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For the sake of all Office Workers here is one marketing campaign that must stop;

Targeted Pain Relief Tablets.

You have back pain after working in an office for 8 hours……So, take a tablet.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these adverts.

What about the Root Cause Remedy?

There are various pain relief products that claim to target a particular type of pain.

They are usually for back pains caused by the regular use of a badly designed office chair, but what about the Root Cause Remedy?

 »Pain Relief Tablets are harmless- no more than a placebo relief remedy so nothing to worry about ». – No!

Now maybe you could argue that Pain Relief Tablets are harmless- no more than a placebo relief remedy so nothing to worry about.

Yes, they provide short-term relief.

But taken regularly, and in excess, they cause long-term damage to your organs.

Placebo Relief.

Not a great heading for an Advertising Campaign.

But what really makes these products a complete pain is how much you can pay for them.

Targeted pain relievers are expensive, and why keep paying out when a Root Cause Remedy is free.

The Root Cause Remedy for Back Pain.

For years office workers have had to buy Pain Killers, Target Pain Tablets, or whatever fancy name the Pharmaceutical Companies come up with.

Finally, someone is doing something about it.

Retro Europe Launch the Aero5 Office Chair.


This is excellent news for office workers and home office workers.

The new Aero5 Office Chair will support you for 8 hours plus, keep you cool for 8 hours plus, and be very comfortable for 8 hours plus.

The Ergonomic Designer Aero5 Office Chairs start at just 139.00 Euros.


The simple facts with the Aero5 Office chairs are they look fantastic, maintain your correct posture to alleviate back pain, and true to Retro Europe’s price promise they are very affordable.

The Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chairs starts at just 139.00 Euros.

Enjoy a Better Working Life.

feature recline

Well done to Retro Europe for helping office workers enjoy a better working life.

Companies are investing in the new Aero5 Office Chairs from Retro Europe all over Europe for their workforce.

Hopefully, the future is brighter for Companies and all Office Workers.

After all, it’s the Companies and the workers that both suffer from badly designed office chairs.

Because Companies are losing millions of Euros every year from low productivity from their office workers who are constantly in terrible back pain from their old office chairs.


Retro Europe has a fantastic new model range.

The Le Bauhaus Industrial Vintage designer furniture collection from Retro Europe been launched to rival the Le Corbusier LC2.

Prices are slashed for the Le Corbusier Industrial Vintage Designer Furniture Collection.

Retro Europe has slashed the price of their new modern designer Industrial Vintage Armchairs and Sofas.

Retro Europe’s lower price for their Le Bauhaus 3-place sofa is one-tenth of the overpriced Le Corbusier LC2 3 – place sofa.

Le Bauhaus is bigger, more comfortable, and constructed better.

Never in ‘The History of Le Corbusier’ has this iconic designers’ work had such a rival as the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

Le Bauhaus is bigger, more comfortable, and constructed better than the 100-year-old LC2 from Le Corbusier.

Why is Le Bauhaus is one-tenth of the price of the overpriced Le Corbusier LC2?


First, Retro Europe is an online super retro furniture store

No bricks and mortar superstore in the centre of the City means Retro Europe have minimal overhead costs.

These saving go straight off the price of their furniture.

Second, Retro Europe has designed the Le Bauhaus using modern technology in a super efficient manufacturing process.

Lower manufacturing costs mean these savings go straight off the price.

Third, the savvy discerning buyers from Retro Europe buy at factory direct prices.

No wholesales, No agents, No shops, No middlemen.

These saving go straight off the prices you pay.


Sales figures for the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Furniture Collection.

An announcement is expected today to reveal the first quarter sales figures for the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Furniture Collection.

Sales have been reported to have risen by 200 percent year on year, faster than other new furniture collection according to Retro Furniture Research Analysts.

The Future is bright for Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

The downturn has now turned into a crisis and Bricks and Mortar High Street Giant Stores and Superstores are struggling.

Following the closure of Toys R Us High Street Giant  »Next » is set to announce a drop in profits this week.

Consumer Analysts Blame Online Shopping.

The trend is expected to continue with many of our favourite High Street Stores and Superstores in serious trouble.

The blame for their demise is being directed at online large and powerful organisations such as Amazon.

