Retro Modern Furniture News.

Retro Europe suppliers of modernist retro furniture sold under their banner of 'Reinvented. Affordable. Great Designs' have a highly regarded reputation for creating and designing their own label quality modern designer furniture, and selling online in direct competition with the old and very expensive furniture suppliers, at prices one-tenth of their competitors.

Retro Europe sells online with a 7-day delivery promise, and this form of direct online selling has an operating expenditure a fraction of the cost of a High Street Bricks and Mortar Furniture Supplier.

7 day European delivery

Significant Savings Are Passed Direct to Buyers

Very often, you will see a similar sofa or chair of the same quality, ten times the price of the Retro Europe Furniture in a shop.

Retro Europe has launched their own designer modernist Le Bauhaus Collection of armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas, taking their price comparison sales marketing campaigns to a new level.

Le Bauhaus or Le Corbusier


Certain comparisons to the Le Corbusier LC2 are drawn in the style of design albeit Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus furniture is much bigger, more comfortable, and an amazing one-tenth of the cost of a Le Corbusier LC2.

Le Bauhaus 3 Seater Sofa - Pearl Grey

Retro Europe has a reputation for stirring up the established order of the world of modern designer furniture, and with their functional and lavish designer modernist Le Bauhaus Collection, this online creative modern furniture boutique store has a market winner.

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