Retro Europe's Explainer and Promotional Video Award.

Retro Europe's Eiffel Office Chair explainer video is this year's most popular online website video with modern designer furniture viewers.

Data firms analysed social media posts to reveal the most popular Website Promotional Video and assessed the overall the number of occasions the Retro Europe Brand was liked.

Retro Europe increased their success thanks to Alicante Studios.

Positive Results on Social Media Platforms.

The analytic report also judged the language to calculate whether the posts were positive or negative.

Retro Europe was named as the most successful retailer amongst online modern designer furniture stores.

Success for the 3rd Year.

Retro Europe has beaten other retro furniture online stores selling modern designer furniture for the third year running in this competition.

Research revealed that affordability, quality, and great designs struck a positive chord with online audiences.

Explainer and Promotional Videos were produced by Alicante Studios.

The videos were designed and created by Alicante Studios at

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