Virtual Is The New Best Thing

The moment you strap on the headset, you have transported away to a world where there are no limits. It is a surreal experience where you enter an alternate reality, an unexplored sphere where the boundaries are controlled only by your imagination.

And so much more, so much more awaits you, because Virtual is a fab way to see consumer products. Virtual offers you the opportunity and the convenience of shopping from home or anywhere you choose, with all the benefits of an in-store visit.

Virtual shopping is attracting interest from forward-thinking retailers and shoppers. Retailers can bypass a massive outlay on premises and invest in a Vitual Shop.

A virtual shop is open 24/7, without staff, overheads and a huge bricks and mortar capital.

The Reality of Virtual Shopping

Just imagine this for a moment.

Virtual shopping lets you see and experience products first-hand. Coupled with online shopping convenience.

The ease, comfort, and stress-free experience of online shopping combined with virtual shopping. It is the best of both shopping worlds.

An amalgamation perfect for the eCommerce world we live in.

Go shopping around the stores, no hustle, and bustle of crowded malls and shops, with a close-up inspection of the products, and a bird’s eye overview you could not achieve by visiting a shop.

The firsthand experience of direct observation, and the participation of selecting the products you want to buy with immersive views and life-size displays.

Modern digital technology takes you to any shop, allows you walk down the aisles, to examine the products lined up on the shelves and then the instant purchase procedure of an online store.

The decision making can be a nod of your head, or if you need to ask a question you are linked to the online shops’ live chat service.

It is no exaggeration; Virtual is on the way.

Famous brands are now experimenting with the software; Virtual & Shop

Malcolm Haylett, IKEA Australia Multichannel Specialist, said, “The IKEA Virtual Reality store has been developed to support our online shopping service. We know that it’s important for customers to see and experience our home furnishings range. IKEA has recently made a move towards online retailing, but we want to offer the full IKEA store experience to our online shoppers.”

The e-commerce world is changing and will continue to change down a virtual path.

Consumers and Retailer had better be prepared for the virtual reality of shopping.