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Retro Europe reveals it’s making its modern designer furniture BIGGER.

Following complaints from buyers who struggle to fit on the Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas and Chairs.

Online Retailer Retro Europe has announced that it is making its modernist designer furniture bigger.

Retro Europe said the seat sizes will be exactly what our clients need and want.

The decision comes after years of complaints from buyers of the Le Corbusier LC2.

Retro Europe has launched the Le Bauhaus Modernist Furniture Collection.

Retro Europe made the Le Bauhaus 3 seat sofa a full 48 cms bigger than the equivalent Le Corbusier LC2 3-seat sofa.

Retro Europe revealed it made the Le Bauhaus bigger following years of complaints from customers who have struggled to be comfortable on the very small Le Corbusier LC2.

The online retailer Retro Europe has received widespread acclaim from buyers for the new Le Bauhaus Sofas and Chairs.

The Le Bauhaus modernist designer furniture is more comfortable with better support than the Le Corbusier LC2 and at a tenth of the price.

Now, Retro Europe the online modern designer furniture Goliath has announced it is launching a Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa bigger, more comfortable and cheaper than the Le Corbusier LC2 Corner Sofa.

Modernist Designer Furniture for the 21st Century.

A Retro Europe spokesperson said ‘For many years Le Corbusier LC2 and similar 100-year-old designer furniture have been receiving bad customer feedback because of their lack of size, poor quality manufacturing, and huge prices’.

‘Retro Europe are taking the steps to change the way discerning buyers can buy affordable modernist furniture that is Full-Size for the 21st-century market’.

‘In the past buyers of modernist designer furniture have been paying thousands of euros for furniture they have to squeeze themselves into.’

‘It is absolutely ridiculous, yes we are all bigger today compared to 100 years ago, but when you hear stories of people that have paid thousands of euros for the Le Corbusier LC2 and they can ‘barely breathe’ when sitting down then there has to be changes’.

Today, customers praised the news that Retro Europe has launched the Le Bauhaus Sofas and Chairs.

Reacting to the announcement discerning buyers of modern designer furniture are posting messages on Social Media Sites;

‘That’s great news. The number of times I’ve felt fat because I can’t fit into my Le Corbusier LC2 Armchair.’

‘The LC2 size is ridiculous.’

‘They are so tiny, I have ended up using a Le Corbusier LC2 2-seater sofa as an armchair’.

The Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas were all made for people 100 years ago when everyone was smaller and incredibly skinny with no bumps and curves.’

‘And their prices are ridiculous, why would anyone pay 10,000 Euros for a small Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa?’.

‘I’m surprised it has taken someone so long, well done Retro Europe’

‘It makes me wonder why Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas are so expensive.’

‘Surely the bigger Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe should be more money, but it is one-tenth of the Le Corbusier LC2 price’.

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This week Retro Europe launched their new 139.00 Euros Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair.

139.00 Euros buys you the Aero5 modern designer office chair from Retro Europe, that ensures good posture and comfort for an 8-hour working day, and it looks cool and keeps you cool.

I love this design, it is fresh, clean and clinical.

It will be a sensation in a Home Office or busy Commercial Office.

Retro Europe’s latest ‘super office chair’ at 139.00 undercuts all the rivals.

There was a definite whiff of anticipation and excitement on the Internet this week. The subject on my lips — and no doubt Retro Europe’s competitors was how can Retro Europe bring such a classic looking high-quality office chair to market at 139.00 Euros.

The Aero5 Office Chair launch was a public relations and marketing stroke of genius.

Retro Europe’s Marketing Agency Alicante Studios pitched the Aero5 Office Chair against the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair priced around 1,000 Euros.

Can the Retro Europe Aero5 Office Chair deliver on price, quality, and design style?

Retro Europe are no strangers to taking the modern designer retro furniture market by storm with their famous promise; Reinvented, Affordability, Great Design slogan

Retro Europe claims that the Aero5 Office Chair has more effective support delivering comfort for the 8-hour working day than far pricier office chairs.

This week, the Retro Europe hysteria sales machine was back again, as hundreds of clients across Europe purchased the first consignment of the Aero5 Office Chair from the online modern office chair giant.

With hundreds more adding their names to a waiting list to be among the first to purchase the Aero5 Office Chair.

The Retro Europe Aero5 bears a passing resemblance to the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair.


No doubt consumers are hoping for similar quality at a much more affordable 139.00 Euros.

Unlike many other office chairs on the market, the Ergonomic Aero5 from Retro Europe has a very smooth adjustable seat height control, and reclining back seat. It has a 360-degree swivel and super wheels that glide across any surface.

And a modern design that is pure genius.

The key factors for the Aero5 Office Chairs are manufacturing quality and designer style, the correct support for 8 -hours of comfortable working, and staying cool in a hot and sweaty busy office.

It all sounds very impressive, but does it actually work? I went to investigate.

The Science of designing and constructing an Office Chair or Home Office Chair is now very technical.

Body-hugging or Body Moulding is the basics of this Ergonomic Aero5 Office Chair.

Supporting the upper body and head with a firm support for the lower back is instantly appreciated with the Aero5 Office Chair.

The controls are conveniently placed on the side very smoothly reacted to find my optimum comfort position, and yes, the wheels really do glide across the floor.

The recliner is perfectly balanced to take a moment to completely relax while a problem needs to be mulled over, or that short nap in the afternoon.

Whatever your excuse to recline back, let me personally assure you it is the most relaxing experience you will ever have on an office chair.

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The Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe is a Winner.

Retro Europe’s Modern Designer Ergonomic Office Chairs priced at 129.00 Euros, scores top marks in a market test. Beating rivals that are up to ten times the price.

