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Modern Designer Furniture Market.

From Contemporary Modernism styles to Industrial Vintage styles, and out of the box whacky Art- Deco styles, modern designer furniture has something special for someone special like you.

Affordable prices at

Retro Europe is Europe’s leading online designer modern furniture store, and it is a great place to buy high-quality modern designer furniture at purse-friendly affordable prices at

Manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Modern designer furniture is a great way to add colour and style to your home. Each style of modern furniture from Retro Europe is meticulously designed by the in-house design team at Retro Europe and manufactured to the highest professional standards.

Award-winning Retro Europe modern designer furniture collections.

There’s something for everyone from the award-winning Retro Europe modern designer furniture collections whether you’re looking to furnish your home or commercial property. Every piece of furniture is carefully delivered with their famous 7-day delivery service making Retro Europe the perfect choice every time for modern designer furnishings.

Delivered throughout Europe in 7 days.

Retro Europe has a growing collection of designer furniture with sofa collections, dining room furniture, and ergonomic office chairs, all sold and delivered throughout Europe in 7 days.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business.

Retro Europe was founded in 1975, and are approaching their 50th Anniversary in business, their simple business philosophy and the key to their success in the furniture industry is having great products and great service that keep clients buying on a regular basis.

Nos Nouvelles

Modern Designer Furniture encourages a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

From our research, we know the discerning buyers of Retro Europe for modern designer furniture want us to help them live a healthier physical and mental life.

And, as an online discounter of modern designer furniture, we play an important role here by ensuring our clients enjoy a better physical and mental health.

High-quality modern designer furniture is affordable and accessible to all at

We want to be more than just Europe’s leading online store for modern retro furniture.

As a focal point for millions of online buyers of quality, affordable, and superbly designed furniture across Europe, we believe we have a responsibility to encourage and enable our clients to enjoy good physical and mental health.

Making our designer furniture even better.

We are continually looking for ways to make our products even better and more affordable, and more durable for a lifetime of use.

And, our in-house design team work tirelessly to ensure our design styled furniture is the most pleasing aesthetically on the market.

Better furniture, better manufacture, better designs, ensure better physical and mental health for all lovers of modern designer contemporary, minimalism, Industrial, and Vintage Furniture.

New Government Guidelines on Affordable Modern Designer Furniture.

Retro Europe is very proud that progress has already been made on cutting the prices on our range of modern designer retro furniture.

And from 2010, we have introduced 13 new classic designed retro furniture models all available at affordable prices.

No agents or middlemen, clients can buy direct from Retro Europe, and these savings come straight off the prices of our high-quality furniture.

And, throughout the next decade, the in-house design team at Retro Europe will be introducing more exclusive designed furniture for our clients, to ensure their physical and mental health is the best it can be.

In 2017, we were one of the founder signatories to the Government’s Health Initiative and Retro Europe pledged their support to this cause by committing to run more discounts on quality designer furniture to ensure that furniture available from is more affordable for everyone. This will mean continuing promotions on our own label Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Retro Furniture.

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Le Bauhaus Modernist Designer Furniture has a Big Impact on you.


Introducing the right modern designer furniture into your living space can have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day.

From Contemporary Modernist designer furniture to Industrial Vintage style designer furniture, great design always will make you feel better.

Le Bauhaus Modernist Furniture from Retro Europe has a Positive Effect.


A dazzling smile and a wonderful well-being feeling of good health, to keep you feeling your very best come free of charge with the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Collection.

The smooth clean lines of this magnificent Industrial Vintage Designer Furniture ensures your living space looks and feels at its best.

The Le Bauhaus Collection of Armchairs, Sofas, and Corner Sofas.


The Le Bauhaus range has got everything for your home or business environment, with armchairs, sofas, and corner sofas all finished in genuine beautiful leather or Danish Cotton, so soft it will melt your heart.

Affordable prices for the Le Bauhaus Collection from Europe’s leading online modern designer online store at

Customer reviews;


Love the Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Furniture, I love the minimalist design, it is strong and not fussy.


‎I have bought the exclusive designer Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe and thoroughly recommend Retro Europe for great service, great prices, and great designs.


Thank you Retro Europe I put Le Bauhaus on my  »must have shopping list » and now I am very happy to have my new Le Bauhaus Sofa.


I love modern Industrial Vintage Designer Furniture and the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is such a fresh design, it looks and feels so lovely and cool.


Very handy to be able to buy the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe on my mobile while travelling to work. Fantastic website and very interesting Blog, really entertaining and educational blog from Retro Europe.


These Bauhaus Sofas are so cool, I bought one for my living room and one for my bedroom, they look absolutely amazing.

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