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The new Mid-Century Modern Hanson Collection is here and exclusively available from

Retro Europe has built an impressive style repertoire over recent years of Modern Designer Furniture Collections.

We love how Retro Europe fuses Online Low Pricing with High-End Quality.

Retro Europe create stylish and affordable modern designer furniture we can all invest in.

Retro Europe design and manufacture the Mid Century Modern Hanson Collection.

Here is an outstanding example of Mid Century style with a buttoned high back, rolled arms and splayed legs.

Affordable, well designed and constructed for a lifetime of use with a laid-back aesthetic for the Modern Home.

We are all huge fans of Mid Century Modern Designer Furniture and the Hanson Collection is styled and constructed for the Modern Home and Commercial Environment.

Available in Dandelion Yellow and Slate Grey this Mid Century design is pure perfection and worth every penny. The armchair is 399 Euros and the Sofa an amazing 599 Euros!

If you fancy trying this Mid Century Modern Ensemble go to our website to buy it now.

We have scoured the High Street Stores and the Web Stores for the best Mid Century Modern Furniture and our favourite is the Hanson Collection from Retro Europe.

At Retro Europe you’re spoiled with high quality designer modern furniture at low prices!

Buy exclusively from

Buy now for 2299 Euros.

Spanish Brand Retro Europe are Europe’s Number One Online Modern Designer Furniture Superstore.

Retro Europe’s famous own label modern designer furniture is spotted everywhere and their latest signature exclusive designer masterpiece is the Le Bauhaus 5 seat Corner Sofa.

Le Bauhaus 5 -seat Corner Sofa has gone down a storm with the modern designer furniture-pack.

The Industrial Vintage Style appeal of Le Corbusier.

We love the minimalism design of the furniture and the steel frame, it has the Industrial Vintage Style appeal of Le Corbusier but unlike Le Corbusier this is a genuine thoroughbred of a construction on a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck.

The simple clean lines and the attention to detail in the manufacture are both elegant and reassuring that this corner sofa will provide me with a lifetime of comfort, appeal and everyday use.

Le Bauhaus 5 seat corner sofa has an affordable price.

My favourite thing about the Le Bauhaus 5 seat corner sofa is the affordable price – you can snap up this massive corner sofa in full genuine premium leather for just 2299 Euros from

Which is amazing value when you consider the price of a Le Corbusier is around 10 times the price of Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

There are some great high quality budgets buys from the Spanish Online Giant available at

Retro Europe unveils a VERY affordable take on the modernist designer style Le Corbusier LC2 – so can YOU tell which is which?

Retro Europe Online has launched the 999 Euros Le Bauhaus Sofa that looks very similar to Le Corbusier’s LC2 Sofa at 10,000 Euros.

Both sofas are the same fabulous modernist designer style featuring a steel outer frame around the minimalism designer sofa.

So can you tell the 999 Euros Sofa from the one that costs 10 times more.

High street stores are constantly looking for ways to put their spin on designer modernist furniture in order to keep up with the lower priced online superstores now entering the modern designer furniture market.

Retro Europe Online has released their own-label modernist designer range in direct competition with the Le Corbusier Modernist Designer Range.

Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe looks strikingly similar to its much more expensive rival.

Both Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus and Le Corbusier’s LC2 are made from 100 percent genuine high quality leather.

Le Bauhaus is an adult full size sofa and boasts a solid hardwood frame and sprung deck for a lifetime of use, great support and the ultimate in comfort..

Le Corbusier is a very small child sized sofa and constructed on a steel frame with elasticated straps to hold the cushions which in no time sag giving zero support and zero comfort.

The savings start now: From Le Bauhaus at one tenth of Le Corbusier Price.

The description for the online lower priced Le Bauhaus reads: ‘If you’re serious about comfort, a lifetime of use with the correct support and comfort then Le Bauhaus is simply a dream come true for all discerning buyers of Modernist Designer Furniture at one-tenth of the price of Le Corbusier.’

Retro Europe Online launches the bargain-basement Mid Century Modern Hanson Collection direct from

Retro Europe, the budget modern designer furniture company sell exclusively online to 44 countries across Europe from their base in Spain.

The Mid Century Modern Hanson Collection.

