Retro Europe is selling a Scandinavian Styled Designer Sofa – but without a hefty price tag.

The Special Buy Scandi designer armchair and sofa range is available to order online from and is available immediately.


Retro Europe is really upping the modern designer furniture stakes offering this new premium Scandinavian Styled Furniture Range.

Prices from 699.00 Euros

Available with their famous 7-day delivery promise, the armchairs are selling for 699.00 Euros and the sofas for 999.00 Euros in Ash Grey and Mineral Blue Cloth options.

The Scandi Designer Furniture is constructed of a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck, and covered with a multi-density cushioning to guarantee maximum support and comfort, and then finally, dressed in a Danish Cotton Cloth and mounted on a solid Beech Base.

The design is typically Scandinavian Contemporary, and sales of this luxury modern armchair and sofa have exceeded all forecasts, pushing this model to one of the top selling new furniture lines this year.

Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Branding.

And this trend is expected to continue with the Scandi Furniture Collection high on discerning buyers list of must-have designer furniture.

Typical of retro furniture online seller Retro Europe, they have created a new market with their Scandi Collections that slots right into their ethos of Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Branding.

Retro Europe's price offer is very good compared to other retailers, as we might expect from Retro Europe, with their huge buying power and in-house designers, but on this occasion, I am more impressed by the quality and the attention to detail in the design.


I was at an International Furniture Show in Germany recently, and there was a great deal of hype circulating about a new Designer Sofa from Finland. However, on closer inspection, I was surprised how light the sofa was.

Just try this test ; Try and lift the sofa.

This is an old fashioned furniture experts test, just try and lift the furniture, and if there is no effort required to lift the sofa at one end, then this is a sure sign it is made from poor quality materials, and likely not to offer any support for the lower back.

Now compared to the Scandi from Retro Europe, you need a small army to lift their sofa and no problems with the comfort with their multi-density cushioning.

Retro Europe will also be launching a new range of affordable quality designer lounge chairs next year with prices starting from just 499.00 Euros.

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