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The great Modernist Designer Furniture rip-off!


The great Modernist Designer Furniture rip-off!

Some High Street Superstores are charging up to TEN TIMES more for Modernist Designer Furniture in their stores and International Brands are the worst offenders.

Many High Street Stores were found to have inflated the price of modernist designer furniture.

Swanky retailers and International Brands are slapping a huge mark-up on Modernist Designer Furniture just for the pleasure of having their name printed on the label.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is the favoured Modernist Furniture choice.

Online Giant Retro Europe offer better value, better quality and a better service and are are up to one tenth of their rivals.

For the die hard discerning lover of high quality Modernist Designer Furniture there is no better time to treat yourself to Modernist Designer Furniture from Retro Europe.

The Modernist Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is around one tenth of the price of their High Street Rivals.

Upmarket online giant Retro Europe were found to offer real value for money over their High Street rivals, and it is also evident that Modernist Furniture from Retro Europe is better made.

Retro Europe manufacture using traditional methods with a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck.

Price Comparison Check; Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe versus LC2 from Le Corbusier.

The comparison is based on like for like models; The 3 seat Sofa in Genuine Leather.

Le Bauhaus 3 - seat sofa is 1099 Euros with Free Delivery.

Le Corbusier 3 seat sofa is a whopping 10,000 Euros.

Le Corbusier is pricey and much smaller than the Le Bauhaus.

The budget-focused online giant Retro Europe offered the lowest prices and superior quality from its Le Bauhaus Modernist Designer Furniture Collection.

Le Bauhaus is available as an Armchair, a range of sofas and corner sofas.

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