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Retro Europe Appoint Alicante Studios.


Brand Awareness

Retro Europe has joined forces with Alicante Digital Marketing Agency to grow the Company’s Brand.

Retro Europe’s association with Alicante Studios will raise the awareness of the Brand which is built on the Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designs label from Retro Europe.

Social Media Platforms

The Marketing Campaign managed by Alicante Studios will focus on National and Worldwide Social Media Platforms.

Alicante Studio Director said the partnership „demonstrates the increasingly progressive and collaborative approach being taken by online retailers with very popular products.“

Social Networks -Sharing

Design, Price, High-Quality Furniture

He added, „Retro Europe are seeking to capitalise on the huge success of their recently launched Le Bauhaus Collection, which has won several Industry Awards for its design, price, and high-quality construction, we are confident that our campaigns will introduce Retro Europe to new markets and additional ways of reaching consumers.“

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The Final Chapter of The History of Le Corbusier.


Retro Furniture experts reveal why Retro Europe’s Bespoke Modern Designer Furniture is the most popular choice.

Experts say that increasing numbers of people are shunning ‚iconic‘ one-hundred-year-old designer retro furniture from Le Corbusier.

They say the main reason behind this, is the desire for fresher modern designer furniture, that is more affordable, comfortable, and higher in quality.

Another factor is how Retro Europe Manufacture. In the Best Traditional Furniture Makers Way.

Try sitting on a 100-year-old designer LC2 Sofa from Le Corbusier.

This is an underwhelming experience.

Very uncomfortable and with an intimidating price tag of 10,000.00 Euros it really is the final chapter in the History of Le Corbusier.

But if you’re looking to buy a bespoke designer modernist sofa, in the style of the great designer Le Corbusier, for less than 1,000.00 Euros then go to www.retroeurope.com for a Le Bauhaus Sofa.

Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design by Retro Europe.

Retro Furniture experts say that affordable bespoke designer furniture from Retro Europe is leading the way.

Experts say that increasing numbers of discerning modernist designer furniture buyers are shunning the ‚iconic‘ Le Corbusier Sofas in favour of the Le Bauhaus Sofas from online giant Retro Europe.

Meanwhile, the online furniture buying experience is now the best way to buy modern designer furniture.

Some people say they have loved modern designer furniture all their lives. Now, they say they can afford to buy modern designer furniture online at Retro Europe.

Retro Europe, Europe’s leading online seller with very low operating costs can offer prices up to 72% cheaper than Bricks and Mortar High Street Shops for like for like designer furniture.


Retro Europe; They have the best deals today with something that says quality, affordability, and great design.

Retro Europe told our reporter ‚Most people come online for lower prices and a convenient buying experience, and in the case of modernist designer furniture they come to Retro Europe for our unique designer style, that is great value, high quality, and with our 7 – day delivery service‘.

Do you have anxiety problems or suffer from Depression? Now, you can afford to feel fantastic every day!

Could a classic modern designer sofa spice up your life?

Yes, it is a fact. A fantastic designer sofa in your living space will greatly enhance your wellbeing and give you a great outlook mentally.

Buyers go online feeling anxious and depressed, they choose a new sofa from Retro Europe, and immediately they start to feel brighter, more cheerful, and happier.

Affordable Modern designer Retro Furniture has grown in popularity over the years and it is now available from Retro Europe.

Bespoke modern designer high-quality furniture such as Le Bauhaus, Eiffel and Savoy from Retro Europe, offer you the ability to create your own trademark at home, with modernist, contemporary, and vintage styles at affordable prices.

There is a growing demand for retro furniture buyers to showcase their home and stand out from the crowd.

Retro Furniture from Retro Europe gives everyone the ideal opportunity to buy ‚Personalised Designer Furniture ‚ more luxurious, more stylish, and more individual than anything else on the furniture market.

The Retro Europe Design Foundation.

More and more people are complaining. Why can’t we recognise retro furniture in the same way we have for so many years?

It is a fact, 95% of Furniture today is manufactured in the same design style.

Retro Europe listens to their clients, and that was the reason behind The Retro Europe Design Foundation.

For the past 5 years, Retro Europe In-House Designers have been creating bespoke modern designer furniture, so discerning buyers who want a true and functional individual designer chair or sofa at an affordable price, and of the highest quality can now finally own one.