More Closures to Follow.

Retailer Kingfisher is also expected to announce a downturn in profits, following Toys R Us and Electronics seller Maplin, who have closed with the loss of several thousand jobs.

Debenhams, Mothercare and Carpetright have all issued profit warnings, while Fashion retailer New Look has closed stores, and Tesco and Sainsbury’s have cut staff.

The internet is wiping out bricks and mortar shops and even John Lewis is being hammered in the great High Street slowdown.

It is interesting to note consumers are also deserting mass-market restaurant chains, which were once seen as the future as the internet wipes out shops.

Jamie’s Italian, burger chain Byron and Prezzo have announced hundreds of closures between them.

The rout has also hit High Street budget retailers.

Off-licence chains Bargain Booze and Wine Rack are formulating a survival business plan to raise emergency funds after it was revealed the 700 store chain employing 2,600 people imploded. Last week it revealed it owed the taxman £30m.

Discount chain Poundstretcher is also believed to be in trouble with their rival Poundland also in trouble following an accounting scandal at its parent Steinhoff.

The online shopping surge will continue.

Richard Hyman, the renowned retail analyst, said  »High Street Bricks and Mortar Shops were struggling amid over-capacity worsened by the online shopping surge. » He said: ‘I think we are going through a big shake-out at the moment – there are too many mouths to feed. »

 »Being good in this market is not good enough anymore – you have to be better than good. I think that the weaknesses of some retail businesses are being exposed in a way they were not when the market was more buoyant. »

But – Wait a Moment!

High Street Traders big and small are being hammered and are seeing their profits disappear.

But just wait a moment! High Street Bricks and Mortar Stores all have something else in common, in perfect unison, they all collectively blame the Online Stores.

So what makes Online Stores so powerful?

We asked online retail furniture analyst Duncan Shearing what makes Online Stores so powerful.

So powerful they can overturn the High Street Giants of the Retail. and Retro have flourished.

 »Do not blame the internet for everything – the internet has been around for 20 years so their power should not be a surprise.I can not speak for all industries but I am happy to make some observations in the retail online furniture Industry »

 »Companies such as and have flourished in the retail modern designer furniture market »

Lower Operating Costs – These saving go straight off the Retail Price.

 »Both and Retro have very low operating costs and they use these savings to keep their prices very low. »

 »High Street Shops cannot compete with online modern designer furniture stores for ‘like for like quality’, and prices. »

The speed to market with new innovative designer furniture is alarming.

 »Both Retro Europe and Made have in-house design teams and are capable of bringing a new and innovative modern designer furniture to market in a matter of weeks. »

 »In the past 12 months, Retro Europe has launched three brand new product lines that are already selling in their hundreds. »

 » Retro Europe launched their designer Corbusier-esque Le Bauhaus, an Industrial Vintage style Armchair and Sofa Collection, plus the Scandi styled modern contemporary Spiers Sofa and Armchair Collection, and more recently the Herman Miller-esque Aero5 Office Chairs for the home office and commercial office markets. »

Prices at up to one-tenth of High Street Shops and Superstores are at Retro Europe.

 »Retro Europe and Made will continue to flourish in today’s’ market, and discerning buyers of modern design furniture will continue to buy in their thousands »

 »Especially, when consumers can buy high -quality contemporary, modernist, vintage and industrial styled modern furniture at prices one-tenth of High Street Shops and Superstores »

Retro Europe continues to woo shoppers with affordable, high-quality, and great modern designer retro furniture.

Retro Europe drives fans of modern contemporary designer Scandinavian Furniture into a frenzy with great new designer Sofa.

The Spiers Furniture Collection from Retro Europe has been launched by Retro Europe in direct competition to leading Scandinavian Furniture Brands.

Scandi Styled Spiers Furniture Collection from Retro Europe.

Modern Designer Furniture online retailer Retro Europe has released the high-quality Scandi Styled Spiers Furniture Collection.

And it has caused quite a stir among savvy discerning buyers of modern contemporary Scandinavian style furniture.

Affordable Great Designer Modern Scandi Style Furniture from Retro Europe.

Affordable Designer Scandi Style Furniture is the hallmark of all of the modern designer furniture designed and manufactured by Retro Europe.

