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An Affordable Way To Furnish Your Home with Stylish Quality Retro Furniture.

Affordable Retro Furniture

An Affordable Way To Furnish Your Home with Stylish Quality Retro Furniture.

When it comes to furnishing a home, quality and style can be very expensive, but there is an online retro furniture store that can save you thousands of euros, and you do not have to sacrifice quality and style.

It’s nice to strike a balance with quality stylish modern designer furniture at affordable prices, and you can, by going direct to the online store at

Every now and then, a really great collection of modern designer furniture comes along, which is exactly why Retro Europe are the leading online retro furniture brand with their Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designs, Furniture Collection.

We rounded up all the leading brands that have the modern designer aesthetic, without the crazy price tag. Check out the clear market leader below, and have your wallet thank Retro Europe later.

If you like the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa and Armchair, you’ll love Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

Le Bauhaus from is the premium brand that perfectly nails the mid-century modern aesthetic. Available in beautiful colours and finishes.

Le Bauhaus Sofa - 3 Seater - Black

Soft luxurious leather, in black or white, or in silver grey Danish Cotton.

Inspiration from Le Corbusier is immediately visible. Your first impression of this iconic designer sofa and armchair from Retro Europe is a feeling of comfort and joy, and being pleasantly surprised by the quality and affordable price. This 21st Century reinvention of the LC2 from Retro Europe is bigger and more comfortable than the 1930 Le Corbusier LC2. However, to be fair, the original Le Corbusier LC2 model is over 80 years old and far too small today, for the comfort and support required by the bigger 21st Century person.

Retro Europe have constructed the Le Bauhaus in the fine tradition of furniture making, with a solid hardwood frame, deep multi density cushioning, and beautiful soft leather or Danish Cotton, to finish this fine piece of furniture. The sofa and chair are enclosed in a polished wrap-around steel frame, that completes this very special individual style. Prices start at 549.00 euros.

If you like the new Scandia Style of sofas and armchairs, you’ll love the Spiers Collection from Retro Europe.

The look found in the Scandinavian styled Spiers, can not easily be mimicked by other furniture. Scandia styled modern furniture is a truly stunning minimalist design, unique and timeless, and extraordinarily comfortable.

Scandinavian Spiers Sofa

We found a few other models on the market in this price range, and several as much as 10 times more than the price found at, but none to match the quality and sheer appeal of this Super Scandia Sofa in blue or grey.

This is your chance to create a fresh mood in your home decor with the Spiers from Retro Europe, and if, you can’t wait, then don’t wait, because these sofas and armchairs are available for immediate delivery in 7 days at Prices start at 699.00

If you like the Charles Eames DSW , you’ll love the Eiffel Range of furniture from Retro Europe.

While the original Eames DSW was a classic in its day back in the 50,s we agree that Retro Europe have taken a slightly more stylish approach to their own design. The trendy mid century vibe is pretty consistent across the full range of models from, which isn’t entirely surprising since this modern designer furniture from Retro Europe is a true iconic mid century retro design.

Eiffel Furniture Collection

The reinvented collection from Retro Europe has a major advantage over the original Charles Eames DSW and similar models on the market, it is a sturdy, more durable construction, and made from very high quality materials, to last a lifetime.

What’s smart today in retro home decor? Our answer and recommendation is The Eiffel Collection from Retro Europe.

Rethink your home decor with the Eiffel range from Retro Europe, prices are from just 44.00 euros.

If you like Restoration Lighting, you’ll love the Industrial Ceiling Light from Retro Europe.

We discovered a clean blend of modern design with tasteful industrial touches, with the Industrial Ceiling Light from

Industrial Ceiling Lamp White

A beautifully styled early 19th century inspired industrial workplace ceiling lamp, in pristine white with an adjustable braided flex. In our opinion this is the perfect minimalism pendant style lamp for the home or commercial environment

This Industrial Lamp personifies Retro Lighting Art , but with total function, and an authentic architectural design, that has an earthy vintage look with modern lines.

In our opinion you should definitely check out the Industrial Ceiling Lamps from Retro Europe, these definitely make the cut with prices from just 23.00 euros.

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Create an iconic 1950’s modernist style dining setting in perfect harmony.


Create an iconic 1950’s modernist style dining setting in perfect harmony.

With the Eiffel Collection of Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, and Bar Stools, exclusively from Retro Europe.

