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Retro Europe- A Success Story


Retro Europe is one of the leading online modern designer furniture suppliers in Europe, now supplying 44 countries in the EU with their famous 7-day delivery service, under their brand banner of Reinvented. Affordable. Great Designs.

Quality Modern Designer Furniture For Less.

Retro Europe specialises in designing and creating their own and exclusive designer furniture for the contemporary, vintage, and modernist home.

Private Label.

The majority of the furniture are exclusive private label products, and Retro Europe stocks a wide range of modernist designer furniture sold under their own label names, Le Bauhaus, Eiffel, Savoy, and Spiers.

Complete Product Range.

Their products include the modernist sofa collections of Le Bauhaus and Savoy, the modern ergonomic office chair chairs from the Eiffel Collection, the Scandi inspired Spiers Sofas and Chairs, and the very popular range of chairs, armchairs, tables, and bar stools from the Eiffel Collection.

Price, Quality, Availability – The Elements for Success.

With revenues growing year on year Retro Europe aims to be Europe’s biggest retailer of Retro Modern, Contemporary, Vintage and Modernist Furniture.

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How To Buy The Perfect Sofa.


Amazing but true. We spend an average of 17 years sitting on a sofa during our lifetime.

That fact alone should make all us to start thinking about our sofa, and it highlights the importance to ensure we all have a high-quality comfortable sofa with good support.

What size of Sofa should you buy?

A sofa that is big enough to be practical and functional, well built to last, and stylish, so we feel good and inspired every time we look at it.

A sofa that will stand the test of time.

Massive sofas are great if you have space, but they do not look so great in a small room, so the size of your sofa is important. And do not forget the other furniture in the room, because everything needs to fit together in style and size proportionally.

What type of Sofa should you buy?

Also, consider the type of use your sofa will be used for.

Are you a bed user? Laying fully stretched out all the time, or a sit up straight user, and of course how many of will be using the sofas at any one time, so do you need a 2, 3 or 4 seat sofa, or even a corner sofa?

What is the best Sofa? Should you buy a Leather or Fabric Sofa?

Try the Le Bauhaus Corner sofa in black leather, white leather, or silver-grey fabric if you need space for all the family for an affordable 2299.00 euros [www.retroeurope.com].

Remember, your new sofa is the focal point in your living room and you will be using the sofa for many years so take your time before buying.

If you have children and pets then a sensible choice is a genuine real leather sofa, super practical and easy to keep clean.

What is the best type of construction for a sofa?

And think about the construction because this sofa is going to work hard every day during in its lifetime of use.

A top tip when buying a sofa is to think about 5 years down the road, and ask yourself will you still like the design and will it still be as good as new, and not falling apart.

A sofa that will stand the test of time must be constructed with a hardwood frame and sprung deck for long-term comfort and support.

What is the best choice for an average family?

An average family needs a minimum of a 3 – seater sofa in a quality leather, and if you have some appreciation of elegance and style then consider the Le Bauhaus 3- seat Sofa [www.retroeurope.com]

Le Bauhaus 3 Seater Sofa - White Premium Leather

Contemporary modernist design with an industrial appeal, the Le Bauhaus is a great sofa, great design, and great construction. Built on a solid wood frame and sprung deck, covered in multi-density cushioning and finished in genuine quality leather. This is a super comfy sofa that is built to last.

Where to buy the best sofas?

Style, comfort, durability and a well-designed elegant sofa at an affordable price are the most important things you need, and you need to look no further, than the Le Bauhaus.[www.retroeurope.com].

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Top of the pops! That’s Retro Europe


We reveal the online modern designer furniture company offering the BEST value for money and the highest quality retro furniture.

Modern Designer Furniture experts judged the best value online retro furniture stores for quality chairs, armchairs, bar stools, and sofas.

Do not Spend Thousands of Euros on Overpriced Furniture

They found if you don’t fancy spending thousands of euros on overpriced licensed retro furniture designed by Charles Eames and Le Corbusier, it appears you are in luck, as there are a range modern designer exclusive retro furniture alternatives on the market this year.

Europe’s leading online stores for modernist, contemporary, and vintage styled retro furniture have some of their best value and quality furniture that will not break the bank.

Experts Give You The Best Advice

A team of experts looked at the leading retro furniture retail giants to judge which ones are offering the best quality in terms of construction, the best value for money, and the best designs.

Online Retro Furniture Stores are up to 70% Cheaper.

The benefits of an online retro furniture store are that you get a better price for your designer furniture.

Online stores have very low minimal overheads, and the savings go straight to you – The discerning consumer.

The reality is that “like for like“ retro furniture is up to 70% cheaper on the internet.

Super Stores and High Street Shops Can Not Match the Lower Prices Online.

Bricks and Mortar Superstores and High Street Establishments simply can never compete on price with the online modern designer furniture stores.

The Recommendations from the Judges.

“Best Value for Money Recommendation“ goes to one of Europe’s leading retro furniture stores, Retro Europe, for their Le Bauhaus and Eiffel Collections.

Particular note from the experts is the cost of a 3 – place Le Bauhaus sofa from Retro Europe at 999.00 euros in genuine leather. This model was launched in 2017 as a direct rival to the LC2 Le Corbusier Sofa which costs around 10,000 Euros.

“Best Quality and Durability Recommendation“ goes to Retro Europe for their Eiffel Collection of contemporary chairs, armchairs, and bar stools.

Particular note from the judges was the quality shell seats, metal frame, and solid hardwood legs.

“Best Design, Function and Versatility Recommendation“ once again went to the Eiffel Collection from Retro Europe.

Particular note from the judges was for the unique “one design versatility“ of the product, which allows a continuous feng shui design effect for your home or commercial environment.

Unique “one design style“ from Retro Europe with their Eiffel Collection.

The clever part of this contemporary furniture collection is the “one design style“.

The Eiffel Collection allows an integration of chairs, armchairs, and bar stools to full fill their respective functions around your home or commercial environment, and flow like energy (chi), and to promote favourable and positive effects in your modern contemporary home or business.

Le Bauhaus and Eiffel Collections are the Best.

Eiffel Furniture Collection

Retro Europe continues to beat all their modern designer furniture competitors, and are consistently judged to be the top online retro furniture store to buy from at www.retroeurope.com.

Not only does the modern designer furniture from Retro Europe win the “Best Of Value, Quality, and Versatility“ accolades but Retro Europe offer their assurance of a 7-day delivery service across Europe from their Distribution Centre in Alicante.

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Retro Europe’s Explainer and Promotional Video Award.


Retro Europe’s Eiffel Office Chair explainer video is this year’s most popular online website video with modern designer furniture viewers.

Data firms analysed social media posts to reveal the most popular Website Promotional Video and assessed the overall the number of occasions the Retro Europe Brand was liked.

Positive Results on Social Media Platforms.

Social Networks -Sharing

The analytic report also judged the language to calculate whether the posts were positive or negative.

Retro Europe was named as the most successful retailer amongst online modern designer furniture stores.

Success for the 3rd Year

Retro Europe has beaten other retro furniture online stores selling modern designer furniture for the third year running in this competition.

Research revealed that affordability, quality, and great designs struck a positive chord with online audiences.

Explainer and Promotional Videos were produced by Alicante Studios.

The videos were designed and created by Alicante Studios at www.alcantestudios.com

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