And the Scandi- Styled Spiers Collection from Retro Europe follows in the tradition of other successful modernist and contemporary furniture from this Online Modern Designer Furniture Superstore.

Exceedingly Comfortable Armchairs and Sofas from Retro Europe.

Available as roomy and exceedingly comfortable Armchairs and Sofas, the Spiers Furniture Collection represents real ‘Retro Europe Value’ for money at one-tenth of the price of its rivals.

The demand for quality modern designer Scandinavian styled contemporary furniture continues to grow, and we expect the Spiers Collection from Retro Europe to share the same success as the modernist market leader Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

Retro Europe’s new Scandi Spiers Armchair and Sofas.

Retro Europe’s new Scandi Spiers Armchair and Sofas made their debut on the Brand’s Social Media Platforms.

The Armchair retails on their site for 699€. And the 4 person sofa for 999€.

Available in Mineral Blue or Ash Grey.

Prices are a fraction of the competition.

At these prices, sales are expected to grow very fast. Prices are a fraction of the competition for like for like quality.

The Scandinavian Scandi Spiers Modern Contemporary Furniture Collection caused a massive response on Social Media sites with followers of Retro Europe rushing to buy it.

Scandi Designer Spiers Furniture is top of the  »must have » list.

Thousands of fans have already liked the image of the Scandi- Styled modern designer furniture from Retro Europe with followers posting online to say they are going to add the furniture to their  »must have » list.

It’s not the first time Retro Europe has sparked an online shopping frenzy with an affordable version of high-end modern designer furniture.

Hot on the heels of the modernist designer Le Bauhaus furniture collection from Retro Europe.

The Spiers Scandinavian style furniture comes hot on the heels of the modernist designer Le Bauhaus furniture collection from Retro Europe.

Le Bauhaus is designed in the style of a modern reinvented Le Corbusier-esque armchair and sofa which has made buyers of modernist designer furniture very excited.

Le Bauhaus is priced at one-tenth of Le Corbusier LC2.

We think our modern designer furniture is great.

But don’t just listen to us. Check our reviews and blogs and see for yourself what our clients and Industry Experts are saying about Retro Europe.

Here are some of the comments from our clients;

Caroline Herrera Spain.

Retro Europe captures the spirit of modern contemporary designer furniture.

Michael Bloom Germany.

The Le Bauhaus Sofa is the perfect gift for myself. Modernist furniture that is so cool, comfortable and very good value for the price.

Damien Bloom France.

The Spiers Sofa and Spiers Armchair have taken centre stage in my apartment. Scandi designer furniture at its best.

Chloe Belle France.

A sublime design, dazzling and yet a sophisticated luxurious sofa. The modernist designer Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is the most exquisite iconic modern designer sofa on the market.

Alan Coach. London.

The Kiss Sofa from Retro Europe is a designer sofa in the shape of a pair of luscious red lips that inspires spontaneous energy. A chic downtown style from Retro Europe.

Thierry Grace Paris.

The Eiffel Patchwork Armchair is a sunny flowerbed of colours captivating a modern designer style. Thank you, Retro Europe.

Kevin Flein England.

My Eiffel Office Chair in Tiffany Blue is a natural beauty, and in my Home Office my office chair brings a feeling of glowing freshness to my working day. A very comfortable ergonomic office chair that is the centrepiece of my Home Office.

Hugo Black Dublin.

The Le Bauhaus Armchair and Sofa is modern designer styled furnishings with luxurious comfort and a throwback to bygone Industrial Vintage designer furniture. A classic non-conformist styled designer sofa.

Charles Dunwaring. Lyon.

Modern contemporary designer office chair in a dazzling Candy Red is a fantastic addition to my Home Office. My Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe is the perfect office chair for my busy 8 hour working days.

Giorgio Lorenti. Milan.

Le Bauhaus Sofa is a sofa that is unlike any other sofa. It is modern, in an Industrial Vintage design with a strong image, and a confident no-nonsense style. A sofa with attitude from Retro Europe.

Issey Zadig. Croatia.

I needed 12 office chairs for my new office. I wanted an intensely fresh designer office chair that is functional. Plus I demanded comfort and great support from an office chair that looks youthful, individual, in a style that would transform my office. Retro Europe’s Eiffel Office Chairs have ticked all my boxes.

