living environments and to enjoy for a lifetime.

Quality designer retro furniture is manufactured at Retro Europe using traditional furniture craftsmanship methods. Retro Europe’s solid hard wood framed furniture is covered in multi-density cushioning for full support and comfort.






4. Customer Care, at Retro Europe you have the experience from nearly 45 years in business, established in 1975, the Retro Europe service is superior, and tried and tested.

The true measure of quality control is customer satisfaction, and that is achieved by constant and continuous improvements throughout all aspects of design, manufacture, pre sale inspections and after sale care and support.

These processes are controlled by the in-house quality control management system that allows for improvements to be made, adjustments to be identified and implemented, and continual fresh ideas exchanged.



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