The Mid Century Modern Hanson Collection is an ensemble of armchairs and sofas designed by the in-house design team at Retro Europe with the mid century design trademark buttoned high back, rolled arms and splayed legs.

Buyers can only buy this high quality furniture collection at

Retro Europe was established in 1975.

Other modern designer furniture available from Retro Europe include the Modernist Designer Le Bauhaus and the Scandi Modern Contemporary Spiers Collection.

Retro Europe was established in 1975 and is a safe bet for online buyers wanting to buy quality exclusively designed modern furniture and Retro Europe promises a 7 day delivery service across Europe.

Buy it at

We’re used to seeing The Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chair from Retro Europe in stylish working offices.

But, today, Retro Europe are channelling their modern and glamorous
Ergonomic Office Chairs in to the Home Office Market allowing the busy Home Worker to grace their Home Office with a great designer office chair.

Red is the colour to make an impact, and that’s exactly what Home Office Worker have done!

This gorgeous ergonomic office chair from Retro Europe features height adjustment, a 360 degree swivel, reclining or fixed back options and universal wheels to glide on any surface.

The Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chair is the perfect Home Office Chair for maintaining the correct posture all day long, it combines the ultimate comfort and a special ‘stay cool’ design to ensure you work without any distractions.

The Eiffel Home Office Chair looks fabulous.

Alternatively, browse to see the full range of colours available in Classic Designer Ergonomic Office Chairs from Retro Europe.

We can not get enough of High- Quality Modernist Designer Furniture.

So you can imagine how much we loved the Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe.

The Modernist Designer Le Bauhaus; Great Quality- Great Prices- Great Designs.

The Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is a refreshing change from the old designer labels.

This modernist styled collection with a hint of Industrial Vintage from the metal outer frame is super chic.

Today, it seems no-one is immune to the Le Bauhaus Modernist Designer effect from Retro Europe.

It’s the perfect Modernist Furniture Collection from Retro Europe for the Modern Home or Modern Furnished Commercial Environment.

We love the clean sharp design lines and the expert attention to detail of the construction of the Le Bauhaus.

Want a slice of the Modernist Designer Furniture action with the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

From, just 499 Euros it’s a total bargain too, so click on the link now to make it yours!

Purse-friendly modern designer furniture Brand Retro Europe pits itself against other leading Brands with VERY convincing results.

Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa is nominated for two Modern Designer Furniture Awards in its first year online at

The award is for Outstanding Design, Function and Price.

Construction quality of the Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

The Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe was launched in 2017 and has many qualities, particularly the excellent quality of the construction of the Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa.

Constructed in the traditional Furniture Makers Style, the Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa has a solid wood frame with a sprung deck, covered in multi-density cushioning and genuine leather.

It can cost more than 6000 Euros.- But not at Retro Europe.

Modern Designer Corner Sofas equal to the quality of Retro Europe in the iconic Industrial Vintage Style can cost around 6000 Euros.

But not at Retro Europe. Price Friendly Brand Retro Europe has pitched the affordable Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa against high-end brands with a remarkable price tag of 2299 Euros.

But can you tell them apart?

Modernist Vintage Industrial Designer Furniture fans who lust after modern designer furniture products can face paying thousands of Euros to own a Corner Sofa that will create their ideal look in their living space.

Hoping that the expensive price tag will create a perfect look.

But can they really tell the difference between an original Le Corbusier LC2 Corner Sofa costing several thousand euros, and the Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa costing 2299 euros?

The simple answer is yes because the Le Bauhaus is so much better.

Before you decide to splash out several thousand euros on a new Corner Sofa instead of the Le Bauhaus that costs less than half the price.

Ask yourself, which Corner Sofa is winning all the Furniture Industry Awards?

A classic iconic design created by the in-house design team at Retro Europe.

The Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa from Retro Europe is not a Budget Product.

The Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa from Retro Europe is a high-quality corner sofa at a Budget Price.

That is the difference. And that why the Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa is winning all the awards.

The Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa from Retro Europe is a high-quality product, constructed in the furniture craftsmanship way to exceedingly high standards.

A full 5/6 seat Corner Sofa, that is comfortable and modern in design at a Budget Price.


Retro Furniture is the most Popular Christmas Present.

The European troubled furniture industry received a much-needed boost over the Christmas period. Overall, consumers spent 3.5bn Euros during December, a 10 percent increase compared to December 2016.

