We tested the most technologically advanced ergonomic office chairs for a home office or a commercial office, that keep you pain-free after 8+ hours of continuous use.

Today, most of us office workers spend 8+ hours each day sitting on an office chair behind a desk looking at our computer screens, so we know exactly how important a quality office chair is.

What is wanted;

A well-designed, comfortable modern office chair that is a beautiful design, and affordable, that improves posture and avoids a bad back, neck ache, and lower back misery is guaranteed to keep an office worker busy all day.

We looked at office chairs with exceptional lumbar support, seat height adjustment, and a free float tilt mechanism.


Because these are necessary to ensure that the chair can be adjusted to the best position for us all, no matter how tall, short or heavy we are, whether we have long or short legs and arms, an office chair must suit everyone.

The material must stay cool, it can get hot and sticky after 8 hours on a chair, so we want to stay cool and not hot, smelly and uncomfortable.

Next, we looked for office chairs that look good. Looks and style are second in the must have list after comfort and staying cool.


Followed by receiving the supplier’s instructions on how to use, maintain and put the chair together, with a warranty for at least two years.

What is available;

We looked at the Sayl at 645 Euros, the Kloeber Mera Klimastuhl for 999 Euros, plus the Aeron for 1,150 Euros, and gave them all a well deserved special merit point.

Which Office Chair is the Winner;

However, the outstanding winner is an iconic designer office chair available in 8 different colours, – each one designed to perfection.

It is an ergonomically office chair that will support all the parts of the body.

An office chair that stays cool even after 8 hours in a hot and sweaty office environment.

An office chair that looks fantastic (especially in Tiffany Blue my own personal favourite).


Finally, and the winner is;

A great value and extremely comfortable office chair which allows you to be comfy whether you’re facing forward or turned to the side or reclining

An affordable office chair has unique ergonomic attributes, making it perfect for perching, sitting and reclining back.

An office chair with a relatively low price of just 149.00 Euros with free delivery.

The Ericson Office Chair from Retro Europe is this week’s hot bargain.

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