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Where to buy the best Modern Designer Furniture from?


Discover The Retro Europe Affordable Buying Experience.

Retro Europe has been selling the highest quality modern designer retro furniture direct to our clients for their modern homes and businesses for nearly 45 years.

Established in 1975, we are a family Company that has become one of Europe’s most trusted modern designer furniture brands.

Our passion for functional, quality and affordable modern designer furniture has inspired our ‘Own Label’ designer furniture collections.

Designed by our in-house team of talented designers, our furniture collections are handcrafted in the traditional way of quality furniture construction.

How do I know which armchair or sofa to buy?

Retro Europe Buying Guide for Modern Designer Furniture.

There are so many designer furniture collections on the market right now, and they cover every price point. So it’s incredibly important to understand what you’re paying for.

Be wary of cheap imitations.This is your furniture we’re talking about!

You will spend up to a third of your life with your furniture and the pleasure, comfort, and aesthetic appeal impacts on you every day.

So choose carefully! Be careful of buying very cheap furniture.

I’m not even sure what modern designer furniture is, but I love the designs!

Modern designer furniture is influenced by modernism from the late 19th Century period to the present day.

The very best of modern designer furniture follow the golden rules modernism style; Functionality, Minimalism, and Modern Design.

Modern designer furniture strips back all the decorative elements of the furniture.

The focus of the designer is to create a timeless styled piece of high-quality furniture with precision attention to minimising the detail.

What styles of modern designer furniture are available?

The Retro Europe Online Store offers modernism and contemporary furniture, industrial vintage and minimalist furniture, and even art-deco modern style furniture.

Retro Europe offers Armchairs and Sofa Collections, Dining Tables and Dining Chairs, and modern designer Office Chairs.

I’m not sure if modern designer furniture will look good in my home? Can you help?

If you’re at all unsure of how this furniture will look in your home we suggest you visit our Social Media Pages where hundreds of clients of Retro Europe have posted pictures of their purchases in their own homes.

And If you’d like to talk to someone for personal advice, our multilingual modern designer furniture experts are waiting for your call.

The Retro Europe Promise of Quality.

The Retro Europe mission is to ensure all our clients get the best possible quality furniture for the best value for money, and at the most affordable price.

Affordable, high-quality, and great designer furniture from Retro Europe that will last a lifetime.

You can be totally confident that if you buy any of the modern designer retro furniture collections from Retro Europe, and find for your own personal reasons that it’s not right for you, then you can return the product for a full sale price refund.

This is how confident Retro Europe is that you will be 100% satisfied.


Best Designer Furniture of the Year 2018.

The best modern Designer Furniture of the Year 2018 was awarded to Retro Europe, Made, Vitra and Blue Sun Tree.

Retro Europe wins two of the five top awards in the Best Designer Furniture of the year 2018 Competition.

Best designer furniture of the year 2018 competition was by dominated by Retro Europe with two of the five awards being awarded to Retro Europe for the Le Bauhaus Modernist Collection and the Spiers Scandi Collection of Scandinavian styled designer furniture.

Rivals Made, Vitra and Blue Sun Tree are the other modern designer furniture online sellers to win an award.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.


Modernist styled Le Bauhaus has won the top award in the best designer furniture award.

This prestigious award was judged on Great Design, Quality and Affordability.

Le Bauhaus is constructed in the traditional furniture craftsmanship style of a hardwood frame, with multi-density cushioning, and covered in a high premium 100% leather.

Le Bauhaus when launched in 2017 was pitched against the LC2 from Le Corbusier as a bigger sofa, that is more comfortable with great support for one-tenth of the Le Corbusier LC2.

Le Bauhaus 3- seater sofa costs 999.00 Euros and received a 5 Star award.

Spiers from Retro Europe.

Scandi modern designer Spiers Furniture Collection from Retro Europe has won the top prize in the contemporary modern Scandinavian Furniture Award.

This award was judged on Scandi Designer Style, Quality and Affordability.

The Spiers Collection from Retro Europe follows the traditional furniture construction methods of a solid hardwood frame, with multi-density cushioning and covered in a high-quality Danish Fabric.

The Scandi Designer Spiers from Retro Europe was pitched into the Scandinavian High- End Designer Furniture Market at 999.00 Euros for a full 4 seater sofa.

Vitra was awarded a prize for the Charles Eames Lounge Chair and Stool, Made for their Prado Accent Chair, and BlueSunTree for their Tom Yam Rocking Chair.