Benny Holmes. Liverpool.

Retro Europe sells real designer furniture. Sexy, bold designer furniture that sparkles and shines in any room. I am a proud owner of a Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa in my Office Reception.

Anika Haven. The Netherlands.

Bigger, Bolder, and Sexier the Kiss Sofa is fantastic. A 4 person sofa in the shape of a pair of Lips has transformed my home.

Juan Sanchez.

The award-winning Le Bauhaus from RetroEurope reminded me of the Le Corbusier LC2 an iconic Industrial Vintage styled designer sofa.

Desmond Healey. Aberdeen.

The Eiffel Bar Stools in patchwork look fabulous in our bar. They are in perfect harmony with the Eiffel Chairs we bought for the Restaurant.

James Gordon. Cardiff.

The next generation designer Spiers Sofa from Retro Europe have a subtle contemporary Scandi modern contemporary design, and they look and feel fabulous in the Mineral Blue fabric.

Louise Beckford. Paris.

Advanced ergonomic designer office chairs furniture from Retro Europe are so comfortable and stay cool even in the summer. I bought a Tiffany Blue Office Chair for my Home Office.

Francis Kay. Munich.

The ultimate must-have sofa is the Spiers Scandi styled sofa from RetroEurope. A classic modern designer sofa that is a special present for me from myself.

Jason Roberts. Manchester.

I created a peaceful haven for myself when I bought the Spiers Scandi Armchair, deep plush cushions and a stress-free experience every time I sit down!

Peter Cech. Amsterdam.

An innovative office chair for my Home Office that looks modern, is very comfortable and gives great support to my back and shoulders. I found the Eiffel Office Chair at Retro Europe, and it is better than I could have dreamed.

Frank Mans. Zurich Switzerland.

I was a big fan of Le Corbusier, until I found the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe online. They are of the same Industrial Vintage Design, but the Le Bauhaus is bigger and a fraction of the price. I bought the 3 seat sofa Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe for under one thousand euros, Le Corbusier LC2 is out of my budget at ten thousand euros. Very happy, very comfortable and exceptional quality. Well Done Retro Europe.

Hans Smitt. Frankfurt.

The Spiers Sofa from Retro Europe is largely inspired by Scandi Modern Designer Contemporary Furniture from Scandinavia. A perfectly proportioned and extremely comfortable 4 – seat sofa.

Jack Holmes. Kent.

The Corner Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe is fabulous space saving 5-6 seat sofa, the iconic modernist design sits very well with my furnishings and is a great addition to my living space.

Denise Hoff. Munich.

The eye-catching vintage styled Le Bauhaus Armchair from Retro Europe is my latest acquisition of modern designer retro furniture from Retro Europe. The armchair combines the Industrial steel frame with the modernist sofa and looks and feels fabulous in white leather.

Jason Yang. London.

The Eiffel Office Chair from is designed to combine the benefits of an ergonomic office chair with a cool looking modern designer office chair. I just like it because of the colour. I love the Candy Red Office Chairs from Retro Europe.

Yves Long. Monaco.

Wonderful and such a fresh design that is both stylish and sophisticated. The Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe looks fabulous in my new Home Office. Thank you, Retro Europe.

Good News for Honest Claimants.

Online Furniture Retailers have formed an Alliance to fight back against Online Consumers who threaten to post false online reports, or who post derogatory comments that affect the value of their Company’s Brand or Reputation.

There is a growing practice from consumers to make threats against sellers. The threat from consumers is that they will post comments online that they know will be very harmful and detrimental to the value of the sellers Brand.

Threats from Consumers.

These threats involve demands for a refund, additional products delivered free of charge and cash payments.

One family who demanded two thousand euros posted several derogatory statements on online platforms when the retailer refused to pay.

Online Furniture Retailer takes Legal Proceedings Against Consumer.

This case was taken to Court and the judgement was made in favour of the Company. The Court judged the false comments to have had an adverse effect on the Company’s Reputation and Brand Value.

The Court awarded the Company a Compensatory Costs and all the Legal Costs were awarded against the Defendants.

The Total Judgement amounted to 125,000 euros.

