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Why Designing Modern Designer Furniture is Not Easy.

Tucked away on the second floor of the Retro Europe building in a design studio there is a team of young and inspiring designers gathered together.

The design team with a diverse experience of Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company and Westfield have a simple understanding and philosophy of modern designer furniture.

New designs always start with a quiet careful consideration and a detailed observation of how people feel about furniture.

Modern Designer Furniture is totally about the end user, their basic needs, and the function they require the furniture to implement.

The Design Team at Retro Europe have brought a fresh new style to the furniture from Retro Europe.

The task today is to design a range of chairs, armchairs and bar stools in one fully integrated style.

The furniture is for the Commercial Market.

The aim is for a hotel, restaurant or bar to be able to buy chairs, armchairs and bar stools in a single distinctive design theme, to have one continual and constant design style throughout the establishment.

The construction must be durable and robust to withstand commercial abuse.

The design must be chic, stylish and modern.

The design took many weeks to perfect.

How did this design develop?

The design team started with the base.

Commercial furniture must have a strong base to withstand the many continuous hours of use.

Solid hardwood legs attached to a metal frame that supports the seat shell was the best answer.

The first job was to design a fully integrated base, suitable for the chairs, armchairs and bar stools.

The objective of the Retro Europe Design Team was to understand the ‘Priority Demands’ on Commercial Furniture.

Furniture designs fail when designers lose sight of the Priority Demands of the Client.

The Retro Europe Design Team is made up of individuals with different talents who look collectively at Client Demands.

After finalising the design and construction of the fully integrated base the design moved onto the seating shells.

The seating shell design starts with a brief, and then an exploration phase, and then the team look at of different ideas on the best materials to use in the manufacture.

At the end of this phase, the Team had the base and the seating shells.

Continually through the design process, the Design Team are asking all the important questions.

How should we design for a Commercial Establishment?

How will the furniture fit aesthetically in a hotel, restaurant or bar?

How do we design a fully integrated product family?

The original brief evolved.

The ‘single -design’ base gave the chairs, armchairs and bar stools a fully integrated design style.

The seating shells were in two forms.

First, a conventionally styled chair shell, for the chairs and bar chair stools.

Second, a deep flowing scooped styled armchair shell for the armchairs and bar armchair stools.

Manufactured in a high-quality polypropylene plastic the shells are in black or white dyed through the mould in the manufacturing process. and alternately, they are covered in a Patchwork or Monochrome Cloth.

Posture, Comfort and Support.

The Design Team wanted the chairs, armchairs and bar stools to be upright for when someone is dining or working in a meeting room, plus the team designed the seating shells to function when the user slides into the seat and leans back.

The finished furniture looks a pretty simple design, but there have been hundreds of tweaks to the armrest positions and the shell shape to ensure the user has the correct posture, the best comfort, and the right support.

The Design Team made sure every single part of the design works exactly as it should work.

Chic, Elegant and Durable with the added bonus of a stylish interchangeable mix and match design.


Plain bold black or white, or smart patchwork or monochrome styled cloth.

The chairs, armchairs and bar stools are an innovative design with tomorrow’s manufacturing technology.

Providing unbelievable comfort, elegance and durability for every Commercial Establishment.

With the added bonus of the stylish fully integrated design and an interchangeable mix and match unique seating options.

When we look at these are chairs, armchairs and bar stools we know it’s the best it can be.

All the design details have been are truly considered.

Everything in the design concept is there for a reason.

There are no thrills with the chairs, armchairs and bar stools.

They are Pure Function in a chic elegant style.

When a user sits on the furniture they realise immediately that the attention to detail in the design is 100% successful.

So, what is next?

The Design Team had to create a name.

A name that is worthy of this very special design.

A name that will epitomise everything the design brief demanded.

The name is Casco.