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Exposed! Everything Interior Designers Don’t Want You To Know

Exposed! Everything Interior Designers Don’t Want You To Know


Everything Interior Designers

Don’t Want You To Know

Desperation strikes you like a bolt of lightening, and you simply cannot live for one more minute with that old sagging sofa, those tattered dining room chairs, and the chipped dining table—it is time to refurnish!

The adrenaline rush that comes with refurnishing your home can be exciting, but also short term, because the reality very soon sets in, when you find yourself having to find the time and energy to walk around the superstores and markets searching for those elusive modern designer style items of furniture.

There is an alternative of course, and for a fee you can hire your very own interior designer.

Yes, while some homeowners, when it comes to design, have a never ending source of inspired ideas, they do not have the experience or skills to bring it all together and make it really work. This is when the professional interior designer is needed.

Interior designers are essential, especially when you have so many good ideas.Good ideas are great but you have to contain yourself and prioritise your ideas orderly.

Do you want the home of your dreams? Then start at the beginning and choose the style of furnishing you want.

Modern designer retro furniture is extremely popular today, because it encompasses classic modernist and mid century styles, that are clean and distinctive with sharp minimalism.

Interior designers can be a great help, when it comes to taking ideas and putting them into motion in your home. However, interior design is also a business and there are definitely some tricks to the trade.

Here are 10 things we thought you should know before opening your door to the professionals:

1) Professionals Have Connections – Beware.

Interior design is a business, and albeit a creative one, it is still a business and needs to turn a profit. When employing an interior designer, it is important to consider the proposition carefully, just like you would any other business deal. This involves interviewing potential interior designers.

Networking is a massive part of any successful project today, and you will want to employ an interior designer who has gained a great deal of experience from being in the trade for a long time, and therefore will have many connections. An immediate advantage is that a well-connected designer has the resources, and ability so that when it comes to negotiating discounts, they can save you money. These savings should be passed on to you.

Beware, they do not always pass on these discounts.

Also, be aware that a recently established interior designer will exaggerate their connections, because they know, you will not be impressed when you discover their lack of experience in this industry.

It is always a good idea to ask your interior modern designer, if they have knowledge of the historical period of your preferred furniture style,especially in the case of mid century, modernist, contemporary or art deco. These period pieces of modern designer furniture can be very expensive, but with knowledge of the market and experience of dealing with online suppliers such as you can reduce your costs by thousands of pounds.

2) The Golden Rule; Discuss The Budget First.

Yes, it would be nice and cosy to believe that your interior modern designer has your interests and expenditure uppermost in their mind, the reality is often not the case, and you could be spending four or five times more than you should be. Without precisely discussing your budget limits at the start, your modern designer will be selecting some very over priced furniture from very over priced stores. If your choice of decor is retro make sure you direct your interior modern designer to and insist on sourcing from the Retro Europe online furniture store.

Sourcing from will reduce your budget without sacrificing on quality, specific items of modernist furniture from Retro Europe’s Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designs brand will leave you with surplus funds from your budget, and allow you to add one or two extra items of retro lighting or even refurnish your home office.

If you have employed a straight forward honest modern designer, you will not only get some great ideas, but your new home refurnishing project will be under budget when you finish.

3) Remember There Is No Necessity To Bypass Your Desired Preferences.

Your interior modern designer may be an experienced professional, but, as many clients before you have realised to their cost , your designer also has his or her own particular preferences. By leaving your options too wide open, you are exposing yourself. All too soon you just might be realising that what your modern designer loves, has now become your home.

This is a sign of a badly qualified designer, and sadly a regular occurrence for trusting clients. To put it simply and bluntly, a modern designer’s job is to design for you and not their inflated ego. Be absolutely adamant on this point, and make clear what you love, before your interior décor becomes a testament to your designer’s interests and his inflated ego.

Do not be afraid to show the designer photographs of homes you love, and colour schemes and fabrics that make you feel great. It is so important to be clear and forthright , otherwise it will not be your vision that comes to life in the finished product, that you, incidentally will be living with for the foreseeable future.

4) Worth A Thought – The Best For Less?

Just because modern designers make pompous claims to be the best, it certainly does not mean that you will not find someone just as talented for less money. Modern Furniture Interior design students will often take on projects for a College or University credit, and could offer a really professional service for half the cost. They do not have a huge ego at their age which is a big plus, but do remember, they are just starting out and are novices, and they will not have the same connections that a more established professional designer has. There is another alternative service which you may feel could work well for you, the free service from to design your new home, this could be either in conjunction with a young designer, or like so many satisfied clients, direct with the in house designer team at

Always request referrals from former clients of an interior modern designer, check out each designer’s portfolio to ensure that their ideas meet your expectations.Take your time in hiring, and as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ you do however, deserve to find an interior designer who can give you what you want and within your budget.

