Modern Designer Furniture Online Stores are now the number one choice for consumers.

Online Furniture Shopping now accounts for 80% of the Modern Designer Furniture Market.

Modern designer furniture consumers are swapping the high-price High Street Furniture Stores for the affordable and more convenient online modern designer furniture stores.

Online designer furniture stores offer high-quality designer furniture at much more affordable prices. The huge savings in operating costs that online stores have against High Street Stores is reflected in their prices.

A glossy aspirational lifestyle online.

Europe’s leading online designer furniture store is Retro

Retro Europe promotes a glossy aspirational lifestyle online with their own brand modern furniture.

So it is no surprise that Retro Europe is increasingly taking a bigger market share from the traditional Modern Furniture Stores.

The rise of social media means that consumers are now more likely to show off their purchases of modern designer furniture from online stores such as on facebook, twitter and other platforms.

Social Media gives Retro Europe a Massive Exposure.

The chic sophisticated modern furniture from Retro Europe includes modernist, contemporary, minimalism and industrial vintage style furniture for consumers with a keen eye for quality at an affordable price.