Quality, Affordable, and Great Design each and every time at Retro Europe.

If you listen to people on what is important when buying great modernist designer furniture, they will say it is Quality, Affordability, and Great Design.

All these requirements can be achieved at www.retroeurope.com, where a bespoke approach to the perfect design is waiting for you.

The Le Bauhaus Customisation Experience at Retro Europe.

During the design for a ‚Bespoke Customisation Experience‘ at Retro Europe, the designers will work hand in hand with expert furniture makers to help create for you a unique design style and a high-quality manufacture.

The Le Bauhaus Modernist Collection ‚Bespoke Customisation Experience‘ starts at 549.00 Euros.

Quality, Affordable, Great Design that will last a lifetime is available at www.retroeurope.com.

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Online Defamation Law


This law applies to consumers making false statements in whole or part that are detrimental to the value of a Company’s Brand and Reputation and their ability to trade without threat or harm.

Posting detrimental statements online that affect a Company’s Brand and Reputation can be an impulse reaction that you think will make you feel better.

Be aware Companies are fiercely protective of their Brand and Reputation and will make you pay very dearly for your impulse reaction.

The Law, especially in the Far East and Middle East Countries is heavily biased toward their Home Companies. Many of these Companies operate with European subsidiaries.

The Feedback and Opinions Platforms Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor and Booking.com are freely available to consumers and have recently become a hotbed of discussion in respect of Online Defamation Law.

What is defamation?

Generally, defamation is a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation and published with fault, negligence or malice.

International Laws often define defamation in specific ways. Libel is a written defamation and liable for prosecution when posted on online platforms.

What are the elements of a defamation claim?

The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are:

a publication to one other than the person defamed;

a false statement of fact;

that is understood as.

a. being of and concerning the plaintiff; and

b. tending to harm the reputation of the plaintiff.

Is truth a defence to defamation claims?

Yes. Truth is an absolute defence to a defamation claim.

But take note, the truth may be difficult and expensive to prove especially when you find yourself in a foreign Court fighting against a Company with considerable funding to ensure they will win the whole or part of the legal proceedings against you.

Companies generally are intent on making their point in Court at the expense of a Private Individual.

These types of cases are always won by the Company. The Private Individual inevitably loses their home, personal assets, and in some cases where fraud is involved, their liberty.

Can my opinion be defamatory?

Yes. You can not hide behind this statement.

Courts will judge only on the detrimental damage you have done to the Company by posting a statement online that will influence a reasonable reader. This is determined in light of the context of the statement and note if there is only one small part of your statement that deviates from the whole truth then you will be found guilty and liable to a penalty.

Courts are now making judgements against anyone that posts a false statement on Internet Bulletin Boards or Chat Rooms.

Courts will access the damage the remark in context to see if it’s likely to be seen as a true or controversial.

Statements posted as “My Opinion“ are regarded exactly as a direct statement from any individual so do not imagine you are free from prosecution with this prefix to your posting.

What is a statement of verifiable fact?

A statement of verifiable fact is a statement that conveys a provably false factual assertion. For example, someone has committed murder or has cheated on his spouse, or posts a detrimental statement against a Company that is not 100% in its entirety accurate.

To illustrate this point, we suggest you consider a recent excerpt from a Court in China.

Lui v. Havers.

Havers posted a statement on an online platform alleging the supply of faulty goods supplied by the European subsidiary of a Chinese Company in Europe.

The Company issued a warning to Havers to remove the posting or a Prosecution would commence.

Havers failed to remove the posting and the Company commenced proceedings in the Chinese Court.

Evidence was accepted by the Chinese Judge that Havers had posted a false statement and as a result, the Company’s reputation was harmed.

The Court found in favour of the Company and awarded the 100.000 Euros damages and ordered Havers to pay all legal costs.

What are the rules on Public Proceedings?

In some Countries, there are legal privileges protecting fair comments about public proceedings. This provision has been applied to posting on an online message platform and is applied to blogs.

The privilege also extends to fair and true reports of public meetings, if the publication of the matter complained of was for the public benefit.

What is a „fair and true report“?

A report is „fair and true“ if it captures the substance, context and facts of the proceeding.

This law applies to consumers making false statements.

