Talk to me - I am listening

Talk to me - I am listening

A new gadget from Retro Europe to help you buy exclusive modern designer retro furniture online.

24/7 Support

Retro Europe, Europe's biggest online supplier of quality exclusively designed modernist retro furniture, confirmed today that within 3 years their website will talk to you Voice Chat Support at Retro Europe Soon, Retro Europe's voice customer care assistant will be able to answer your questions instantly. Retro Europe announced the ''Retro Europe Website Friend'' is a voice activated device that will answer questions concerning their retro furniture, including description, dimensions, colour options and all customer service enquiries.

Unique Personal Design Tools

Clients of Retro Europe will also be able to create a visual 3D of their home , create a floor plan, and then review the options for the of positioning of the retro furniture, all via the website. 3d-design-your-own-retro-home

Complete Peace of Mind

In addition, by going to their online account, clients will be able to ask for tracking updates and invoices. It is, essentially, a high-tech friend to help you decide which retro furniture product from Retro Europe to buy, and also speak direct if you require any after sales service enquiries, with the added bonus that this service is available 24/7. Retro Europe are working towards making their online retro furniture store the prime digital destination for everything that is modern designer retro furniture
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