Today, discerning buyers of modern designer ergonomic office chairs are very savvy and demand affordable prices, top quality, and durability.

The price, the comfort, the support, and remaining cool.

According to the results of this study, the buyers for an ergonomic styled home office chair or commercial ergonomic office chair are looking at the price, the comfort, the support, and if the user is going to remain cool in the chair throughout the 8-hour days’ work.

A happy office worker is a comfortable office worked and can be up to 150% more efficient and productive.

Ergonomic modern designer Eiffel Office Chairs for the Home Office and the Commercial Office.

Retro Europe manufactures their ergonomic modern designer Eiffel Office Chair for the Home Office and the Commercial Office environment and is consistently voted the Best Office Chair for price, comfort, great support, durability, modern design, and very importantly- staying cool for the whole day and every day.

Eiffel office chairs from Retro Europe start at just 129.00 Euros.


Ergonomic styled office chairs start at just 129.00 Euros and they are an amazing one-tenth of the price of some of Retro Europe’s rivals.

The Eiffel modern designer office chairs from Retro Europe are available in 7 amazing colours. Super cool colours that are sophisticated and these beautiful colours are guaranteed to be pleasing to the eye in any working environment.

The Eiffel Modern Designer Office Chairs are the best.

But, what makes Retro Europe Eiffel Office Chairs the best?

The ergonomic designer office chairs from Retro Europe come standard with;

Height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, and a recline/lock back option and universal castors suitable for any floor surface..

No Extra Costs – Guaranteed Affordable Low Prices from Retro Europe.

Yes, this is amazing because other retailers often add additional priced extras.

At Retro Europe the Eiffel Office Chair comes with every feature as standard at no extra cost.

Retro Europe 7-day delivery promise anywhere in Europe.


All Eiffel Office Chairs from Retro Europe have the famous Retro Europe 7-day delivery promise anywhere in Europe.

Spanish mainland buyers receive their ergonomic modern designer office chairs with free delivery in just 72 hours after placing the order.

Great Prices for nearly 50 years from Retro Europe- Retro Europe is a genuine Family Business.

Retro Europe is a genuine Family Business. For nearly 50 years Retro Europe has been controlled and managed by the same family. The History of Retro Europe is steeped in customer care, affordable prices, and top quality products.

And why is Retro Europe one of the cheapest in the country?

Retro Europe is an online business.

Bricks and Mortar High Street Shops and Superstores cost a great deal of money to operate daily.

Retro Europe’s online business operates on minimal costs, and these savings come straight off the price.

So, The Retro Europe Eiffel Office Chair cannot be beaten on price.

At Retro Europe’s website at their famous ergonomic Eiffel Office Chairs start at 129.00 euros.

Retro Europe Eiffel Office has beaten their expensive luxury rivals costing up to ten times as much to scoop the top spot.

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The Eiffel Office Chair Collection.


Furnishing your new Home Office or your Commercial Office should be fun.

And, do you know what works best?

No limits on your style.


What works best is when there are no limits on your style.

Retro Europe’s new Eiffel Office Chair Collection collection gives you all the freedom to experiment and have fun.

Become a real office chair fashionista

Become a real fashionista when you are furnishing your new Home Office or busy Commercial Office, and celebrate the Retro Europe modern designer office chair style that always works.

With this much variety, everything is possible. Who says the fun should ever stop?

7 vibrant colours to choose from.

Open your designer mind and let the fun begin. With the Eiffel Office Chair Collection, you can really let go – there are 7 vibrant colours to choose from so mix the colours and create your own style – try anything you fancy.

Have you broken fashionista rules yet today?

You can afford to buy these wonderful Office Chairs.

Retro Europe’s latest collection of Ergonomic Office Chairs contains something completely new: for the first time ever, you can afford to buy these wonderful Office Chairs.

Prices start from just 129.00 Euros for the Perfect Office Chair, and remember these office chairs are colourful and full of surprises – just like your day should be.

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Spiers Sofa from Retro Europe- The Best Scandi designer sofa in Europe.

Discover the Spiers Scandinavian Furniture Collection from Retro Europe.

Embrace a blast of modern designer Scandi Armchairs and Sofas.

Latest contemporary furniture craze.

From Europe’s leading modern designer furniture online store; The new Spiers Furniture Collection.

Scandi Furniture is the latest modern contemporary furniture craze and the Nordic countries claim the Scandi designs boost wellbeing and keeps you happy.

Choosing to buy from Retro Europe will make people even happier.

The secret to being happy with your Scandi Designer Furniture is simple.

Why does buying from Retro Europe makes you happy? Because of the high quality, great modern Scandi design, and affordable prices.

Buying Scandi designer furniture from Retro Europe could not be easier and it is 100% safe.

On a bitterly cold February evening, one discerning buyer of modern designer Scandi furniture from Finland decided it was time to brighten up her life and home with a new Spiers Armchair and Spiers Sofa.

And she couldn’t quite believe how easy it was to do.

click and buy.

Her first thought was that this is so easy and safe.

The website was fast and easy to navigate and gave all the necessary security assurances, and the 7 – day delivery service was guaranteed.

Compelled by the desire to own a Scandi Designer Armchair and Sofa.

For many people to chance to buy Scandi Designer Chair and Sofa is just a dream.

But, today with the efficiency of the online retro furniture store at, a dip in the world of easy online shopping is a sheer delight.

Let your dreams come true with the Scandi Spiers Modern Furniture.

Instantly the order was confirmed and delivered within 7 days to the client in Finland. The dream had come true.

Scandinavian modern designer furniture is a lifestyle craze, and people in Finland – declared last week by the UN as the happiest country on Earth – swear by the Spiers Furniture Collection from Retro Europe.

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