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The Ericson Office Chair from Retro Europe is a Winner.


Retro Europe’s Modern Designer Ergonomic Office Chairs priced at 149.00 Euros with free delivery, scores top marks in a market test. Beating rivals that are up to ten times the price.

Today, discerning buyers of modern designer ergonomic office chairs are very savvy and demand affordable prices, top quality, and durability.

The price, the comfort, the support, and remaining cool.

According to the results of this study, the buyers for an ergonomic styled home office chair or commercial ergonomic office chair are looking at the price, the comfort, the support, and if the user is going to remain cool in the chair throughout the 8-hour days’ work.

A happy office worker is a comfortable office worked and can be up to 150% more efficient and productive.

Ergonomic modern designer Ericson Office Chairs for the Home Office and the Commercial Office.

Retro Europe manufactures their ergonomic modern designer Ericson Office Chair for the Home Office and the Commercial Office environment and is consistently voted the Best Office Chair for price, comfort, great support, durability, modern design, and very importantly- staying cool for the whole day and every day.

Ericson office chairs from Retro Europe start at just 149.00 Euros with free delivery.


Ergonomic styled office chairs start at just 149.00 Euros with free delivery and they are an amazing one-tenth of the price of some of Retro Europe’s rivals.

The Ericson modern designer office chairs from Retro Europe are available in 7 amazing colours. Super cool colours that are sophisticated and these beautiful colours are guaranteed to be pleasing to the eye in any working environment.

The Ericson Modern Designer Office Chairs are the best.

But, what makes Retro Europe Ericson Office Chairs the best?

The ergonomic designer office chairs from Retro Europe come standard with;

Height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, and a recline/lock back option and universal castors suitable for any floor surface..

No Extra Costs – Guaranteed Affordable Low Prices from Retro Europe.

Yes, this is amazing because other retailers often add additional priced extras.

At Retro Europe the Ericson Office Chair comes with every feature as standard at no extra cost.

Retro Europe 7-day free delivery promise anywhere in Europe.


All Ericson Office Chairs from Retro Europe have the famous Retro Europe 7-day free delivery promise anywhere in Europe.

Spanish mainland buyers receive their ergonomic modern designer office chairs with free delivery in just 72 hours after placing the order.

Great Prices for nearly 50 years from Retro Europe- Retro Europe is a genuine Family Business.

Retro Europe is a genuine Family Business. For nearly 50 years Retro Europe has been controlled and managed by the same family. The History of Retro Europe is steeped in customer care, affordable prices, and top quality products.

And why is Retro Europe one of the cheapest in the country?

Retro Europe is an online business.

Bricks and Mortar High Street Shops and Superstores cost a great deal of money to operate daily.

Retro Europe’s online business operates on minimal costs, and these savings come straight off the price.

So, The Retro Europe Ericson Office Chair cannot be beaten on price.

At Retro Europe’s website at their famous ergonomic Ericson Office Chairs start at 149.00 euros with free delivery.

Retro Europe Ericson Office has beaten their expensive luxury rivals costing up to ten times as much to scoop the top spot.