The Bauhaus School and the History of Bauhaus Modern Designer Furniture

Originally founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany by architect Walter Gropius.

The school was forced to move to Dessau in Germany in 1925 due to Political reasons and eventually closed in 1932.

The Bauhaus School had a proud reputation for the design of practical and functional furniture, that was innovative in design and aesthetically sublime.

Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breur are two of the most celebrated and famous designers from The Bauhaus School and are responsible for creating brand new styles and furniture designs for their period time, very distinct, and completely different from previous decades of designer furniture.

The change from heavily decorative furniture to minimalist design principles of style was influenced by the new furniture-making technology available at this period.It is very clear that this style of design influenced Le Corbusier and his LC2 and LC3 Collections.

Clean and precise designer industrial furniture, simplistic in style, became the new vogue. The modernist and minimalistic design movement stripped back furniture design to its basics, and free from fancy ornate styling, The Bauhaus School created timeless iconic furniture.

Today modernist industrial designed furniture from Retro Europe is also functionally motivated. The Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection is the latest collection of sofas and armchairs from the in-house design team at Retro Europe.

Branded under their Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design label of high-quality retro furniture, Retro Europe has applied the same basic design principles of The Bauhaus School for their Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection.

Devoid of any ornate trimmings, the design elements are striking and have a basic efficient form. Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is simplicity personified, functionality at its best, and it is perhaps the most dominant designer furniture collection for the past several decades to be available online at a remarkably affordable price from Retro Europe.

The design philosophy from The Bauhaus School is ingrained in the in-house design team at Retro Europe.The philosophy of practicality from The Bauhaus School was called Functionalism and their aim was always to produce aesthetically beautiful designer furniture affordable to everyone.

The Second Industrial Revolution often referred to as the Technological Revolution, was a period of massive industrialisation, and during the period late 1800,s to early 1900,s there was history-making changes to the design styles of modernist furniture and the demand for modernist furniture.

Functional Modernist designer furniture evolved and developed from this period in history, and with modern technology, access to new materials, and new manufacturing methods consumers witnessed a new dawn of creative and innovative work form some of the greatest and talented designers of all time.

Following the Second Industrial Revolution, a wave of new philosophies, artists, and designers emerged from the De Stijl movement in the Netherlands, the Deutscher Werkbund and the Bauhaus school, both located in Germany, created, and designed furniture and works of art reverently commanding respect and admiration for decades to come.