The Judge found the Defendants to be ‘fundamentally dishonest’ and ordered them to pay a record amount for a fraudulent transit damage Insurance Claim, and for the posting of several false derogatory statements to online platforms, that devalued the Company’s Brand and Reputation.

The Defendants made a fraudulent claim that the furniture arrived damaged and was poor quality.

The Court heard that the Defendants had posted photographs on social media of their home showing them using the furniture which clearly was not damaged or faulty. The pictures showed them content and happy in their living room sitting on the furniture at a family party.

Further evidence was submitted to the Court that other members of the same family have also made identical claims, demanding £2,500 in compensation from a Furniture Company, or they threatened to post damaging reports claiming the furniture was poor quality and the service from the Company was bad, and they also made a fraudulent transit damage Insurance Claim.

False Claims and False Statements Posted Online.

Bogus claims for compensation have rocketed for online purchases resulting in many honest claims being rejected as Sellers and Insurance Companies are forced to take a very sceptical view on all complaints.

The Judge concluded there was a joint conspiracy to defraud.

The Judge concluded that the family were foolish to upload pictures of a family gathering that included their furniture that clearly showed that their claims for damage were false, and for members of the same family to make identical claims with their purchase. There is clearly a joint conspiracy to commit fraud.

Proceedings against the other members of the family are due before the same court in the coming weeks.

The Insurance Company and Seller are hopeful for a similar result.

The Defendants in the first case have been given 30 days to pay the Penalty or risk a Prison Sentence.

The Lawyers representing the Insurance Company and the Furniture Retailer said: ‘It’s very sad for the Defendants who will ultimately lose their home, their belongings and any assets they have, but we have had to go this far to defend our client’s good name.’

Defendants made false claims to the Insurance Company and made derogatory statements online about the Furniture Company.

The court has found the Defendants made fraudulent claims to the Insurance Company, and also made derogatory statements online that have seriously devalued the Furniture Company’s Brand and Reputation.

The defendants have been fundamentally dishonest and have been ordered to pay all the Legal Costs and a compensatory amount to the Furniture Company.

Legal Precedent is a Deterrent Against Consumers Making False Statements Online.

In future, this case will be used as a Legal Precedent, and the extent of the penalty has been given as a deterrent to anyone who makes a false Insurance Claim or posts an exaggerated or false statements on the internet that will devalue a Company’s Brand and Reputation.

The best modern Designer Furniture of the Year 2018 was awarded to Retro Europe, Made, Vitra and Blue Sun Tree.

Retro Europe wins two of the five top awards in the Best Designer Furniture of the year 2018 Competition.

Best designer furniture of the year 2018 competition was by dominated by Retro Europe with two of the five awards being awarded to Retro Europe for the Le Bauhaus Modernist Collection and the Spiers Scandi Collection of Scandinavian styled designer furniture.

Rivals Made, Vitra and Blue Sun Tree are the other modern designer furniture online sellers to win an award.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.


Modernist styled Le Bauhaus has won the top award in the best designer furniture award.

This prestigious award was judged on Great Design, Quality and Affordability.

Le Bauhaus is constructed in the traditional furniture craftsmanship style of a hardwood frame, with multi-density cushioning, and covered in a high premium 100% leather.

Le Bauhaus when launched in 2017 was pitched against the LC2 from Le Corbusier as a bigger sofa, that is more comfortable with great support for one-tenth of the Le Corbusier LC2.

Le Bauhaus 3- seater sofa costs 999.00 Euros and received a 5 Star award.

Spiers from Retro Europe.

Scandi modern designer Spiers Furniture Collection from Retro Europe has won the top prize in the contemporary modern Scandinavian Furniture Award.

This award was judged on Scandi Designer Style, Quality and Affordability.

The Spiers Collection from Retro Europe follows the traditional furniture construction methods of a solid hardwood frame, with multi-density cushioning and covered in a high-quality Danish Fabric.

The Scandi Designer Spiers from Retro Europe was pitched into the Scandinavian High- End Designer Furniture Market at 999.00 Euros for a full 4 seater sofa.

Vitra was awarded a prize for the Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Stool, Made for their Prado Accent Chair, and BlueSunTree for their Tom Yam Rocking Chair.

