Are you wanting to buy beautifully designed and affordable multi-functional pieces of modern designer retro furniture for your modernist or mid century styled home?

We found examples of Retro Furniture, from plastic shell seats, to large luxury leather sofas, from the early modernist, vintage, mid century designer periods, to more modern contemporary, art deco funky styles.

With incredibly varying price tags.

From the practical to the downright outrageous.

As an example, a modern designer Le Corbusier Sofa, that will cost around 10,000 euros, is now available for those looking for something similar, is here from Retro Europe for under a 1000 euros.

Not all of us have a spare 10,000 euros lying around for a new sofa.

None of us would even think about getting into a finance deal for a new 10,000 euros sofa.

And for the real price tag avers home, for 1,000 euros you can buy a high quality modernist designer retro sofa from Retro Europe.

Naturally you have to choose the right sofa for you, and check it out carefully, but it really can be done for under a 1,000 euros.





The idea of a modern designer modernist retro sofa, you can buy for under £1,000, lies behind Retro Europe’s Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Brand.

Modernist and Mid Century Retro Furniture discerning clients, know that the leading online supplier of modern designer retro furniture is Retro Europe.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is one the most popular classic designer retro furniture models from Retro Europe.

Le Corbusier is considered one of the most influential of all modernist and mid century modern furniture designers. Indeed The History Of Le Corbusier is synonymous with detailed retro design.

An original Le Corbusier 3 seat Sofa will cost around 10,000 Euros and was designed nearly 100 years ago. Albeit the design remains very popular, the actual function, ”the every day use element” of the design is poor.

Created for the 1929 market, when we were all considerably shorter in height, considerably lower in weight, and considerably more tolerant in our demands for comfort and support.

The original modernist masterpiece by Le Corbusier costs around 10,000 euros and is a minimalistic design, consisting of a light weight steel frame, with elasticated straps, supporting 4 cushions.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe offers the same detailed refinement of modernist design for less than 1,000 euros

Granted, Le Bauhaus is a fraction of the price of a Le Corbusier.





But for the money you will buy a high quality classic modernist designer sofa. You can still have the modernist designer retro styling, and also have the unique Corbusier style for ‘’simplicity of minimalism design’’, but now for a very affordable and realistic price tag.

We found the Le Bauhaus Retro Sofas also has many other advantages over the Original Le Corbusier Retro Sofa, apart form the price.

The Le Bauhaus is manufactured in the style of traditional furniture craftsmanship, which means, you get a solid hardwood frame sofa, with a sprung deck, with multi density cushioning, that is covered in genuine premium leather or soft quality cotton fabric.The sofa is encased in a steel frame with wrap around legs, that give the impression, the sofa is somehow floating.

Le Bauhaus looks strikingly fabulous and is distinctly influenced and inspired by the Le Corbusier styling. However, the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe, offers a great combination of modernist modern designer style, with comfort and support, required by us all in the 21st Century.

The Le Bauhaus Collection of Armchairs and Sofas start at 549.00 euros, and are smart and affordable, and for us buyers of modern designer retro furniture, Le Bauhaus by Retro Europe tops the charts for an ”attention to detail modernist design”, that is well constructed and comfortable. A wise buy for any home or commercial environment.