A Retro Story about Retro Europe

Retro Europe is 100% Retro.

Cut Retro Europe in half and you will see ''Retro Furniture'' running through like a stick of rock from Southend on Sea. Retro Europe loves everything Retro and is one of Europe's leading online retro furniture stores. Retro Europe has been styling homes for over 40 years, and today, their online retro furniture store offers personally selected modern designer pieces of retro furniture. From classic modernist and mid century style furnishings, through to contemporary, Industrial and funky designer retro furniture. Everything from the homely elegance of simplistic minimalistic retro furniture to art deco dining furniture is available from Retro Europe online throughout Europe, and retro furniture clients have furnished their homes with selective exclusive designer pieces of furniture from the in house design team at Retro Europe for many years. Retro Europe has created timeless designer furniture inspired by the past for the modern 21st Century discerning buyer.


Scandi Furniture by Retro Europe is the perfect example of 'Easy Look Design' furniture and achieves the distinctive Retro Scandinavian style whilst looking super modern. The Scandi designed Spiers Collection from Retro Europe looks fabulous in any modern home or commercial environment, just think white walls, wooden floors, cushions, throws and rugs for comfort, colourful Bohemian artwork and plenty of flowers and plants to breathe life into the room, and you have the perfect Scandi living space. The 1950s inspired designer furniture always works well anywhere, however, the most important thing to remember is to always keep it simple.


Do you like clean clinical lines and no fuss, then you will love the minimalist style of the Savoy Sofa Collection from Retro Europe.The Savoy Mininimalstic designer collection of sofas are uniquely Style Chic. Minimalism styles are very Knoll -esque inspired from the early 20th century and are focussed on architectural designer furniture styles. They are always best when in a very simplified colour palette, in white, black and grey. The minimalist home or commercial environment; and remember this period of designer furniture works equally well in both areas; is most effective with minimalistic lighting, the Bauhaus Arc Lamp from Retro Europe is the perfect partner to the Savoy Sofas, along with rugs to add warmth to the room.


The monochrome trend is very fashionable and always looks elegant and super stylish. Retro Europe offers monochrome chairs, armchairs and bar stools, and with monochrome, it is easy to create a relaxed stylish look in any living space. Set the tone for a more grown up feel in the dining room with the monochrome dining chairs, or as occasional chairs or armchairs anywhere in the modern home. With the Eiffel Collection from Retro Europe you can easily adapt the look in your living space if you decide on a change, by adding, and mixing and matching the Eiffel chairs and armchairs that are available in monochrome, patchwork and original plastic, complimenting the overall ambience with matching chairs in different colours and textures INDUSTRIAL STYLE RETRO FURNITURE Iconic vintage inspired industrial furniture, lighting and decorative accessories are the must have item at the moment. Sleek Industrial Lighting is visually beautiful and exciting. The signature vintage lamp at Retro Europe is The Industrial Lamp which combines style with an overall sense of dominant working practicality, powerful and built to last and the Industrial Lamp works perfectly in dining rooms and kitchens, and in commercial restaurants and bars.


Luxe Moderne or Modernism takes its inspiration from two styles that developed in the 1920s and 1930s, combining hints of art deco and modernism with the emphasis on space, light and sleek strong flowing line designs. Using steel, leather, and cotton they go all out for glamour and luxury. A magnificent example of the modernist period is the Le Bauhaus Collection of Armchairs and Sofas from Retro Europe. This modernist designer collection of retro furniture is very Le Corbusier and Rohe -esque in as much as there is a steel frame enclosing the armchair and sofa. The in-house design team at Retro Europe cleverly designed the Le Bauhaus steel frame to sweep around and under the furniture to give the impression that the furniture is floating. The modernist designer Le Bauhaus Collection is equally effective in a modern home or the commercial environment of a Hotel or Business Reception area.
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