Alicante Studios; A Cut Above other Marketing and Advertising Agencies.

How do you create an Open Plan Living Studio, Workplace and Office?

The answer to this question is found in the Alicante Studios journey from a design in the head of Shenton, the son of the founder, to an Open Plan Living Studio, Workplace and Offices where people and business truly prosper in the new purpose-built studios in Alicante. Alicante Studios are a family company established in 1975.

People are the single most important asset to every Company.

Some businesses forget the value of the well-being of their employees. Today’s workplaces are not designed to support great karma. With the new Alicante Studios Building Shenton designed a new kind of workplace, one which is completely designed around a research-based understanding of how employees work, and the facilities and equipment they need to be creative, productive and successful

A Typical Day at Alicante Studios.

It’s mid-morning on a sunny warm Thursday at the new Alicante Studios Marketing and Advertising Headquarters in Alicante, Spain. A Product Design Team are working on a new clients' project and from the sound of things, it is going very well. Customer Service Representatives are chatting on the telephones with new clients, and across in the reception greeting area two graphic designers are gathered around a table drinking coffee discussing a new concept with clients for their new website. When one of the Project Managers gets a phone call, she moves to a sofa in the nearby lounge area to speak with her client. The Directors are having a meeting with an International Brand from London in the Conference Area and there is a buzz around the building with the excitement of signing such a prestigious Clothing Company. Despite the openness of the light-filled open planned 500 square meters of offices, meeting room, lounge area and conference area the sound of people talking, typing, and moving is not a distraction.

There is a pleasant ambience at Alicante Studios with an electric energy of creativity and work.

Shenton has had the ideas for the Alicante Studios Building Concept in his mind for many years. The adjacent building to the family's other Business Retro Europe became available. This building was acquired and a new style of Studios and Working Space was started without delay. The open plan reception, working area, informal meeting and discreet conference areas are a reflection of Alicante Studios transparent and very informal approach to business. Family members and employees unanimously ingratiate the new surroundings, they are more creative and productive working in their new surroundings, and dressing down in the informal 'no suits and ties garb' is very popular. They have become more organised and ready to adapt to any new situation or task at a moment’s notice with a fresh open attitude. RE_TinsideAlicante-Studios;-A-Cut-Above-other-Marketing-and-Advertising-Agencies.

An elegant open space meeting area in the entrance to the new Alicante Studios Building.

Retro Europe is the sister Company to Alicante Studios so furnishing was not a problem. Retro Europe is Europe's leading online modern designer furniture superstore and provided all the chairs, sofas, tables and office chairs to Alicante Studios. Modernist, contemporary and industrial vintage designer furniture proudly meets employees and guests alike every day, preserving the informal vibe that has defined Alicante Studios culture. Classic minimalistic furniture supports the energised structure that sustains a high work ethic and the necessary creativity for a successful Advertising and Marketing Agency. An elegantly furnished work environment is helping Alicante Studios do just that.

Alicante Studios is a place where people naturally work together to help the company succeed.

Easy collaboration without disruption or distraction between employees and clients is the priority to a happy successful working environment at Alicante Studios. Open plan working environments prevent quick chats turning into long discussions during the working day maintaining a focus on productivity and professional work. Separated from the main workspace is Alicante Studios Staff Cafe Bar, complete with landscape seating and tables specifically designed by Retro Europe. The Alicante Studios Staff Cafe Bar opens onto an outside patio area that provides a space where staff can eat and drink during their break time. Here family members and employees enjoy meals and snacks together and hold impromptu meetings. This casual informal setting is giving everyone at Alicante Studios more opportunities to engage and connect together. Sharing ideas on life and work ultimately creates a very strong bond at Alicante Studios. Designer non functional creations from staff and family members decorate the building and include a vintage motorcycle in the main entrance display area to remind everyone of the company’s more wacky style.

Alicant Studios attract and retain the most talented employees.

From the very beginning, Alicante Studios unique culture has attracted talented employees. So in addition to providing employees with a huge open plan space to work in, and carefully selected modern designer and state of the art ergonomic office chairs from Retro Europe, employees also enjoy and appreciate the values and objectives of working for a successful Advertising and Marketing Agency. And to remind everyone of the levels of work required two large televisions project the Alicante Studios website and videos with pop up clients logos and brands. From impressing prospective clients to encouraging greater productivity and creativity, and raising the awareness of the Alicante Studios Brand, the new Living Studio, Workplace and Offices is where people and business truly prosper in this new fantastic purpose-built studios in Alicante.
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