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Do you value a 999.00 Euros Le Bauhaus Sofa over a 10,000 Euros Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa?


A leading Furniture Analyst has revealed that budget online sofas do rival high-end, high-priced sofas from Big Brand Retailers.

The Analyst has inspected the latest online retro furniture sofa to hit the modern designer market; The Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

Retro Europe Le Bauhaus offers great value, great design, at a great low price.

The Analyst said ‚Retro Europe’s latest creation, The Le Bauhaus Collection, is the perfect choice for discerning furniture buyers, who want an affordable high-quality sofa, that is comparable to the Le Corbusier LC2 modernist styled sofa.‘

Would you buy a 10,000 Euros Sofa without doing any research?

From budget modern designer furniture online stores, and inspired by the designs of Le Corbusier, there are several similar sofas available online that compare favourably to the 10,000 Euro Le Corbusier LC2.

However, the clear winner is from Retro Europe, that stands head and shoulders above Le Corbusier and all the competition.

Last year Retro Europe became the latest online retro furniture seller to rival Le Corbusier and launched their very own modernist designer Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection.

What makes Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe a winner.

The first thing that sets the Retro Europe design ahead of the Le Corbusier design, is that the Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe is very much a more sizeable comfortable sofa — Le Bauhaus is a 228 cm 3 place sofa – a real full-size comfortable sofa – Le Corbusier is a mere 180 cms- a small uncomfortable 3 place sofa, insufficient for the size of a 21st century buyer.

Secondly the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is constructed on a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck and with a layers of multi-density cushioning, The Le Corbusier is constructed from a steel frame with elasticated straps [not the traditional furniture makers style] and with loose cushions placed on the straps, barely sufficient to support the weight of a 21st Century Man over a long period.

In terms of design appeal and the leather finish, they are indeed equal, both offering a modernist period styled steel frame encasing the sofa.

21st Century Consumers demand comfort and support and are very savvy.

Europe’s discerning retro furniture buyers are savvy shoppers demanding great design, quality, and durable furniture, at an affordable price.

Le Bauhaus Sofa - 3 Seater - Black

The analysts waded through hundreds of similarly styled furniture and determined that the Retro Europe Le Bauhaus offers great value, great design, at a great low price. And is the number one choice in the retro furniture market.

Is there still a demand for the 10,000 Euro Le Corbusier Sofa?

Retro Europe appears to be making their own significant mark for their Brand in The World of Retro Furniture Design.

Sadly, this is a defining downturn moment in the History of Le Corbusier.

The question is;

Can Le Corbusier continue to produce an old-fashioned, small sofa that is not comfortable, and with a price tag of 10,000 euros?

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The Bauhaus School and the History of Bauhaus Modern Designer Furniture


Originally founded in 1919 in Weimar, Germany by architect Walter Gropius.

The school was forced to move to Dessau in Germany in 1925 due to Political reasons and eventually closed in 1932.

The Bauhaus School had a proud reputation for the design of practical and functional furniture, that was innovative in design and aesthetically sublime.

Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breur are two of the most celebrated and famous designers from The Bauhaus School and are responsible for creating brand new styles and furniture designs for their period time, very distinct, and completely different from previous decades of designer furniture.

The change from heavily decorative furniture to minimalist design principles of style was influenced by the new furniture-making technology available at this period.It is very clear that this style of design influenced Le Corbusier and his LC2 and LC3 Collections.

Clean and precise designer industrial furniture, simplistic in style, became the new vogue. The modernist and minimalistic design movement stripped back furniture design to its basics, and free from fancy ornate styling, The Bauhaus School created timeless iconic furniture.

Today modernist industrial designed furniture from Retro Europe is also functionally motivated. The Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection is the latest collection of sofas and armchairs from the in-house design team at Retro Europe.

Branded under their Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design label of high-quality retro furniture, Retro Europe has applied the same basic design principles of The Bauhaus School for their Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection.

Devoid of any ornate trimmings, the design elements are striking and have a basic efficient form. Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is simplicity personified, functionality at its best, and it is perhaps the most dominant designer furniture collection for the past several decades to be available online at a remarkably affordable price from Retro Europe.

The design philosophy from The Bauhaus School is ingrained in the in-house design team at Retro Europe.The philosophy of practicality from The Bauhaus School was called Functionalism and their aim was always to produce aesthetically beautiful designer furniture affordable to everyone.

The Second Industrial Revolution often referred to as the Technological Revolution, was a period of massive industrialisation, and during the period late 1800,s to early 1900,s there was history-making changes to the design styles of modernist furniture and the demand for modernist furniture.

Functional Modernist designer furniture evolved and developed from this period in history, and with modern technology, access to new materials, and new manufacturing methods consumers witnessed a new dawn of creative and innovative work form some of the greatest and talented designers of all time.

Following the Second Industrial Revolution, a wave of new philosophies, artists, and designers emerged from the De Stijl movement in the Netherlands, the Deutscher Werkbund and the Bauhaus school, both located in Germany, created, and designed furniture and works of art reverently commanding respect and admiration for decades to come.