For a cool, chic and minimalism dining style, Retro Europe were inspired by the greatest of all modern designers, Charles and Ray Eames. Today, after 12 months of development, a young and talented in house design team at RETRO EUROPE, completed the New RETRO EUROPE Eiffel Collection.

Charles and Ray Eames are American modern designers, architects and film makers. They were responsible for groundbreaking contributions in the field of architecture, modern and contemporary furniture design, industrial design, manufacturing, and the photographic arts.

American designers Charles and Ray Eames shaped the future of modern designer furniture. Their use of wood and plastics, inspired future generations of designers.

Now you can enjoy the art deco fun side of affordable designer furniture from the Retro Europe Eiffel Collection of dining tables, dining chairs and bar stools.These sleek modernist styles blend perfectly in homes and commercial environments. Cool and formal but with an out-there style, the Eiffel Collection from retroeurope,com will always wow your guests.

These modern design forms are mirrored by one another. and are the perfect match in any living or working space. The Eiffel Dining Tables, Eiffel Chairs and Armchairs, and the Eiffel Bar Stools have the same support structure, and elegant solid wood legs, and contemporary elegance shines through.

The perfect match to the Eiffel Chairs and Eiffel Bar Stools from Retro Europe are the Eiffel Dining Tables. A choice of the rectangle table, this is 160 cm x 80 cm dining table and can comfortably seat six to eight diners, or the round table at 100 cm is a comfortable 4 person cafe table.

Available in white or black surfaces in an easy to clean gloss finish.

The Eiffel Dining Chairs and Eiffel Bar Stools have an ultra modern scoop-back elegantly fashionable seat, designed for comfort, style and durability. The shell is made from a tough poly carbonate plastic single mold, supported upon a colour coded frame, with solid wooden legs.

Take a seat, you don’t have to be an artist to know that this is a minimalist design, and a perfect ergonomic shape, combining to make the Eiffel Collection a triumph of contemporary style.

Retro Europe designed the seats with bigger proportions, to ensure comfort, incorporating the necessary strength, stability with great design. This minimalistic design has created a versatile family of dining tables, side chairs, armchairs and bar stools for the home or commercial environment. Manufactured to meet the demand of today’s market, smarter and more comfortable than ever before.

The Eiffel Collection is an entirely new way to model match when furnishing. Take the same styled theme throughout your home from the kitchen to the living and dining areas and the home bar.

Equally, for owners of bars, hotels and restaurants, be cool and contemporary with the Eiffel Collection.

The shell seats are available from in white or black, or upholstered in a beautiful Multi Colour or Monochrome Cotton Patchwork, and all with the same solid frame and wooden legs.

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Hot Office Chairs from Retro Europe – Create your home office haven.


Hot Office Chairs from Retro Europe;
Create your home office haven.

If you are in search of a very special office chair, and you want to make a design statement for your office, then we’ve got just the thing to make your Home Office Haven.

With increasing numbers opting to set up their own business, go freelance or escaping the busy office environment, there’s never been a better incentive to create a smart Home Office Haven. To get you excited about the short commute to your desk, we’ve picked out three ”must haves” for that all important elegant Home Office Chair.

1. Style and Design.

The chic lines of the mid-century Retro Europe designer office chair makes a welcome distraction to any work space. Stylish and fashionable these office chairs from are the latest and hottest looking chairs on the market today.

The Retro Europe modern designer office chair always looks good in any of the 7 vibrant colours available. It means you feel good, and have a chair of timeless style. Which is precisely what describes the concept of the office chair.

However, I also try to encourage you to take risks on one of our exciting new colours, Candy red, Space grey or Tiffany blue, do not hesitate, follow your true style and make your office modern, fun and exciting!

Timeless, classy and office smart.

2. Comfort and Support.

The average working day is 8 hours, and you need to be able to work efficiently and productively for a long period. It is imperative you can remain relaxed, and do not have any physically unpleasant feelings caused by pain, stress or discomfort.

Always select an ergonomic styled office modernist designer chair from, the chairs includes ergonomic features, such as controls for adjusting the backrest and chair height, and have a waterfall seat edge.

For optimum comfort we recommend a mid-back or high-back office chair from Retro Europe, with flexible lumbar support, and of course, the chair swivels and rotates easily to allow the person using the chair easy access to the different parts of their workspace without strain or overreaching.