According to Market Analysts which collated the data, furniture sales during the ”7 days Christmas to New Year” period was 65% higher this year compared to last year.

Modern Designer Furniture is the Winner.

As expected, sales of modern designer retro furniture designs secured the majority of the market, with an overall increase in sales from this sector of 20 percent during this period.

Retro Furniture sales year-on-year were up 22 percent.

Retro Europe; Record Sales.

Among the Big Four Modern Designer Retro Furniture Companies, Retro Europe was up 12 percent during the December period and year on year Retro Europe recorded a massive 28 percent increase in sales.

Online Modernist Designer Supplier Retro Europe were the big winners with their new Le Bauhaus Collection proving to be the most notable difference to their sales.

Le Bauhaus is the Success of 2017.

Retro Europe launched the Le Bauhaus Collection of Armchairs and Sofas in direct competition the Le Corbusier LC2 range of furniture.
Designed by the in-house team at Retro Europe, Le Bauhaus is marketed under the Retro Europe Label; Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design.

Here is a little 5-minute recipe guaranteed to refresh.

The Wonderful Le Bauhaus Sofa Cocktail Drink.

Method for one glass.

Preparation time: 4 mins


5 ml Sugar Syrup

1 Egg Yolk

40 ml Gin

10 ml Sherry

15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Soda Water

Everything except the soda goes into a cocktail shaker.

Next, fill with Ice.

Shake the Cocktail Shaker for a minute.

Strain the liquid into a glass.

Top up with Soda Water.

Sit back in your Le Bauhaus Modern Designer Sofa and enjoy your Le Bauhaus Sofa Cocktail Drink.

And think….aah!

139.00 Euros buys you the Aero5 modern designer office chair from Retro Europe, that ensures good posture and comfort for an 8-hour working day, and it looks cool and keeps you cool.

I love this design, it is fresh, clean and clinical.

It will be a sensation in a Home Office or busy Commercial Office.

Retro Europe’s latest ‘super office chair’ at 139.00 undercuts all the rivals.

There was a definite whiff of anticipation and excitement on the Internet this week. The subject on my lips — and no doubt Retro Europe’s competitors was how can Retro Europe bring such a classic looking high-quality office chair to market at 139.00 Euros.

The Aero5 Office Chair launch was a public relations and marketing stroke of genius.

Retro Europe’s Marketing Agency Alicante Studios pitched the Aero5 Office Chair against the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair priced around 1,000 Euros.

Can the Retro Europe Aero5 Office Chair deliver on price, quality, and design style?

Retro Europe are no strangers to taking the modern designer retro furniture market by storm with their famous promise; Reinvented, Affordability, Great Design slogan

Retro Europe claims that the Aero5 Office Chair has more effective support delivering comfort for the 8-hour working day than far pricier office chairs.

This week, the Retro Europe hysteria sales machine was back again, as hundreds of clients across Europe purchased the first consignment of the Aero5 Office Chair from the online modern office chair giant.

With hundreds more adding their names to a waiting list to be among the first to purchase the Aero5 Office Chair.

The Retro Europe Aero5 bears a passing resemblance to the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair.


No doubt consumers are hoping for similar quality at a much more affordable 139.00 Euros.

Unlike many other office chairs on the market, the Ergonomic Aero5 from Retro Europe has a very smooth adjustable seat height control, and reclining back seat. It has a 360-degree swivel and super wheels that glide across any surface.

And a modern design that is pure genius.

The key factors for the Aero5 Office Chairs are manufacturing quality and designer style, the correct support for 8 -hours of comfortable working, and staying cool in a hot and sweaty busy office.

It all sounds very impressive, but does it actually work? I went to investigate.

The Science of designing and constructing an Office Chair or Home Office Chair is now very technical.

Body-hugging or Body Moulding is the basics of this Ergonomic Aero5 Office Chair.

Supporting the upper body and head with a firm support for the lower back is instantly appreciated with the Aero5 Office Chair.

The controls are conveniently placed on the side very smoothly reacted to find my optimum comfort position, and yes, the wheels really do glide across the floor.

The recliner is perfectly balanced to take a moment to completely relax while a problem needs to be mulled over, or that short nap in the afternoon.

Whatever your excuse to recline back, let me personally assure you it is the most relaxing experience you will ever have on an office chair.