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Marie Shared Their Le Bauhaus Armchair.


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Recline Intervention; The AERO5 Office Chair from Retro Europe.

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What makes the AERO5 reclining office chair very comfortable?

Reclining office chairs all have a problem.

Too much recline and you tip back

Too little recline and you are falling forward.

So where is the optimum point of recline?


How did The AERO5 Office Chair achieve the perfect optimum reclining position?

A collaboration of engineers and designers working between drawings and prototypes took the chair to the 95% optimum comfort level in the reclining position.

Tinkering took the chair the other 5%.

A project like this always involves a certain amount of pushing and pulling.

Retro Europe knows what it takes to develop something very special that pushes the boundaries a little bit further.

How do you know if the design and manufacture have produced the best reclining office chair?

Try the AERO5 Office Chair.

Recline back and you will know instantly that the AERO5 Office Chair has the optimum reclining position.

Perfectly balanced and stable at the full reclining position.

The AERO5 is a winner.

The designers of the AERO5 Office chair have created something very special.


The AERO5 Office Chair also addressed all the challenges of producing a chair that is needed to satisfy the multiple practical and emotional needs of every office worker.

The designers at Retro Europe discovered how difficult the problem was when they were asked to design a brand-new very comfortable reclining office chair.

Designing comfortable reclining office chairs involves engineers and designers.

The perfect office chair has to fulfil all the basic needs of an office worker;

Adjustable seat height controls.

360-degree swivel movement.

Comfort and the correct support.

Remain cool for the full 8-hour working day.

Universal wheels to glide across any surface.

The office chair must have a lock and reclining option.

The AERO5 Office Chair has fulfilled all these basic requirements of an office worker and so much more.

Retro Europe produced the AERO5 Office Chair that is visually and structurally different.

One of the biggies with office workers is the problem of sweat and body odour.

Not pleasant.

The AERO5 office Chair was designed with a full mesh back to ensure a cool and comfortable seat all day long.


AERO5 has an exciting, sharp and clean design. It is a marriage of design and engineering.

AERO5 Office Chairs fulfil all the working functions of office workers but how does it rank on an aesthetic scale?

It is evident that the designers at Retro Europe have given a great deal of time to create a piece of office chair art.

The results are self-evident.

The AERO5 Office Chair is beautiful to look at, beautiful to relax on, and beautiful to own.

And is available in several colours to brighten your working day.

Equally suitable for Home Offices or Commercial Offices.

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Michel Shared Their Le Bauhaus Armchairs.


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Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa in Fabric or the Retro Europe Le Bauhaus Sofa in Fabric?

featured sofa 2

A Classic Modernist Le Corbusier LC2 3-place in Fabric is priced at 8999.00 Euros.

A Classic Modernist Retro Europe Le Bauhaus 3-place in Fabric is priced 899.00 Euros.

You do the Maths.

sofa side

Le Corbusier LC2 is 10 times the price of the Retro Europe Le Bauhaus.

When Le Corbusier designed the LC2 in 1929 he famously set his sights on a sofa that had a great modernist design and an aesthetic appeal.

.Le Corbusier had little concerns for comfort and body support.

The LC2 is a very small 3 seat sofa and is constructed with a metal frame and elasticated straps to hold loose cushions.

However, the sofa did have a warm receptive look and the design has remained very popular for around 100 years.

back side

The Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe.

When the in-house design team at Retro Europe created the Le Bauhaus in 2017, they also famously set their sights on a sofa that has great design and aesthetic appeal.

However, unlike Le Corbusier, the Le Bauhaus designers had more concerns for comfort and body support.

The Le Bauhaus is a full sized sofa for the 21st Century buyer and is 48 cms wider than the LC2 to give better comfort and support.

Le Bauhaus is constructed with a hardwood frame and sprung deck and is covered in layers of multi-density cushioning for full support and greater comfort.

The Le Bauhaus sofa has a warm receptive look and the design will remain very popular for the next 100 years.

front side

The History of Le Corbusier.

In the spirit of goodwill, we must acknowledge Le Corbusier, who along with Charles Eames is the greatest furniture designer of our time.

In The History of Le Corbusier, his iconic designs will serve as an inspiration to all young designers.

Le Corbusier was the Father of modern designer furniture and his modernist designs will be forever the design standard other designers must attain.

The Retro Europe designers have the benefit of modern technology and have produced a more substantial sofa, a more comfortable sofa, bigger and with better support.

So we must in all fairness question the price of an LC2 Sofa.

So, How can a Le Corbusier LC2 Sofa cost 10 times more than a Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe?

featured sofa 2

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There is an overwhelming abundance of inspiration at Retro Europe.

Start at Retro Europe’s Blog.

Retro Europe’s blog promotes independent designers and furniture manufacturers in addition to their own in-house design team and their Own-Label Designer Furniture.

Interesting, witty, educational and money-saving stories.


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Online Defamation Laws and the financial ruin of posting inappropriate or dishonest statements on the internet.

The choice is between Retro Europe and Le Corbusier.

Never in The History of Le Corbusier has the LC2 been so expensive.

Retro Europe is the most creative and dynamic online retro furniture store.

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Buy high-quality designer furniture from Retro Europe and experience immediate mental health benefits

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