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Internet Shopping; Your Guide to Buying Modern Designer Furniture Online.

Internet Shopping; Your Guide to Buying Modern Designer Furniture Online.

Buying Modern Designer Furniture online will save you money.

Top-selling modernist, mid-century and contemporary designer furniture
cost much less from an online store than the High Street Brick and
Mortar Stores.

Online shopping is the fastest growing retail market in Europe with a
further growth of 13.8% in 2018 predicted by London based Centre of
Retail Research.

With lower prices, better value, and a bigger choice all from the
comfort of your home, via your computer, mobile phone or laptop, it is
no wonder we are all using online shopping more and more.

However, as with all good things, there are hazards to be aware of.

Our Guide to Online Shopping will help you navigate the world of
buying modern designer furniture online.

Where to shop online?

So you want to buy Designer Furniture, and a good place to start is by
typing Designer Furniture into Google.

There are two options.

The first sites you will see are the Online Auctions which initially
appear much cheaper but often are not. They do not always give you an
honest report of their customer reviews or history. It is unlikely
that a leading brand will use these sites, so be aware, whilst most
auction sellers are honest and reliable, some are not, so the risks
are high on the auction sites.

The other sites you will see are the Manufacturers and Retailers.These
are likely to be more established sellers. Look for a company with a
history of trading for a minimum of twenty-five years, with a good
reputation and a professional website, and a customer satisfaction
review page.

The most important thing to check out on the seller’s‘ website is the
“Lock and Secure“ motif in the top left-hand corner of their

This green motif is your assurance that any payment transaction you
carry out with this company is secure.If this is not shown on any
website then do not buy.

Can you trust your supplier?

Be safe with your online shopping and do some research. Look for
customer recommendations before buying and look closely at their

Are the images and videos on the website original?

Safe and reputable online stores will have their own studios, so the
images you see, are the actual furniture you are buying. Unreliable
sellers will steal pictures from the internet for their website. You
can not be certain that you are buying the same furniture that is
being advertised.

Alarm bells should be ringing if they any seller is quoting 20, 30 or
even 60-day delivery schedules. Always buy from a company offering a
7-day delivery service. It proves that the furniture is in stock and
available immediately.

Some furniture companies will take your payment then source the
product, a savvy buyer will know the chances of seeing their money
again or the furniture they ordered are very low.

Check their Social Media.

Are they daily posting information about their Company?

Are there any complaints from clients posted on Social Media?

Are there any complimentary approval posts from clients?

Generally, your first impressions and instincts are a good indicator.


Payment Options

We recommend paying by credit card when buying online. If you are
buying from a reputable and trusted seller you will have confidential
card protection, and you need not fear unauthorised or fraudulent

Obviously, bank transfer payments to reputable sellers that you have
previous experience with are generally a safe option, but in the first
instance, we recommend credit card payments.

Delivery Problems

Online shoppers have more problems with delivery than any other aspect
of their online shopping experience.

There is nothing more disappointing than to have your order arrive
late and damaged. Or in some instances lost forever.

As previously noted only buy from a supplier who has the product in
stock and offers a 7-day delivery service. Plus, ensure the seller
includes transit damage insurance and a tracking service with direct
communication with the courier.

Request the telephone number of the courier, so you can arrange a
convenient time to deliver within a fixed time period. If you are
unlucky to receive your order damaged, ensure you write on the
delivery documents DAMAGED. And if the packing box is extremely
damaged then refuse to accept the delivery.

Your order will then be returned to the seller. A reputable seller
will send you a replacement.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Your standard consumer rights apply to purchases online (except
through auctions sites).

Before you complete your order online check delivery costs, and ask
for confirmation that your order is in stock and available for
immediate delivery within 7 working days.

Ensure the seller has a returns policy and will accept cancellations.

Maintaining Your Privacy

Always search for the privacy policy of all websites you visit or
decide to buy from. Be very careful if the website asks you to provide
personal details in order to access a site. If you have any doubts, or
extensive personal details of you are requested, then stop immediately
and close the connection.

Keep Records

If you buy from a shop you automatically keep invoices and receipts,
so, in the same way, keep a record of all emails and online

A reputable and safe online company will email confirmation of orders,
payments and invoices, and a modern website allows you the opportunity
to print your order.

In Conclusion

The Internet is a perfect way to shop and thanks to the advances in IT
technology and logistics, you can go from an empty room to a complete
makeover in modern designer furniture in a matter of days. (plus a few
clicks on your computer or swipes on your mobile telephone).

Yes, buying retro furniture online may come with a few pitfalls, but
provided you give some consideration to our suggestions you will be
spared any inconvenience.

We hope you really enjoy this information blog and that you start to
look at modern designer furniture in a new way.

Remember to share your Retro Europe experience with your friends in
your social media by using the following hashtag: #RETROEUROPE

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