Retro Europe Office Chairs have an an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial coating; perfect for easy maintenance in high-use work settings or high traffic areas. For furnishing a large office space or business, Retro Europe offer affordable seating solutions with a large number of features and ergonomic controls.

3. Durability and Strength and Price.

A good chair is not cheap, prices start around 100 euros, so you want to be sure you get value for money. For guaranteed durability look at the great office chairs from” target=”_blank”> Rest assured that a Retro Europe Ergonomic Home Office Chair will have a long continuous useful life, without requiring any maintenance, and is easy to clean, and always looks smart.

The Retro Europe Office Chair is a high quality substantially made chair, built to be able to withstand the rigours of office work, remarkably supporting, especially in those tiring stress places, of the lower back, shoulders and leg areas, always ready every day for another 8 hours of continuous work.

Voted the ‘best value for money’ and ranked highest in the category of ‘the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements.’ These robust and stylish office chairs from” target=”_blank”> are a high quality, ergonomic – specification office chair, and whether for a busy office or home office, every space deserves a touch of designer luxury.

Voted the ‘best value for money’ and ranked highest in the category of ‘the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements.’


The Smart Way To Invest In Your Business And To Keep Investing.

The Smart Way To Invest In Your Business And To Keep Investing.

So, now you are in there with the grown ups, you have just started a new business, and you need to find customers

You walk into a meeting with an Advertising Agency, and they have their presentation for a new campaign almost guaranteed to work. Total Cost: 250,000 euros. Weak at the knees and fighting back the urge to run back to that nice safe job you resigned from last week, you search for a couple brain cells to answer the question;

Good investment or bad?

What you do not know is that there are millions of small-business owners in exactly the same situation every day of the week, trying to find the answer to the same question,should I invest in my company, or as many again, are asking themselves, should I continue to reinvest in my company.

You can, ponder and dither, ask friends and professionals for advice, or stick your head in a bucket and hope the problem has gone away when you decide to take it out again.

However, let me tell you, and perhaps if you are facing this problem while you are reading this article, that after 40 years in business the answer is much simpler than you realise.

The answer is the same whether it be 250 euros or 250,000 euros.

Will I get a reasonable risk adjusted return on each euro I invest in my Company.

First, ask yourself can I estimate the benefits of this investment?

This is the Golden rule of business, and to being the next great entrepreneur. Whether that investment be an advertising campaign, new plant and equipment or new premises to trade from, you have to know the answer, if not how can you ever expect to be able to prioritise the best use of whatever small or large amount of cash you have.

Let us get back to the original question, as it will keep this much simpler, and ultimately we have to make a decision.

The 250,00 euros advertising campaign.

You have made the first step, as you have decided the total investment will be 250,000 euros.

You have to turn a profit, equal or above the value of that cash, if it were borrowed, or invested in a safe haven. Many of you will probably have a foot in both camps, in other words let us say you have 100,000 euros in cash which is earning you 5%, and you borrowed 150,000 euros from the bank at 10%.

You need to factor in your after tax cost, take a high and low figure dependent on the success of the enterprise, and add a contingency of 30% for some tolerance.

As a general rule before you get too lost, is that the annual return on this investment should be around 30%, being 75,000 euros. The overall value of the business will be now 325,000 euros.

At this point you have to very honest with yourself and of your own capabilities, can I turn the new leads from this advertising campaign into hard earned profits, before you ask yourself the next million dollar question.

How much revenue will the investment in this ad campaign produce in order to justify the 250,000 investment?

Can I generate enough revenue for my business to have a net value of 325,000 euros in 12 months time, after factoring an increase of 75,000 euros on the balance sheet, and allowing for tax, interest repayments, loss of investment income and other incidentals an additional say 60,000 euros.

Will this investment generate a gross position of 385,000 euros, leaving a net advance on the balance sheet of 325,000 euros. If the answer is yes, then get your cheque book out.

The maths is not too difficult to calculate in simple terms, the real problem is seeing into the future. But positive entrepreneurship is the backbone of every country. We need to nurture and encourage our young entrepreneurs, because they are the future, and the force behind any capital gain.

So if it stacks up…..invest

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  3. Hot Office Chairs from Retro Europe - Create your home office haven.
  4. The Smart Way To Invest In Your Business And To Keep Investing.
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