Marketing Lies That Need to Die for the Well Being of all Office Workers.

For the sake of all Office Workers here is one marketing campaign that must stop;

Targeted Pain Relief Tablets.

You have back pain after working in an office for 8 hours......So, take a tablet. I'm sure you've all seen these adverts.

What about the Root Cause Remedy?

There are various pain relief products that claim to target a particular type of pain. They are usually for back pains caused by the regular use of a badly designed office chair, but what about the Root Cause Remedy?

''Pain Relief Tablets are harmless- no more than a placebo relief remedy so nothing to worry about''. - No!

Now maybe you could argue that Pain Relief Tablets are harmless- no more than a placebo relief remedy so nothing to worry about. Yes, they provide short-term relief. But taken regularly, and in excess, they cause long-term damage to your organs.

Placebo Relief.

Not a great heading for an Advertising Campaign. But what really makes these products a complete pain is how much you can pay for them. Targeted pain relievers are expensive, and why keep paying out when a Root Cause Remedy is free.

The Root Cause Remedy for Back Pain.

For years office workers have had to buy Pain Killers, Target Pain Tablets, or whatever fancy name the Pharmaceutical Companies come up with. Finally, someone is doing something about it.

Retro Europe Launch the Aero5 Office Chair.

1 This is excellent news for office workers and home office workers. The new Aero5 Office Chair will support you for 8 hours plus, keep you cool for 8 hours plus, and be very comfortable for 8 hours plus.

The Ergonomic Designer Aero5 Office Chairs start at just 139.00 Euros.

2 The simple facts with the Aero5 Office chairs are they look fantastic, maintain your correct posture to alleviate back pain, and true to Retro Europe's price promise they are very affordable. The Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chairs starts at just 139.00 Euros.

Enjoy a Better Working Life.

feature recline Well done to Retro Europe for helping office workers enjoy a better working life. Companies are investing in the new Aero5 Office Chairs from Retro Europe all over Europe for their workforce.

Hopefully, the future is brighter for Companies and all Office Workers.

After all, it's the Companies and the workers that both suffer from badly designed office chairs. Because Companies are losing millions of Euros every year from low productivity from their office workers who are constantly in terrible back pain from their old office chairs. 3
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