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This week Retro Europe launched their new 139.00 Euros Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair.

139.00 Euros buys you the Aero5 modern designer office chair from Retro Europe, that ensures good posture and comfort for an 8-hour working day, and it looks cool and keeps you cool.

I love this design, it is fresh, clean and clinical.

It will be a sensation in a Home Office or busy Commercial Office.

Retro Europe’s latest ‘super office chair’ at 139.00 undercuts all the rivals.

There was a definite whiff of anticipation and excitement on the Internet this week. The subject on my lips — and no doubt Retro Europe’s competitors was how can Retro Europe bring such a classic looking high-quality office chair to market at 139.00 Euros.

The Aero5 Office Chair launch was a public relations and marketing stroke of genius.

Retro Europe’s Marketing Agency Alicante Studios pitched the Aero5 Office Chair against the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair priced around 1,000 Euros.

Can the Retro Europe Aero5 Office Chair deliver on price, quality, and design style?

Retro Europe are no strangers to taking the modern designer retro furniture market by storm with their famous promise; Reinvented, Affordability, Great Design slogan

Retro Europe claims that the Aero5 Office Chair has more effective support delivering comfort for the 8-hour working day than far pricier office chairs.

This week, the Retro Europe hysteria sales machine was back again, as hundreds of clients across Europe purchased the first consignment of the Aero5 Office Chair from the online modern office chair giant.

With hundreds more adding their names to a waiting list to be among the first to purchase the Aero5 Office Chair.

The Retro Europe Aero5 bears a passing resemblance to the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair.


No doubt consumers are hoping for similar quality at a much more affordable 139.00 Euros.

Unlike many other office chairs on the market, the Ergonomic Aero5 from Retro Europe has a very smooth adjustable seat height control, and reclining back seat. It has a 360-degree swivel and super wheels that glide across any surface.

And a modern design that is pure genius.

The key factors for the Aero5 Office Chairs are manufacturing quality and designer style, the correct support for 8 -hours of comfortable working, and staying cool in a hot and sweaty busy office.

It all sounds very impressive, but does it actually work? I went to investigate.

The Science of designing and constructing an Office Chair or Home Office Chair is now very technical.

Body-hugging or Body Moulding is the basics of this Ergonomic Aero5 Office Chair.

Supporting the upper body and head with a firm support for the lower back is instantly appreciated with the Aero5 Office Chair.

The controls are conveniently placed on the side very smoothly reacted to find my optimum comfort position, and yes, the wheels really do glide across the floor.

The recliner is perfectly balanced to take a moment to completely relax while a problem needs to be mulled over, or that short nap in the afternoon.

Whatever your excuse to recline back, let me personally assure you it is the most relaxing experience you will ever have on an office chair.

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Getting Comfort, Function and Style.


The objective was to create comfortable, functional and stylish designer furniture for today’s modern homes and work environments.

Retro Europe resolved this objective using modern technology to perfectly balance comfort with function with style.

 »Our Dreams and Aspirations are to create better designer furniture. »

At the Retro Europe Design Studio modern industrial technology has been adapted to create new furniture projects.

The design team worked very hard to achieve a balance between a powerful robust design with an elegant style.

It was a very interesting project for the design team at Retro Europe as this balance is important for the development of all new furniture designs in the future.

Exceptionally pleased with the results of the new XXXXX Sofa and armchair.

The XXXXX Sofa and Armchair has been constructed in the traditional furniture makers handcrafted way for a lifetime of use with a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck.

The design has a very strong connection with modern contemporary styling.

Overall, the in-house design team was exceptionally pleased with the results of the new XXXXX Sofa and armchair.

Plush but not congested, visually solid but not aesthetically aggressive, elegance with function.

Inspired by the basic need for comfort, function and style the XXXXXX Collection is the latest model in the Retro Europe Collection.

The design is functional and it was important that overall it had to be aesthetically pleasing.

