Retro Europe Announce an Increase in Sales.

Retro Europe goes from 'greater strength to greater strength' as the budget online modern designer retro furniture supplier reveals another modest jump in sales.

Budget online modern designer furniture supplier increased sales by 14 percent in the past 12 months.

Low-cost online designer furniture supplier had a very successful end to last year, recording an increase in sales due to the introduction of their latest 'own label' modernist styled-furniture collection, Le Bauhaus.

Retro Europe is the best option to buy Retro Modernist Furniture

Retro Europe's in-house design team created the Le Bauhaus Modernist Designer Collection in direct competition to the LC2 models from Le Corbusier.

Retro Europe's new furniture range helped boost the online designer retro furniture sales profit, seeing revenue per unit rise 6.6 percent and cost per unit falling 3.3 percent due to the increased value of the Euro.

Closures to several of Retro Europe's competition also had an impact on the company's position.

This was a positive result and the online retro furniture supplier indicated they will 'continue to focus on cost' after generating additional revenue in 'lean savings' in 2018 from greater automation in the administrative departments and product processing.

Retro Europe added: 'Our aim is to launch at least one new product every year for the next 5 years, designed by our in-house team and exclusive to Retro Europe, our new products and our new customer loyalty programmes will continue to influence both new and existing clients to purchase'.

'We have a great opportunity for a steady continual growth with our strong cost control, our strength of buying power, and a strong balance sheet. Together with an improving value of the Euro, we are very positive about 2018, our 43rd year of trading '.

In 2017 the online retro furniture store appointed Alicante Studios Digital Marketing Agency to create a new website and manage a number of Video Production Marketing projects, including the production of a Television Commercial.


This follows Retro Europe's decision to give the sole responsible to one Marketing Agency for all their marketing activities. Alicante Studios have been given a considerable budget to launch the new models and drive Retro Europe towards the number one position in Europe for modern, contemporary, vintage and modernist designer furniture in Europe.

A Senior Analyst noted: 'Retro Europe has reported a respectable set of results which has sent their net worth higher and forecast sales for 2018 are well above the pre-Brexit levels, demonstrating the online designer furniture retailer has had the resilience over the last 12 months to continue to grow at a modest and sustainable rate.'

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