The History of Interior Modern Designer Styles, their benefits, their pitfalls and their price

Are you thinking of redecorating and re furnishing your home or office environment, and do you need some inspiration?

Here is some advice on modern design styles that I am very confident will enhance your home and your wellbeing, and also stop you from ruining your home

My guide to the good and bad Interior Modern Design Styles.

Mid-Century Modern Designer Furniture

The mid-1900s was a period when the most iconic pieces of modern designer furniture were created.

Mid Century Designer Furniture is famous for the design styles of refined lines, minimalism, and natural shapes.

Possibly the most influential modern designers of all time are from the mid-century era. Saarinen, Niemeyer, Eames, Noguchi, Jacobsen. Talented designers who created mid-century modern design styles with their unique use of molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum.

Furniture that was to be functional, versatile in a multitude of shapes and colours flowed from the designer’s drawing board to the manufacturing factory floor, and finally into modern homes of great taste and beauty.

For my recommended shopping stores I will point you toward interpretations of mid-century design styles at, as an example of high-quality affordable furniture, and the products found at DWR and Design Public are also excellent mid-century modern exemplars, albeit very highly priced.


Industrial Designer Furniture

The Industrial Design Styles can be traced back to the turn-of-the-century industrial era. Instantly recognisable by the wide-ranging use of exposed steel with distressed wooden elements, suitable for homes or commercial environments with an exposed interior brick work.

Industrial designer furniture is often likened to Rustic Designer Furniture.

Industrial Decor and Design has never reached the same levels of demand as Modernist, Mid-Century or Contemporary Designer Furniture because Industrial Designer Furniture is only truly at home with the interior decor of an Industrial styled home or business.

Reformed warehouses, attics, and commercial buildings lend their aesthetic to Industrial Designer Furniture.

Find Industrial Furniture at Restoration City Stores and other high-end restoration specialist shops.

Scandinavian Designer Furniture

Scandi Furniture is an extension of mid-century modern designer furniture.

Scandinavian Scandi designer furniture is characterised by its minimalist style. ''Scandi'' is the real rising star in the popularity stakes for modern designer furniture buyers.

One word of advice, many people confuse Scandinavian Scandi Furniture with IKEA.

IKEA, thankfully is a design style of its own [and this is not a recommendation or complement] and is nothing whatsoever like the wonderful essence of real quality designer Scandinavian Scandi Furniture.

Scandi Modern Designer Furniture is an artist palette of subtle vibrant colours, with that unique design quality of balancing different styles of furniture construction. Scandinavian Scandi Furniture is often described as a blend of contemporary minimalism with a hint of solid Industrial functional design.

Spiers Sofa Blue Scandi Style

The truth is Scandi Furniture is a classic design without comparison, beautiful and with a subtle design style of its own.

To find this functional, clean-lined designer furniture for your home or business there is only one place to go. I must with all honesty and sincerity direct you to the truly wonderful Scandinavian Modern Designer Scandi Furniture Collection at that is the market leader and represents great value, high-quality and great design.

Urban Modern

Urban Modern Interior Designer Furniture originated from low-cost city loft living in major cities.

Cheap loft living very quickly elevated itself to a cult styled and exclusive cosmopolitan club environment.

Urban Modern Designer Furniture suddenly became the new vogue and described itself as a fusion of various styles, Minimalist Modern, Glamorous Chic, and on the edge experimental designs, all colliding in an arty-farty distinctively over materialistic 21st-century setting.

In reality, the best description of Urban Modern Furniture is 'when good taste, functionality and common sense leave the room Urban Modern enters with huge sofas and daybeds that look bad and are extremely uncomfortable.'

Worse was yet to come with the Urban Modern Furniture scattered cushion seating. (and I use the word seating with some hesitation, do not say you were not warned, you can look forward to an evening of absolute agony sitting on a scattered cushion).


I am reminded of an editorial on modern designer furniture by someone who obviously did not write his opinions whilst sitting on a scattered cushion. The editorial described Urban Decor as trailblazing modern furniture designs that are an example of artistic and creative expression – in reality, they are an example of a sore back and a numb derriere in my opinion.

In the interest of good posture, I will not make any recommendations as to where to buy this style of furniture.

Shabby Chic

WOW !! Who does not love Shabby Chic Decor?

Anyone with an eye for style, good taste and I might add a clean and fragrant demeanor.

Because the majority of Shabby Chic Furniture is found in roadside waste collecting skips or flea markets where the main hobby of the great unwashed seems to be to congregate in dirty cold alley markets spouting complete nonsense about how creative they are with some white undercoat paint and a knife.

Shabby Chic is sold as the aged vintage elements of a flea market.

The truth is that it is damaged, woodworm infested wrecks of furniture that are given the once over by out of work Estate Agent type looking to find another fool with more money than sense.

When furniture is described as having an ''affected feel in an unorthodox style'', start running and keep running holding very tightly onto your money.

In the interest of good taste, I will not make any recommendations as to where to buy this style of furniture.

Modernist Modern Designer Furniture

So we can return to, and as this is the last, finish on some of the most desirable furniture ever created for discerning lovers of modern designer furniture.

Modernist Designer Furniture refers to designer furniture produced in the early 19th century, characterised by features that personify simplicity, geometry, and functionality in polished metal, wood and leather in its design.

Le Corbusier, who is the father of modern designer furniture and the most talented and innovative designer of all time is the master of Modernist Modern Designer Furniture.

Le Corbusier stated that a home was a "machine for living in", and his designer furniture was the functional furniture required to furnish it.

Which is advertising speak for '' Le Corbusier designed a range of systemised tubular-steel furniture, reflecting his own desire for aesthetic purity and industrial rationale, this timeless classic style is what is now known as the International Style.''

Le Corbusier's breathtaking design style is best portrayed by the LC2 Collection. A steel frame encapsulating a cubic sofa with loose cushioning.


There lies my only one criticism of Le Corbusier, the horrendous price of the LC2 furniture designed by the great Le Corbusier. Sadly he is now he is dead and he has no control over this situation.

The powerful corporations that own the great works of Le Corbusier and in particular the LC2, now sell his designer styles of furniture under license at unrealistic and exorbitantly high prices.

Today a classic piece of Le Corbusier furniture is only bought by the extremely wealthy

A Le Corbusier 3 -seat LC2 Sofa is 10,000 Euros. Yes 10,000 euros.

So it is no wonder there are some very dodgy copies on the market.

However, there are some alternative choices on the market in the style of the master. Le Corbusier-esque modern designer furniture has found its way onto the modern designer online furniture market with high-quality interpretations of Le Corbusier's work.

Reputable companies such as BlueSunTree and Retro Europe offer affordable Le Corbusier-esque modernist designer furniture that is worth buying.

This is a self-opinionated report on the classic designer eras and the designers of popular interior design styles!

I trust it was helpful in getting you started on your refurbishing project.

However, do remember that the best interior architects will frequently bridge different styles, and for every great designer piece of furniture, there is an overpriced, oversold worthless piece of…….. well you get my drift.

So be sensible, be brave and liberate your mind and approach your own design philosophy from creative angles and above all have fun.

Let me know what you think.

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