In the past, designs combining these objectives all looked very similar so it was really satisfying when the XXXX Collection started to come together, first as a design and then later when the first samples were completed when it was plain to see that the in-house design team at Retro Europe had a very special and individual new modern designer collection.


How did this collaboration of comfort, function and style come about with the XXXXX Collection?

The XXXXX Collection design started with a very robust industrial style harwood frame and sprung deck and with the multi-density cushioning it becomes very comfortable, and finally, this very fresh style combines all the elements, and we are left with something very exciting in the history of great modern designer furniture.

The History of Modern Designer Furniture.

It is reported in the History of Modern Designer Furniture that an ideal living space is only appealing with an armchair and sofa suite.

A suite of furniture is perfect to share with friends and family.

Everybody wants an armchair and sofa combination that is both comfortable and still maintains a crisp design and aesthetic appeal.

So Retro Europe has created the XXXXXX Collection that is a masterpiece of furniture technology and great design, and that is available in vibrant colours to have a mix and match option.

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How our Lean Manufacturing Approach is at the Centre of our Business.


The Great Recession in 2007 to 2010 was very sad but good news for Retro Europe.

Whilst the economy slowed Retro Europe thrived for two reasons;

First Reason;

The great recession in 2006 was easy to forecast for anyone that survived the recession of the late 1980.s.

Retro Europe anticipated the slow down in the economy and prepared in advance.

Many of our competitors were forced to close and with less competition, we increased our market share.

Second Reason;

The great recession in 2006 – 2010 forced a leaner and more efficient  »Design and Manufacture » strategy for Retro Europe.

Retro Europe needed a more radical approach to the design and manufacture of their ‘Own Label Designer Furniture’.

As a leading online supplier of modern designer furniture in Europe, we invested in our Own- Label Designs [OLD] and the Retro Europe Production System (REPS) process of rapid design and manufacture.

The results are now;

A new innovative designer chair or sofa can be designed, manufactured and online for sale in a few weeks.

New Designer Furniture; A smooth, even flow of own label designer furniture from Retro Europe.

Established in 1975 Retro Europe are a family owned Spanish Company synonymous with Continuous Improvement.

What makes Retro Europe successful is our smooth, even flow of own-label designer furniture manufactured to a high level at an affordable price.

As an online seller, we have minimal operational costs and these savings are passed onto our clients.

As designers we are able to stay at the cutting edge of the market’s demand, more often setting new trends with our advanced and original designs.

As a manufacturer, we do not have an excess inventory of dead stock cluttering our facility and we address any problem in advance swiftly.

Orders are fulfilled from our huge stock at our Central EU Distribution Centre.

Implementing these ideas and objectives results in meaningful gains in productivity and lower costs, which we pass onto our clients with low prices of our own-label designer quality furniture.

Continuous Improvement Design and Manufacture at Retro Europe.

The Continuous Improvement Design and Manufacture system works for us at Retro Europe.

Discerning buyers purchase online at retroeurope.com high-quality better-designed furniture with our more affordable pricing policy.

Retro Europe will continue to manufacture higher quality modern designer furniture reliably and efficiently and ensure great customer satisfaction levels of excellence.

That’s how our idea introduced at a time of crisis and recession became our new standard to make us a leading European Designer and Manufacturer.

Our Rapid Expansion is due to the successful adoption of the Retro Europe Own- Label Designs [OLD] and the Retro Europe Production System (REPS) process manufacture.

On the third Wednesday of every month the Retro Europe Family Team have a morning meeting.

Each family member has responsibility for their own department; Administration, Sales, Logistics, Design and Manufacture.

Each family member reviews what has happened in the previous month and decisions are made to see where any improvements can be made.

This internalised system maintains our core values as a professional and credible company with 50 years experience of retailing.

We have the foundation of a high-performing operation built and refined over our 50-year history.

Nos Nouvelles

This has made my year so much better!


Online Shoppers scramble to get their hands on Retro Europe’s new contemporary furniture collection.

