Retro Europe highlights their own in-house design brands of modernist,
mid century and contemporary styled retro furniture in a series of TV
and Digital Video Productions, produced by Alicante Studios based in

I Love Retro I Love Retro Europe.

Retro Europe has debuted a new series of television commercials and
video productions that use humour to highlight price advantages for
its private own designer furniture under the brand of
Reinvented. Affordable. Great Designs.

The “I Love Retro I Love Retro Europe” campaign is a series of ads
whose young performers say they “I Love Retro I Love Retro Europe”
when showing Retro Europe’s own design exclusive private brand
furniture and the Original Counterparts.

The adverts picture the products and name the items, and include a
retail price for both items based on average online prices, also
emphasising size differences where appropriate.

Retro Europe’s ad agency is Alicante Studios of Alicante , Spain