Worldwide, discerning buyers of high-quality designer furniture are going crazy about the modern designer retro furniture from Retro Europe.

Aficionados of the modernist furniture movement never stop talking about modern minimalist furniture.

In particular, the high-end quality affordable retro furniture from Retro Europe.

Europe's most creative and dynamic online retro furniture store, Retro Europe, sells modernist furniture under their brand slogan Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design retro furniture to 44 European countries with a 7-day delivery promise, and faces new challenges.


For decades the designers; Le Corbusier, Eames, Rohe, and Eero Aarnio sold their modern designer furniture in contemporary, modernist, and minimalistic vintage styles, at exorbitant prices.

Prices so high and ridiculous that only the very wealthy and foolish could afford to own their designer furniture.

Retro Europe decided it was time to change The History of Modern Designer Furniture.

Retro Europe questioned the function, design, price and manufacture of the furniture and said "Why the heck are wealthy people the only people able to own great designer furniture?"

That simple question got a very fast response from Retro Europe.

Retro Europe is the most creative and dynamic online retro furniture store.


For years these famous designers tried to convince retro furniture buyers that only the great designers could create and manufacture truly iconic retro designer furniture.

But Retro Europe just didn't believe them and something extraordinary had to be done.


Retro Europe challenged their in-house design team;

To let the whole of Europe know that Retro Europe can design and manufacture Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design modern designer retro furniture.

Equal in design, more affordable, and better quality than the furniture from Le Corbusier, Eames, Rohe, and Eero Aarnio, and up to a tenth of their exorbitant prices.



Retro Europe, challenged their biggest opponents, on design, price, and quality with their brand of Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design, new modern designer furniture.

First to arrive at their online store at was the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Collection.

A modernist styled Le Corbusier-esque collection of genuine high-quality armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is an industrial minimalistic design with the sofa and chairs enclosed in a steel frame, and is the direct rival to the LC2 Le Corbusier furniture collection.

The Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is certainly more affordable, the collection starts from just 549.00 euros, and when we compare like for like with the Le Corbusier LC2 it is up to one-tenth of the cost of Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier LC2 3-Place Sofa in leather retails around 10,000 Euros.

Le Bauhaus 3-Place Sofa in leather retails at 999.00 Euros.


Understanding the weaknesses of the 100-year-old design of the Le Corbusier LC2, was instrumental for the design team at Retro Europe to design a better furniture collection.

Full-sized proportions, more comfort, better support, and durability for a lifetime of use were the target areas to improve on.

Le Corbusier designed the LC2 in 1920, for a generation that is considerably smaller, lighter, and less discerning.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe was designed for the 21st Century discerning buyer, that demands full size proportioned furniture, real comfort, the correct support, and durability from modern designer retro furniture.

So, the design team at Retro Europe designed the Le Bauhaus bigger in the traditional furniture craftsman style, with a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck, unlike the very small proportioned steel frame and elasticated straps from the LC2 from Le Corbusier.

Le Bauhaus is covered with multi-density cushioning to ensure a balance of firm support and comfort, and then the whole of the furniture is covered in 100% genuine soft leather or premium grade Danish Cloth.


Retro Furniture buyers have realised that the Le Bauhaus is a high-quality product from the Retro Europe Brand.

Equal and better in design style to the great LC2 from Le Corbusier, and considerably bigger for the 21st Century user, with greater functional versatility, and more durable, at amazing prices, up to one-tenth of the price from Le Corbusier.


Sales of Le Bauhaus continue on an upward trend, winning more and more buyers away from Le Corbusier every day.

The marketing campaign launched by Alicante Studios for Retro Europe has seen month on month growth of 8.2% and the marketing campaign has created attention in the social media with thousands of posts and images in newspapers, blogs, and other social media platforms.

And most importantly, discerning buyers of high-quality modern designer retro furniture are now buying the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

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