The Bohemian Modernist; How to make a modern designer home special.

Bohemian Modernists everywhere behind their closed doors at home have truly iconic decadent elements in their living space.From calming Scandi touches with the beautiful and expansive Spiers Sofa, to carefully selected, colourful patchwork contemporary Eiffel Chairs, and onto vintage minimalist design details, including the Savoy sofa sets all from

Lovers of colour our Bohemian Modernists have interior designs in full colour with cooler tones including splashes of Pearl Grey with the Le Bauhaus Sofas from Retro Europe. The Le Bauhaus modernist industrial designer sofa sets are exclusive to Retro Europe and make a big statement in a home.

A relaxed space, calm, warm and welcoming.

Eiffel Table and Dining Chairs in black are chic from Retro Europe

Bohemian Modernists can not have a home without colour, but also could not live in one that shouted its hues, but on the flip side, there is no hesitancy to make bold choices. never afraid of going dark with any colour schemes the Eiffel Table and Dining Chairs in black are chic and stylish coupled with the hanging trio of brilliant white Industrial Lamps, they help to create a rich cocooning backdrop in the Dining Area, a perfect interior design from

Bohemian Modernists home is a happy and relaxed

Bohemian Modernists love a space for relaxing in, that is full of design, and mementos collected over the years. But above all, a Bohemian Modernists home is a happy and relaxed space, transformed with affordable retro furniture from Retro Europe. Living spaces where modern designer furnishings have all taken a time to source have evolved over the years into a design scene of Vintage meeting Modern, with occasional Industrial design minimalist styles. Having been seduced by Retro Europe’s online retro furniture store our Bohemian Modernist threw caution to the wind with an outrageous Kiss Sofa.

An outrageous Kiss Sofa from Retro Europe

The Kiss Sofa occupies pride of place in the Reception Room. This Bright Red sofa in soft fabric is a statement sofa in the shape of a full luscious pair of Lips. The Lips shaped 4 seat comfortable and ample sofa immediately adds a dramatic splash of colour in the Entrance Reception Room. Setting the scene in the main living area our Bohemian Modernists has carefully chosen from Retro Europe The Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp to light the room.

The Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp from Retro Europe

The Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp with its long sweeping arm secured in a block of white marble on the floor, and holding a polished steel lampshade at the other end, we are reminded that this is a family room, a relaxed space, calm warm and welcoming. Our Bohemian Modernists completes the overall total retro style solution in their home with a full-on overindulgence of light in every room, nook, and cranny, including the toilets, with table lamps from Retro Europe.

The Glow Table Lamps from Retro Europe

The Glow Table Lamps in various colours are both comforting in design and practical in use, as they give off a wonderful illumination adding a celebratory feel to the atmosphere of the home. For our Our Bohemian Modernists inspiration arrives every day for new design elements for their home. The latest being a Home Office incorporated into their home. Workplace decor rules many years ago conformed rigidly to black, however, today a Home Office from Retro Europe is bright, inspirational, and an enjoyable place to work.

The New Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe

The New Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe are in all the colours of the rainbow, designed to give full support and comfort during an 8 hours day, and to remain cool, both in design, use and look and they are chic and stylish

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