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So, who are Retro Europe and why are we so passionate about Modern Designer Furniture?

The origins of our Company go back to 1975 when our family opened our first store. In those days the world wide web was a crazy dream, so our roots are in shops, showrooms and later superstores.

Today, we are still owned and managed by the family [albeit there are many new family additions]. The benefits of online shopping are well known so we are solely online retailers now.

We keep our expenditure to a minimum at Retro Europe.

Selling Online and not having expensive shops and superstores, with no middlemen, and no agents, all keep our expenditure to a minimum and these savings come straight off the price of our modern designer furniture for our clients.

Our modern designer furniture is important to us, which is why we design our own brand furniture and work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Only the best quality modern designer furniture for our clients.

We only want the best quality modern designer furniture for our clients, but we have a responsibility to ensure our prices are always affordable. Because Retro Europe design their own brand furniture, work closely with the manufacturers, and the logistics companies Retro Europe keep costs to a minimum.

Browse our website today at, follow our blogs, and keep in touch with Facebook and Twitter at Retro Europe and I guarantee you will be truly inspired to enjoy our passion for modern designer furniture.