5) Do Not Be Afraid – It’s OK To Say No.

It is never easy to say ”I don’t like it”.

Your interior designer will be offended, but who cares.

You’re the paymaster, and you deserve the project you love, and it’s their job to deliver. If they suddenly add an element you dislike, say ”no” loud and clear, and confidently move on. While the interior designer may argue and throw his toys out his pram, just remember it is your project, your design choice, and your final decision.

Remember, the project is your own home, not theirs, you are not there to pamper to the ego of the designer, you are going to be living with these designs for years, so it is your decision as to what design elements stay and which ones go.

6) Money Saving Tip – It’s Not All or Nothing.

People assume that they are locked in with a modern interior designer for the total project. Designers, certainly always give that impression, but it is possible to pay for only a portion.

Assume, your main objective is to buy and furnish with modernist retro furniture, it’s not necessary to hire them on for the entire room makeover. You certainly do not need to be told that the very heart of modern designer furniture is to have a setting of neutral coloured walls and ceilings. Do not be a fool and pay a designer to tell you to paint the walls white. The designer will try and fool you into thinking you can’t pick and choose when it comes to a professional design project, but do not forget who the Paymaster is. The project is yours, and you are paying to have it completed in the manner of your choosing. So, be sure to get everything put in the contract prior to signing the agreement.

7) After You Have Signed The Contract – Guess What – Your Home Might Not Be Their Top Priority.

Interior designers are famous for telling new clients ” your project is my top priority”. The chances are you will be well down a long list of clients, and it will be the most prestigious clients who get the lion share of attention and time. For this reason, be sure to agree on clear lines of communication, and a penalty if they do not complete on the agreed completion time. There will be many days when they are off the radar, no signal on their mobile, excuses from their secretary etc and so the list and excuses go on. On these days make sure you get hold of them.

8) There is No Need For It All To Be New.

Buying everything brand new means an even bigger pay day for your interior modern designer. However, sometimes what you have lying around the house can really work.

Consider this as an example, that old antique vase you inherited from your great Aunt would make a great kitchen spoon holder, and that old dresser redundant in the garage could be retrofitted with plumbing, and become a very trendy and stylish bathroom sink and cabinet.

Before your designer orders anything, be sure they discuss it with you, you probably already have so many items that would really revitalise your home, and guess what?….they are all free.

9) What Happens If They Do Not Love Your Design Ideas?

The answer is really simple, who cares?

Interior modern designers are only there to give you a home design that you love, regardless of the fact it may not make them happy. The designer may not be fond of all of their ideas, the designer may not be in love with your style. Who cares. Do not take offence, and do not let them sway you in another direction.

Of course, some of your ideas may not fit with the overall room design, bur some may be perfect, so choose the elements that are most important to you, and stand your ground on them being included in the design.

10) The Budget Can Be Tweaked – But only with your knowledge and consent.

Modern Interior designers should always want the best for your home, however, that may not be possible with a tight budget. Budgets can be tweaked to achieve an amazing outcome. But only with your knowledge and consent.

Let me give you an example; Your modern designer suggests new sofas and armchairs from a High Street Store, just take a minute to look at your options, online stores can save you up to 50% on average. Without the expense of a High Street Store suppliers like can offer huge savings on modern mid century and modernist retro furniture, and you will save thousands of euros.

This same concept can be applied to other areas of your home, such as kitchen bar stools, the top selling Mono Bar Stool from is available from the Retro Europe Furniture Online Store for just 54 euros, half the price of a High Street Store for the same stool, and these savings continue in the dining room with the Eiffel range of dining tables and dining chairs from

Buying wrong is an expensive hobby, buying right and controlling your budget will result in the perfect home.

Good Luck.

Our News

Quality Control Management Systems.

Quality Control Management

Quality Control Management Systems.

The reason is growing very fast.

So What Is A Quality Control Management System Anyway?
A Quality Control System is various procedures, needed to control an inspection process, that ensures quality products meet or exceed customer requirements. It needs to be a structured approach for inspectors to implement, and control all activities associated with the total system.

A Quality Control System or Plan, is critically important for any business, especially at, who sell and deliver hundreds of pieces of furniture every week of the year in the EU, from their online modern designer retro furniture store.
A well managed Quality Control Plan provides a high level of methods, used to eliminate the dispatch of any products not deemed to be of the highest quality.
A QC System must be efficient, effective and consistent. There are many approaches used by companies to create a Quality Control Plan, perhaps, none better than the systems at Retro

After 40 years of trading experience, Retro Europe have a strategy, personalised and perfected, for the eCommerce retro furniture industry.

