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The Retro Europe Way.


Established in 1975, Retro Europe offers a unique shopping experience, and when it comes modern designer furniture we are proud to be considered Europe’s leading online retro furniture store.

Our website at www.retroeurope.com.

Our full E-Commerce website is divided into several countries, with the text in the respective native language, and our website is designed to be fast with an exceptional ease of use.

Retro Europe; Reinvented, Affordable, Great designs.

Our Pricing Policy at Retro Europe.

As an online seller, our business overhead cost of operation is minimal. Not having Superstores or High Street Showrooms save us thousands of Euros every week. This allows us to sell low priced affordable great designer furniture affordable to you.

Own Label Modern Designer Furniture from Retro Europe.

To be sure that you are very comfortable with your modern designer furniture, and also feel very special, we design our own leading premium brand furniture. Quality, Comfort, Affordable Great Designer Furniture from the in-house team of designers at Retro Europe.

The Retro Europe Delivery Promise.

When you visit www.retroeurope.com and you see something you like but do not want to wait long, buy it now because we can deliver in 72 hours in Spain-Mainland or 7-days in Europe-Mainland. Buy today and your new piece of modern designer furniture will be with you in no time!

Trust Retro Europe- Europe’s Leading Retro Furniture Brand.

Companies come and Companies go, at Retro Europe we have been here for over 40 years and we are is still owned and managed by the founding family.

You can trust Retro Europe to be here for many more years to sell to you Modern Designer Furniture at great value for money, beautifully designed and manufactured in the traditional style of Furniture Craftsman.

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Retro Europe is selling modern designer ergonomic office chairs have height adjustment control, reclining or fixed positioning, 360 degrees swivel, and move freely on any floor surface, plus the office chairs look amazing.

The Eiffel Office Chairs from Retro Europe are available in 7 vibrant colours to suit any home office or commercial office.

Guaranteed to make you feel great every day.

Step aside ugly and old-fashioned office chairs in dull and boring colours, Retro Europe has the greatest and best-looking Office Chairs on the market.

Retro Europe has just launched an ergonomic modern designer office chairs in Candy Red and Tiffany Blue, guaranteed to make you feel great every day.

Eiffel Office Chairs; Perfect Design, Great Value.

Multi-buy discounts on modern designer Ergonomic Office Chairs.

The Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chairs are only available online at www.retroeurope.com.

Get the best Money offers from the multi-buy discounts.

Up to 150% more efficient.

The Eiffel Office Chairs are really great value. Analysts have concluded that office workers are up to 150% more efficient when sitting on an ergonomic modern designer Eiffel office chair from Retro Europe.

If you’re after more comfort, great support and increased efficiency choose an Eiffel Ergonomic Office Chair from Retro Europe.

Modern Designer Ergonomic Home Office Chairs and Commercial Office Chairs.

Looking for a real bargain home office chair or commercial office chair?

It’s so easy to buy online at www.retroeurope.com, and delivery is from just 72 hours.

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Furniture designed by Le Corbusier; Fake or Original.


We go behind the scenes with the fraud busters, and learn how to spot if that LC2 Le Corbusier modern designer sofa or chair is FAKE or ORIGINAL.

Around 100 Counterfeit claims are made every day concerning Le Corbusier Chairs and Sofas.

It is 9 am and Rory our fraud buster has already been at his desk for two hours, scrutinising adverts for Le Corbusier LC2 Sofas and LC2 Chairs.

There’s a Le Corbusier LC2 3-place sofa from a company in West London for £899.00. A Le Corbusier LC2 2-Place sofa for £699.00 from a company in Manchester, and a Le Corbusier LC2 armchair from a company in Liverpool for £499 that does not look correct.

Le Bauhaus has better Quality than Le Corbusier.

Bargain-hunters dream.

They are a bargain-hunters dream. But Rory is not buying. Rory is hunting down criminals who are selling fake modern designer furniture as original modernist furniture by Le Corbusier to unsuspecting members of the public.

And why are these adverts so easily identified as counterfeits? The simple answer is simple – PRICE.

Fakes are one-tenth of the price of an original.

The fakes are easily identifiable because they are one-tenth of the price of an original.

Rory who works in his home office is one of the hundreds of Fake Finders around the world working for the holding company of Le Corbusier who are dedicated to catching criminals in action.


Fakes are as good or better than the originals.

It is a tough job because the quality of fakes is as good or better than the originals.

There are over a billion adverts worldwide at any one time advertising fake Le Corbusier LC2 modern designer furniture.

LC2 by Le Corbusier is the most illegally copied model.

The LC2 by Le Corbusier is the most copied model and the number one objective of the fraud busters is to root out the rip-offs and fakes.

Around 24 million buyers and sellers in the world are involved in this scam. With 1.1 billion listings live at any one time, it is an enormous, and expensive undertaking to stop the fraud.

Why are there so many suppliers and buyers of FAKE Le Corbusier Armchairs and Sofas?

There are so many suppliers and buyers of fake LC2 modernist furniture by Le Corbusier for two reasons.

First; The LC2 Le Corbusier is the most iconic modern designer furniture collection in the History of Modern Designer Furniture.

Second; The LC2 Le Corbusier sold by the official license holders is ridiculously expensive.

Compare the price- compare the quality.

An original 3-place sofa from the license holders cost around 10,000 Euros.

A FAKE copy of the LC2 Le Corbusier 3- place sofa costs around 990 Euros.

Surprise, surprise, it is difficult to believe, but the quality of a FAKE is normally better than the original and one-tenth of the price.

Which one would you buy? FAKE or Original?

10,000 euros versus 990 euros. Identical model. And for 990 euros you have a better quality sofa.

The choice is easy- and that is why there are so many FAKE LC2 Le Corbusier Sofas in the world today.

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