Scandinavia’s Best Contemporary Furniture from Retro Europe.


What suddenly springs to mind when you think of Scandinavia?

Well, it could be the deep mysterious fjords carved into a forested landscape.

Or maybe it’s the ultra-cool, minimalism Scandi Designer furniture that has recently had all discerning lovers of great designer furniture falling head over heels for all things Scandi.

We would be willing to bet our pensions that the word “beaches” doesn’t cross your mind.

Because Scandinavia is the home to Scandi Designer Furniture.

And here is best of all the modern contemporary Scandi Designer Scandinavian Furniture on the market today.

The Spiers Collection of Scandi Armchairs and Scandi Sofas from Retro Europe.

There is something about the Scandi Designer Spiers Collections that somehow says quality.

A quality that has attracted discerning buyers of modern designer Scandi furniture for decades.

Others put it down to the comfort of the furniture, and some will say the design is unique, whilst others say it has the WOW Factor. is the online destination for lovers of great designer Scandi Furniture.

It is the ”defined line style” that makes the Spiers Scandi Furniture Collection perfect, and the purse-friendly prices at Retro Europe make their Spiers Collection extremely affordable.

Now that we’ve discovered the Scandi Spiers Furniture Collection what is the next step?

The Retro Europe 7-day delivery promise.

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A number of accolades prove the beautiful Scandi designer furniture from Retro Europe is a testament to any modern home or business environment.

Welcome to the Official Scandi Designer Spiers Furniture Collection Owners Club.