If I post a defamatory statement, will a retraction help?

Some jurisdictions have retraction statutes that provide protection from defamation lawsuits if the publisher retracts the allegedly defamatory statement immediately.

For example, in general, an immediate retraction affects the Company at a minimal level. For every day the posting remains on the platform the Judgement and lawsuit will be influenced accordingly.

The Company will generally request a retraction within 30 days before proceedings are filed at the Court.

This is the general practice in Europe but not a statue of law.

Be aware that some Courts award damages on a daily rate. If a detrimental posting on an online platform is retracted after 30 days, the Company can still seek recompense from the Courts for damages to the Brand and Reputation.

While few Courts have addressed retraction statutes with regard to online publications, a Hong Kong Court awarded punitive damages to the Company based on the damage caused in that 30 day period.

The Company argued that the Defendant by removing the posting after 30 days has in some way admitted their guilt, and petitioned for damages for the 30 days the posting remained online.

The Courts awarded the Company 30,000 Euros and ordered the Defendant to pay all Legal Costs.

Do blogs have the same constitutional protections as mainstream media?

Yes. Blogs are no greater and no less than those enjoyed by other individuals and online platforms engaged in the same activities.“

What if I re-publish a third party statement? (i.e. someone’s post).

You are just as responsible for their defamatory content as the original poster.

Can I get insurance to cover defamation claims?

Yes. Many insurance companies are now offering media liability insurance policies designed to cover online libel claims. Albeit they phenomenally expensive due to the ease of successful prosecutions and the high level of the penalties.

The average cost of prosecutions are 50,000 Euros and the average awards are 60,000 Euros.

Will my homeowner’s insurance policy cover me against libel lawsuits?

No.Is the short answer.

Is there a limit on online libel?

No, albeit you will have an Appeal Procedure to follow. Be aware the very nature of online libel is ‚Actual Offence‘.

How do courts look at the context of a statement?

For a blog or a detrimental statement posted on an online platform generally, a Judge will access tenor, setting, format and context, and the length of time the post in on the internet and the links or likes the statement has attracted.

However, Courts in China and the Far East have different agendas to detrimental posts against Companies.

As Manufacturing countries, they are fiercely protective of their Home Based Business and Trade Organisations and their awards for damages are often disproportionate.

What is trade libel?

Trade libel is defamation against the goods or services of a company or business.

For example, saying that you found a severed finger in a particular company’s chilli if it is proven to be not true is libel.

Saying you had a bad holiday and requesting a refund when it can be proven that you have not is libel.

Saying you received goods or products damaged when you did not is libel.

Trade Libel is very easy to prove and the legal costs and penalties are currently very high.

Posting detrimental statements online that affect a Company’s Brand and Reputation can be an impulse reaction that you think will make you feel better.

Be aware Companies are fiercely protective of their Brand and Reputation and will make you pay very dearly for your impulse reaction.

The Law, especially in the Far East and Middle East Countries is heavily biased toward the Companies and there is a booming business with Lawyers in China offering a no win no fee service with their fees based on a percentage of the penalties awarded by the Courts.

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The Retro Europe Le Bauhaus Sofa, Or The Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa? The choice is yours!


One of these Sofas is 999.00 euros, and the other costs as much as 10,000 euros.

But can you see which has the best quality construction, value for money, and luxury design?

And which one is overpriced?

Retro Europe has designed a magnificent 5 seater Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

……..consumers become more discerning.

A sofa is the centrepiece of a home and a big purchase to consider, so which one will you decide to spend your hard earned money on?

As consumers become more discerning about design and quality, and very savvy about value for money, we look at a very interesting new sofa to the world of modern designer retro furniture.

………more minimalist design appeal from Le Bauhaus.

Retro Europe has launched their very own designer furniture collection in a distinctive industrial vintage modernist style. There is no disguising the heavy Le Corbusier-esqe design style of Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus Collection of armchairs and sofas, but that is where any comparison to Le Corbusier ends.

Retro Europe has a much more minimalist design appeal with their Le Bauhaus Sofa compared to the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa, and the Le Bauhaus is a full sized sofa for the 21st Century, whereas the Le Corbusier LC2 was designed nearly 100 years ago for a smaller in stature generation.

The quality of the Le Bauhaus is a clear winner over the Le Corbusier Sofa.