The Casco Furniture Collection from Retro Europe is a single design fully integrated range of furniture that includes chairs, armchairs and bar stools.

Online modern designer furniture superstore Retro Europe has added the Casco Collection to its range.

Commercial Customers are eager to get their hands on the new one-design wonder furniture collection.

The chairs, armchairs and bar stools are perfect for the Commercial Market.

A hotel, restaurant or bar can buy chairs, armchairs and bar stools in a single distinctive design theme and have one continual and constant design style throughout their establishment.

The construction is durable and robust to withstand commercial abuse.

Retro Europe Budget Online Modern Furniture Superstore have a winner with Casco!


The ‘single -design’ base gave the Casco chairs, armchairs and bar stools a fully integrated design style.

The quality designer seating shells of the Casco are in two forms.

First, a conventionally styled chair shell is used for the Casco chairs and bar chair stools.

Second, a deep flowing scooped styled armchair shell is used for the Casco armchairs and bar armchair stools.

The Casco Seating Shells are manufactured in a high-quality polypropylene plastic.

The shells are in black or white dyed through the mould in the manufacturing process.

Alternately, they are have covered in a Patchwork or Monochrome Cloth.

Why are the Casco Chairs, Armchairs and Bar stools are the best on the market?

Everything in the design concept of the Casco is there for a reason.

There are no thrills with the Casco chairs, armchairs and bar stools.

The Casco Collection is Pure Function in a chic elegant style.

When you sit on the modern Casco Chairs, Armchairs and Bar Stools you immediately appreciate that the attention to detail in the design is 100% successful.

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The Total Package from Retro Europe Logistics.


How the sustainable packaging and shipping experts at Retro Europe Logistics deliver a great service.

Visit the huge EU distribution centre in Alicante and you will see something very reassuring.

You will see all the usual heavy protective packaging for the modern designer valuable furniture.

And you will be overwhelmed by the attention to detail of the Quality Control Inspectors.

Quality Control has made Retro Europe one of the leading online sellers of modern designer furniture.

Retro Europe prides themselves on their Logistics Operation.

The philosophy at Retro Europe is simple.

‘How can we deliver our boxes on-time in perfect condition every-time.’

Environmentally neutral transport must be the urgent solution of every online supplier.

Online Business today is huge.

Every second of everyday buyers are ordering products online and they are delivered in cardboard and wooden boxes.

Retro Europe commends online suppliers like themselves for exploring safer, easier, environmentally neutral transport.

Environmentally Neutral Solutions include recyclable corrugated paper to create pallets, boxes and supports.

Recyclable corrugated paper to create pallets, boxes and supports.

Standard wooden pallets and wooden packaging create many problems.

Wooden Pallets are prone to insect infestations, they are not recyclable, they are very heavy especially when they get wet, and they can cause damage during transit.


We must stop cutting down trees to basically fill landfill sites.

Recyclable corrugated paper is light and extremely strong.

Retro Europe has plans in place to tailor recyclable corrugated paper to the sizes of their products.

Recyclable corrugated paper is strong and adaptable.

How can you strengthen recyclable corrugated paper?

The cardboard brace which forms the basis of the strength of recyclable corrugated paper pallets and large boxes is strong enough to allow for vertical packaging.

Basically, it is an open square tube with a triangle form of cardboard layered inside of it to give it its strength.

The triangle form supports in the square tube will brace the box and pallet and will also act as a shock absorber.

This bracing system will allow for vertical stacking.

Vertical stacking minimises storage space, and in turn, minimised storage space equals cheaper storage.

These savings pay over and over the cost of all recyclable corrugated paper constructed pallets and boxes.

One more detail that is astounding for all Logistics Companies.

For years the Logistic Industry has needed Pallets and Boxes.

With recyclable corrugated paper, you can have a box that is also a pallet.

Recyclable corrugated paper functions as a modular system, so if one part of the pallet or packaging is damaged, it can be cut off, and simply be replaced with another cardboard piece or brace, and reused multiple times over and over again.

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