The History of Le Corbusier Retro Furniture.

It is sad , but with a happy ending..

Retro Furniture was the exclusive domain of the very wealthy. Vitra and Cassina sell high quality ''original design'' modern designer retro furniture, originally designed by Le Corbusier and Charles Eames, These beautiful pieces, are some of the greatest modern designer furniture ever imagined, and are very expensive.

Is 7,000 Euros, for a 2 seater Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa excessive?

Around 15 years ago we witnessed the birth of the Internet. Worldwide trade was now available from the comfort of your home or office. At this time cringe worthy copies of these masterpieces became available at 700 Euros. A small fraction of the 7,000+ Euros price tags of the originals. This did not worry the License Holders who own the monopoly on selling Le Corbusier Original Furniture, and the LC2 Sofas for around 7000 euros continued to sell. However, very quickly the Imposter's understood the market requirements. Buyers of modern designer retro furniture will not buy bad quality retro furniture. So they set about improving their modernist styled copies, and with Western Quality Inspectors advising the Far East factories, the retro furniture products improved beyond all expectations. Today, it is now possible to buy exactly the same level of a quality modernist styled Le Corbusier Sofa 2 seater, sold by the License holders for 7,000 Euros, for 700 Euros direct from the Far East factory.

This is the story of the demise of Le Corbusier modern design furniture, and it's a sad, but with a happy ending.

Today, Le Corbusier Sofas and Armchairs in the world of Modernist Retro Furniture are viewed differently. Instead of appreciating them as a beautiful piece of retro modernist furniture art, buyers and admirers attention today is focused only on the price, and more directly on the price difference, of the two identical sofas.

The Original versus the Copy ----7000 Euros versus 700 Euros --- why is this important?

The buyers of modern designer furniture couldn't look away from the price difference. And each time, these identical products were compared, buyers started to question the function of use of this design, and not about the beauty of the design. It morphed into a classic scandal, and the story of a bloody car crash was unfolding. The high-profile battle began, and the price difference, the real functional value, and the blind addiction to the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas and Armchairs, were all being questioned.

The Real questions that were now being asked were;

1.Why pay 700 euros, or for that matter why pay 7000 euros, for a sofa designed in 1929 that is too small, uncomfortable and offers little support to the lower back? 2. Why pay 700 euros, or for that matter why pay 7000 euros, for a sofa designed in 1929, specifically for someone from that period, who is considerably smaller, lighter and less discerning than a 21st Century buyers? 3. Why pay 700 euros, or for that matter why pay 7000 euros, for a sofa designed in 1929, that is basically a steel frame with elasticated straps holding four cushions?

Explanations were being demanded, and no reasonable response has been offered.

Except for one. No one can ever dispute the value of this incredible design. Le Corbusier did design a masterpiece nearly 100 years ago. But today in the 21st century, it does not have functional appeal. And any price, be that 700 euros, or 7000 euros, really is not in question anymore.

The next phase of great modernist retro designer furniture movement is now being directed by a new wave of companies.

Companies with creative vision, who understand the needs of the 21st Century retro furniture buyer who are in love with the Modernist Movement.. Made, Bluesuntree and Europe's leading online retro furniture store, Retro Europe, have created new 21st Century reinventions of the great early modernist designs, and using modern technology, the furniture is expertly crafted and available at an affordable price for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Retro Europe have reinvented the famous Le Corbusier LC2. Prices start at 549 euros, and the furniture follows traditional furniture makers methods of solid hardwood framed armchairs and sofas,and multi density cushioning, to ensure the correct support, and finally beautifully covered in soft Danish Cotton or 100% genuine premium leather, and encased in a magnificent steel frame which give the impression the furniture is floating. The masterpiece design style that was Le Corbusier, is safe with the Reinvented Retro Europe Le Bauhaus Collection of quality Armchairs and Sofas for the 21st century discerning buyer
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