Employ Highly Competent Employees.

It is really important to hire employees who will always be up to the task, and know how to contribute to the whole production process. The more skills they have, the better the quality controllers they will become. At training programmes teach all new new employees the value of quality control. Plus, the experienced quality controllers are actively encouraged to implement their own ideas to improve the system. This way the whole quality control system at Retro continues to improve, and become even more efficient and effective.

Designated Inspection Area.

It is essential to have a separate Inspection Area, specially designed for the purpose. A place for everything, and everything always in its place. A well managed efficient system in a controlled environment will guarantee every item of modern designer furniture, has been inspected and packed with bespoke additional packaging, ready for its journey to your home or business, are Europe’s leading supplier of high quality modernist designer retro furniture, and advocate the use of high quality equipment and cleaning products in their Pre-delivery Inspection Area.

Manage the Performance of the Quality Control Department.

Quality separates the professionals from the amateurs, and a commitment to produce on time and consistently, at the highest level is an admirable quality from the Inspectors at Managing a multi-million euro online retro furniture store successfully, will result in having many loyal clients, as well as new ones, on a daily basis. No matter where you are, or what ever service industry you are involved in, you must provide clients with the highest level of service.
Receiving feedback from your clients can make all the difference in the world. Do not hesitate to ask them to share their experience with you, and your products, only through continual re examination of your service can continual success be achieved year after year.
Focus 100% on constant improvement, there may be days when complacency takes a grip, especially if your clients are perfectly happy with the products, and are full of praise for you. However, do not get complacent. It is essential you continue to embrace new ideas and concepts, to improve your service even further.

Our News

Why Online Retro Furniture Buyers are Gleeful over the Latest Retro Europe Furniture Collection

Le Bauhaus Collection Design

Why Online Retro Furniture Buyers are gleeful over the latest Retro Europe Furniture Collection

Online buyers of modern designer retro furniture were ecstatic when online modernist furniture supplier, Retro Europe, launched the Le Bauhaus Collection of modern designer sofas and armchairs,

Potentially, the Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe will affect thousands of retro furniture buyers worldwide.

Le Bauhaus 3 Seater Sofa - Pearl Grey

Why were they so pleased?

Here are the reasons;

Le Bauhaus is a 21st Reinvention on the vintage and mid century modern design styles of the great designers, Le Corbusier, Eames, Rohe and Knoll.

The revised version still dignifies the classic minimal modernist design style, however, the clever reinvention aspect is that the Le Bauhaus has followed the tradition furniture makers method of construction.

The sofas and armchairs are constructed on a solid wood frame, with a sprung deck and covered in multi density foam and cushioning. Ensuring the correct support for the lower back, shoulders and legs.

The really clever reinvention feature is the size. Yes, we all love the designs of the 1929 LC2 for example, but they are small and uncomfortable, and were designed for the average person in 1929. We are all bigger today, and we need a comfortable piece of retro furniture for the 21st Century.

Finally, the price is amazing.

Le Bauhaus start at 549.00 Euros

The Le Bauhaus Collection from Retro Europe is available in a soft cotton upholstery or 100% genuine leather, and is only available from Europe’s largest online retailer

Retro Furniture by Retro Europe, embrace beautifully designed and affordable modernist functional retro furniture for the contemporary home or work environments

Our News

New Collection By Retro Europe: The Eiffel Tables

New Collection By Retro Europe: The Eiffel Tables.

For those of you looking for quality in design and manufacture, then look no further than the Eiffel Dining Tables from Retro Europe. This is where the search for the perfect dining table ends, and it will be best decision you will make. The Eiffel modern dining tables are an amazing design, built for a life time of use, easy to clean and versatile.

These tables come from the in house interior design team at Retro Europe, combining modern design with classic style. The Dining Tables have a black or white lacquered top, supported by solid beech wood legs and a substantial metal frame. Modern and minimalistic lines make these dining tables an impressive mix of inner classic with outer modernity.

There are two models, the round 100 cm diameter table for 4 diners, and the rectangular 160 cm x 80 cm for 6 to 8 diners.

Gorgeous and elegant, the Eiffel Dining Tables speak about design and luxury through their amazing appearance, and are the perfect compliment to the Eiffel Dining Chairs from Retro Europe. Making these tables a regal choice for the dining room in your home, or equally functional in a commercial environment where style and durability are essential.

Think about how the Eiffel Dining Tables and Eiffel Dining Chairs would look in your dining room or restaurant, supporting the best food and the most elegant wine.

If you want to impress your dinner guests, these tables will do the trick.

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