Le Bauhaus is manufactured in the traditional furniture makers style, of a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck, covered in multi-density cushioning for real support and comfort, and then covered in soft genuine leather.

Le Corbusier LC2 is a steel frame with elasticated straps supporting the cushions. The cushions do have a tendency to disappear between the straps when a larger person has been sitting for awhile.

‚You have to have a sense of humour: Is this the world’s most expensive sofa?‘

This statement appeared on a famous Bloggers Social Media Platform, when commenting on the 10,000 euros price tag of the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa.

…….. ‚greatest value for money for the modernist home‘.

The Le Bauhaus 3 place full-sized Sofa from Retro Europe with a price tag of 999.00 euros was described as the ‚greatest value for money for the modernist home‘. Ensuring this ‚realistic affordable sofa is sure to turn heads‘.

5 seat Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

Retro Europe has another surprise for their growing network of followers. Retro Europe have promised 2 new additions to the Le Bauhaus Collection.

Currently, you can buy the Le Bauhaus Modernist collection as an armchair, 2 place sofa, and 3 place sofa in fabrics and leather from 549.00 euros.

In the next few days you will see the arrival of a magnificent 5 seater Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

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Retro Europe has unveiled the Le Bauhaus as an alternative to the Le Corbusier LC2.

Retro Europe unveils an affordable Le Corbusier-esque styled modernist designer sofa at 999.00 euros, to rival the Le Corbusier LC2 version at 10,000 euros.

So can Retro Europe REALLY beat the design style, function, and quality of the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa without breaking the bank?

999.00 euros from Retro Europe, and a massive 10,000 euros from Le Corbusier.

“Le Bauhaus Collection“ from the Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designs Brand.

Budget online retailer Retro Europe has unveiled a selection of modernist industrial styled armchairs and sofas, under the “Le Bauhaus Collection“ from their Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designs Brand.

Retro Europe was recently branded the ‚fastest growing online modern designer retro furniture store in Europe“.

If you want real value for money, greater comfort, and high-quality full-size 21st Century modern furniture, and not the overpriced small uncomfortable furniture from Le Corbusier, then Retro Europe’s latest modern industrial furniture range is the answer for you.

From just 549.00 euros.

The budget online retailer has unveiled the Le Bauhaus range, a collection of modern industrial designer furniture in high-quality leather and Danish Cotton fabric finishes, from just 549.00 euros, with the Retro Europe 7-day delivery promise.

The Le Bauhaus retro furniture collection is the affordable alternative to the LC2 from Le Corbusier.

The high- quality modern designer furniture collection from Retro Europe is marketed as the affordable, better quality, and more functional version of Le Corbusier’s 10,000 euros LC2 furniture collection for the 21st Century discerning buyer and sales are booming.


Traditional furniture makers methods.

Retro Europe uses the traditional furniture makers method of furniture of construction, with a solid hardwood sprung frame for durability, and a generous covering of multi-density cushioning for the best support, covered in premium leather or fabric.

The Le Bauhaus construction is significantly better and more generously proportioned for the 21st Century buyer, as opposed to the very small dimensions of the 1928 designed LC2 constructed on a steel base.

LC2 is a 100-year-old design for a smaller generation.

We were all smaller 100 years ago when the Le Corbusier LC2 was designed and Le Bauhaus has been designed to bring comfort and support to this iconic style of furniture for the 21st Century discerning client wanting real comfort and support.

Le Bauhaus head to head comparison with Le Corbusier LC2.

So what’s so special about Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe, compared to the LC2 from Le Corbusier?

The 3 seater sofa;

The price is as good a starting point as any if you compare like for like.

999.00 euros from Retro Europe, and a massive 10,000 euros from Le Corbusier.

The Construction;

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe has a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck.

The Le Corbusier LC2 has a steel frame with loose cushions placed on elasticated straps.

The Dimensions;

Le Bauhaus 3 place sofa is a generously sized sofa at 228 cms for the 21st Century user.

The Le Corbusier LC2 3 place sofa is a cramped 180 cms designed in 1928 for the small 20th Century buyer.


Aficionados of modern, industrial, and vintage furniture should visit www.retroeurope.com and compare the difference, to see how Retro Europe is making great strides in the modern designer market with their Le Bauhaus Collection.

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