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Furnishing your new Home Office or your Commercial Office should be fun.

And, do you know what works best?

No limits on your style.


What works best is when there are no limits on your style.

Retro Europe’s new Ericson Office Chair Collection collection gives you all the freedom to experiment and have fun.

Become a real office chair fashionista

Become a real fashionista when you are furnishing your new Home Office or busy Commercial Office, and celebrate the Retro Europe modern designer office chair style that always works.

With this much variety, everything is possible. Who says the fun should ever stop?

7 vibrant colours to choose from.

Open your designer mind and let the fun begin. With the Eiffel Office Chair Collection, you can really let go – there are 7 vibrant colours to choose from so mix the colours and create your own style – try anything you fancy.

Have you broken fashionista rules yet today?

You can afford to buy these wonderful Office Chairs.

Retro Europe’s latest collection of Ergonomic Office Chairs contains something completely new: for the first time ever, you can afford to buy these wonderful Office Chairs.

Prices start from just 149.00 Euros with free delivery for the Perfect Office Chair, and remember these office chairs are colourful and full of surprises – just like your day should be.