Chronic Back Pain from badly designed Office Chairs is responsible for lost productivity costing millions of Euros to the Economy.

These cases affect every Company in Europe. And Employers are asked to remedy this by buying Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs are designed to fit the body like a glove, give adequate support, and be comfortable for a minimum of 8-hours. And, they are not expensive to buy. In most cases, they are the cheaper alternative.

Bad Back, sore shoulders and chronic pain is not 'bad luck'.

Nearly every day lost to a bad designer office chair could be avoided by buying an Ergonomic Office Chair. Ergonomic Office Chairs are readily available on the internet.

Bad Back, sore shoulders and chronic pain preventable.

RE_TinsideChronic-Back-Pain-from-badly-designed-Office-Chairs-is-responsible-for-lost-productivity-costing-millions-of-Euros-to-the-Economy. All the lost production is preventable by making a simple lifestyle decision. Contact online and view their extensive range of Ergonomic Designer Office Chairs.

Prices for Ergonomic Office Chairs start at 104.00 Euros from Retro Europe.

Experts say the cost of replacing bad designer chairs with Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe would save millions of Euros. Ergonomic Office Chairs for the Home Office and Comercial Office will ensure a healthier lifestyle, a better well being, and improve mental health and physical health.
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