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Modern Designer Furniture was born in the 19th century and heralded a new trend in furniture design.

Modern Designer Furniture with new and exciting creations in a range of materials and colours that was to be more affordable for a mass market.

18th century furniture was designed very elaborate and ornate but not necessarily practical and comfortable or attractive and WAS made in dark woods and drab fabrics.

Generally 18th century furniture was expensive due to the high manufacturing time.

The 19th century witnessed modern technology that provided time saving methods of constructing furniture, and with the introduction of new materials prices became more affordable.

By the mid century period furniture had become lighter and Modern Designer Furniture was firmly established.

Designer Modern Furniture evolved from influences from the Le Bauhaus School, where designers sourced new materials to construct their furniture pieces.

By the Mid Century a brand new era of modern designer furniture utilising steel, molded plywood and plastics had arrived.

The priority of Mid-Century and Modernist Designer Furniture was a balance between aesthetics and function.

Practical well designed furniture that appealed to a sense of beauty in new materials and fabrics, it was a new and exciting period for modern furniture.

A new generation of furniture buyers welcomed the changes and appreciated the new trend of furniture art.

The Mid Century period changed the traditions of furniture design.

Toward the end of the 19th century, we experienced the natural progression from Modernist to Mid Century styles and onto Contemporary Modern and Art Nouveau.

The Wassily Chair designed by Marcel Breuer in 1925 is said to be a symbol of Modern Designer Furniture.

Marcel Breuer used tubular steel and leather straps for the Wassily Chair, an abstract design that is exceedingly comfortable.

Modern Designers developed furniture designs that were minimalistic and simple but also chic, sophisticated, elegant and beautiful.

Eileen Gray used tubular steel for her Adjustable side table, this is an example of an iconic modern furniture piece that is also very functional.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed the Barcelona Chair and Stool in 1929 for the Barcelona Exposition.

The Barcelona Chair and Stool won the Museum of Modern Art award in 1977 and is still in full production today.

The Bauhaus School inspired both Eileen Gray and Marcel Breuer with their use of tubular steel.

The Tulip Chair was created in 1957 by Eero Saarinen, and was famous for having only one leg and made from fibreglass reinforced resin.

The Tulip Chair won the Museum of Modern Art Award in 1969.

In 1948 Isamu Noguchi designed the Noguchi Coffee Table, a simple modern design that is still very popular today.

Noguchi is world famous for his appreciation of elegant yet simple furniture art.

The World of the Modernist Movement has stood the test of time, and Modernistic Designer Furniture remains extremely popular today and is in high demand.

Modern Designer Furniture is functional, durable and beautiful and today’s modern furniture designers are continuing to develop the ideas,concepts and design principles established by the furniture designers of the last century.

The best of the modern designer furniture was created in the mid century period and has inspired future generations of successful designers.

Retro Europe has their own in-house team of modern furniture designers.

Retro Europe has followed in the modernist and mid century tradition.

Retro Europe have developed the modern furniture design with minimal aesthetics, exemplified with several amazing collections of furniture inspired by designers from the past decades.

Retro Europe is an online Spanish Brand famous for high quality affordable modern designer furniture.

Retro Europe is most notable for their Le Bauhaus Collection, a Modernistic Styled Armchairs and Sofas ensemble.

Retro Europe also created The Hansen Collection, a Mid Century Modern Collection consisting of Armchairs and Sofas.

Retro Europe have successfully maintained the popularity of Modern Designer Furniture with their own-label affordable quality modern designer furniture.

The Spiers Collection from Retro Europe is the epitome of Modern Contemporary Design.

Finally, the Esme Lounge Chair and Stool from Retro Europe,  a mid century classic designer style manufactured using moulded wood shells and finished in leather.