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Chronic Back Pain from badly designed Office Chairs is responsible for lost productivity costing millions of Euros to the Economy.

These cases affect every Company in Europe.

And Employers are asked to remedy this by buying Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chairs are designed to fit the body like a glove, give adequate support, and be comfortable for a minimum of 8-hours.

And, they are not expensive to buy. In most cases, they are the cheaper alternative.

Bad Back, sore shoulders and chronic pain is not ‘bad luck’.

Nearly every day lost to a bad designer office chair could be avoided by buying an Ergonomic Office Chair.

Ergonomic Office Chairs are readily available on the internet.

Bad Back, sore shoulders and chronic pain preventable.


All the lost production is preventable by making a simple lifestyle decision.

Contact www.retroeurope.com online and view their extensive range of Ergonomic Designer Office Chairs.

Prices for Ergonomic Office Chairs start at 104.00 Euros from Retro Europe.

Experts say the cost of replacing bad designer chairs with Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe would save millions of Euros.

Ergonomic Office Chairs for the Home Office and Commercial Office will ensure a healthier lifestyle, a better well being, and improve mental health and physical health.

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A superb selection of award-winning Modern Designer Dining Chairs at Retro Europe.


Designed by the In-House Design Team at Retro Europe.

While the comfort and durability of some dining chairs often lead you to be disappointed.

Do not have any concerns because Retro Europe has designed some of the finest dining chairs in the world.

Eiffel Dining Room Chairs Collection.

Whether you prefer a dining chair or dining armchair in your dining room the Eiffel Collection is your best choice.

If you want your dining chairs to be minimalism with a plastic moulded shell, or have the Monochrome or Patchwork Cloth shells, then the Eiffel Dining Chairs from Retro Europe are your best choice.

Or. perhaps you want a mix and match of styles in your dining room, then just choose from the Retro Europe website and your individual bespoke order will be delivered within 7 days to anywhere in Europe.

At Retro Europe we are proud to give you the opportunity to create your own bespoke order of dining chairs.

The Eiffel Dining Chairs from Retro Europe are designed to be very rugged and durable for a lifetime of use, either in the modern home or in the tough commercial environment of a restaurant or commercial enterprise.

And to keep all our clients happy, check out the prices of our own label designer Eiffel Dining Chairs.

Own Designer Brands from Retro Europe at prices you will love.

Our own-brand Eiffel Dining Room Chairs are a modern contemporary design style very much in the original style of the Charles Eames DSW Chair.

However, the Charles Eames DSW Chair is not able to compete with the Eiffel Dining Chair from Retro Europe on price and durability.

Retro Europe has a Dining Room Chair that is tough to beat on price with a  »high manufacturer-quality. »

Retro Europe Eiffel Dining Chair is your guarantee of a genuinely authentic product.

Retro Europe is Europe’s leading online modern designer furniture outlet, and the leading designers of quality original designer retro furniture.

In fact, we were awarded the most innovative modern designer furniture online store by the HSC in 2017.

When you buy Retro Europe Own Labeled products you are doing more than just buying exclusive designer style furniture, you are buying high-quality, affordable, and great designer furniture.

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A Message from Retro Europe about the Retro Europe Ergonomic Modern Designer Office Chairs.


You will find the finest quality ergonomic office chairs at Retro Europe.

And we’ve got strict design standards, naturally. While others may talk about great support and comfort, we really mean it, and that is why our own staff trial all our designer office chairs before the model goes on sale.

Our quality is reflected in every product on our website.

The Brands you love are the Ergonomic Eiffel Office Chair and the New Aero5 Ergonomic Office Chair.

Can you believe that a badly designer office chair is responsible for more office sickness days off work than any other illness in the workplace?

Retro Europe are Leaders in modern designer Ergonomic Office Chairs.

The Eiffel Office Chair and Aero5 Office Chair are designed to give great support and improve your posture, plus they will remain cool throughout the working day, ensuring you feel fresh, relaxed and stress-free after working for 8 hours.

Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe look fantastic.

Subtle yet striking modern designer office chairs from Retro Europe with a full specification of functions as standard.

Height adjustment office chairs with a reclining seat that has a 360-degree swivel set upon universal wheels that allow you glide across any type of surface.

How do you choose the colour?

Are you looking to brighten up your office?

Do you want an office that says ‘professional and modern’?

Retro Europe has 7 colours to choose from and 3 different ergonomic office chair designs. From the classic black or white, why not go wild with Candy Red or Tiffany Blue, or for the more understated go with Pebble Grey, Mocha or Chocolate Brown.

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