The Total Package from Retro Europe Logistics.

How the sustainable packaging and shipping experts at Retro Europe Logistics deliver a great service.

Visit the huge EU distribution centre in Alicante and you will see something very reassuring. You will see all the usual heavy protective packaging for the modern designer valuable furniture. And you will be overwhelmed by the attention to detail of the Quality Control Inspectors. Quality Control has made Retro Europe one of the leading online sellers of modern designer furniture.

Retro Europe prides themselves on their Logistics Operation.

The philosophy at Retro Europe is simple. ‘How can we deliver our boxes on-time in perfect condition every-time.'

Environmentally neutral transport must be the urgent solution of every online supplier.

Online Business today is huge. Every second of everyday buyers are ordering products online and they are delivered in cardboard and wooden boxes. Retro Europe commends online suppliers like themselves for exploring safer, easier, environmentally neutral transport. Environmentally Neutral Solutions include recyclable corrugated paper to create pallets, boxes and supports.

Recyclable corrugated paper to create pallets, boxes and supports.

Standard wooden pallets and wooden packaging create many problems. Wooden Pallets are prone to insect infestations, they are not recyclable, they are very heavy especially when they get wet, and they can cause damage during transit. RE_TinsideThe-Total-Package-from-Retro-Europe-Logistics.

We must stop cutting down trees to basically fill landfill sites.

Recyclable corrugated paper is light and extremely strong. Retro Europe has plans in place to tailor recyclable corrugated paper to the sizes of their products.

Recyclable corrugated paper is strong and adaptable.

How can you strengthen recyclable corrugated paper? The cardboard brace which forms the basis of the strength of recyclable corrugated paper pallets and large boxes is strong enough to allow for vertical packaging. Basically, it is an open square tube with a triangle form of cardboard layered inside of it to give it its strength. The triangle form supports in the square tube will brace the box and pallet and will also act as a shock absorber. This bracing system will allow for vertical stacking. Vertical stacking minimises storage space, and in turn, minimised storage space equals cheaper storage. These savings pay over and over the cost of all recyclable corrugated paper constructed pallets and boxes.

One more detail that is astounding for all Logistics Companies.

For years the Logistic Industry has needed Pallets and Boxes. With recyclable corrugated paper, you can have a box that is also a pallet. Recyclable corrugated paper functions as a modular system, so if one part of the pallet or packaging is damaged, it can be cut off, and simply be replaced with another cardboard piece or brace, and reused multiple times over and over again.
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