These cases affect every Company in Europe.

And Employers are asked to remedy this by buying Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs are designed to fit the body like a glove, give adequate support, and be comfortable for a minimum of 8-hours.

And, they are not expensive to buy. In most cases, they are the cheaper alternative.

Bad Back, sore shoulders and chronic pain is not ‘bad luck’.

Nearly every day lost to a bad designer office chair could be avoided by buying an Ergonomic Office Chair.

Ergonomic Office Chairs are readily available on the internet.

Bad Back, sore shoulders and chronic pain preventable.


All the lost production is preventable by making a simple lifestyle decision.

Contact online and view their extensive range of Ergonomic Designer Office Chairs.

Prices for Ergonomic Office Chairs start at 104.00 Euros from Retro Europe.

Experts say the cost of replacing bad designer chairs with Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe would save millions of Euros.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for the Home Office and Commercial Office will ensure a healthier lifestyle, a better well being, and improve mental health and physical health.


Designed by the In-House Design Team at Retro Europe.

While the comfort and durability of some dining chairs often lead you to be disappointed.

Do not have any concerns because Retro Europe has designed some of the finest dining chairs in the world.

Eiffel Dining Room Chairs Collection.

Whether you prefer a dining chair or dining armchair in your dining room the Eiffel Collection is your best choice.

If you want your dining chairs to be minimalism with a plastic moulded shell, or have the Monochrome or Patchwork Cloth shells, then the Eiffel Dining Chairs from Retro Europe are your best choice.

Or. perhaps you want a mix and match of styles in your dining room, then just choose from the Retro Europe website and your individual bespoke order will be delivered within 7 days to anywhere in Europe.

At Retro Europe we are proud to give you the opportunity to create your own bespoke order of dining chairs.

The Eiffel Dining Chairs from Retro Europe are designed to be very rugged and durable for a lifetime of use, either in the modern home or in the tough commercial environment of a restaurant or commercial enterprise.

And to keep all our clients happy, check out the prices of our own label designer Eiffel Dining Chairs.

Own Designer Brands from Retro Europe at prices you will love.

Our own-brand Eiffel Dining Room Chairs are a modern contemporary design style very much in the original style of the Charles Eames DSW Chair.

However, the Charles Eames DSW Chair is not able to compete with the Eiffel Dining Chair from Retro Europe on price and durability.

Retro Europe has a Dining Room Chair that is tough to beat on price with a  »high manufacturer-quality. »

Retro Europe Eiffel Dining Chair is your guarantee of a genuinely authentic product.

Retro Europe is Europe’s leading online modern designer furniture outlet, and the leading designers of quality original designer retro furniture.

In fact, we were awarded the most innovative modern designer furniture online store by the HSC in 2017.

When you buy Retro Europe Own Labeled products you are doing more than just buying exclusive designer style furniture, you are buying high-quality, affordable, and great designer furniture.


You will find the finest quality ergonomic office chairs at Retro Europe.

And we’ve got strict design standards, naturally. While others may talk about great support and comfort, we really mean it, and that is why our own staff trial all our designer office chairs before the model goes on sale.

Our quality is reflected in every product on our website.

The Brands you love are the Ergonomic Eiffel Office Chair and the New Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair.

Can you believe that a badly designer office chair is responsible for more office sickness days off work than any other illness in the workplace?

Retro Europe are Leaders in modern designer Ergonomic Office Chairs.

The Eiffel Office Chair and Aero5 Office Chair are designed to give great support and improve your posture, plus they will remain cool throughout the working day, ensuring you feel fresh, relaxed and stress-free after working for 8 hours.

Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe look fantastic.

Subtle yet striking modern designer office chairs from Retro Europe with a full specification of functions as standard.

Height adjustment office chairs with a reclining seat that has a 360-degree swivel set upon universal wheels that allow you glide across any type of surface.

How do you choose the colour?

Are you looking to brighten up your office?

Do you want an office that says ‘professional and modern’?

Retro Europe has 7 colours to choose from and 3 different ergonomic office chair designs. From the classic black or white, why not go wild with Candy Red or Tiffany Blue, or for the more understated go with Pebble Grey, Mocha or Chocolate Brown.