The Retro Europe Le Bauhaus Sofa, Or The Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa? The choice is yours!

One of these Sofas is 999.00 euros, and the other costs as much as 10,000 euros.

But can you see which has the best quality construction, value for money, and luxury design?

And which one is overpriced?

Retro Europe has designed a magnificent 5 seater Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

……..consumers become more discerning.

A sofa is the centrepiece of a home and a big purchase to consider, so which one will you decide to spend your hard earned money on?

As consumers become more discerning about design and quality, and very savvy about value for money, we look at a very interesting new sofa to the world of modern designer retro furniture.

……...more minimalist design appeal from Le Bauhaus.

Retro Europe has launched their very own designer furniture collection in a distinctive industrial vintage modernist style. There is no disguising the heavy Le Corbusier-esqe design style of Retro Europe's Le Bauhaus Collection of armchairs and sofas, but that is where any comparison to Le Corbusier ends.

Retro Europe has a much more minimalist design appeal with their Le Bauhaus Sofa compared to the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa, and the Le Bauhaus is a full sized sofa for the 21st Century, whereas the Le Corbusier LC2 was designed nearly 100 years ago for a smaller in stature generation.

The quality of the Le Bauhaus is a clear winner over the Le Corbusier Sofa.

Le Bauhaus is manufactured in the traditional furniture makers style, of a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck, covered in multi-density cushioning for real support and comfort, and then covered in soft genuine leather.

Le Corbusier LC2 is a steel frame with elasticated straps supporting the cushions. The cushions do have a tendency to disappear between the straps when a larger person has been sitting for awhile.

'You have to have a sense of humour: Is this the world’s most expensive sofa?'

This statement appeared on a famous Bloggers Social Media Platform, when commenting on the 10,000 euros price tag of the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa.

…….. 'greatest value for money for the modernist home'.

The Le Bauhaus 3 place full-sized Sofa from Retro Europe with a price tag of 999.00 euros was described as the 'greatest value for money for the modernist home'. Ensuring this 'realistic affordable sofa is sure to turn heads'.

5 seat Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

Retro Europe has another surprise for their growing network of followers. Retro Europe have promised 2 new additions to the Le Bauhaus Collection.

Currently, you can buy the Le Bauhaus Modernist collection as an armchair, 2 place sofa, and 3 place sofa in fabrics and leather from 549.00 euros.

In the next few days you will see the arrival of a magnificent 5 seater Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

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