The World of Whiskey is a very difficult place to navigate.

There is a huge amount of opinion and a very small amount of good old-fashioned common sense with Whiskey. All you really need is a quality Whiskey and a very comfortable Armchair. Japanese Highball. Allow me to introduce you to a new friend of mine, the Japanese Highball. Like all quality Whiskies, this should always be drunk straight. Please, no toxic mixers. This silky whiskey from Suntory’s Hakushu, Yamazaki and Chita Distilleries is slightly herbal with a waft of green apple and honey, and a fruit-forward flavour of grapefruit and juicy grapes. Strange for Whiskey? Yes, but the finish is a pleasant balance of sweet and spicy and will leave you with a flavour vanilla and ginger lingering on the tongue. Believe me, it is worth the hunt to find this whiskey. So, where to drink this beautiful whiskey? There is only one place. And that is alone in the arms of the Scandi Designer Spiers Armchair from Retro Europe. Scandi Designer Spiers Armchair from Retro Europe. This Scandinavian style Armchair is as rich and luxurious as the Whiskey and just as surprising. A high-quality whiskey enjoyed relaxing on a high-quality modern designer Scandi Armchair. Cheers to the Spiers Armchair from Retro Europe.
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