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Massacre on the High Street.

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One of the saddest days in the History of British Retailing has seen Famous Household Names and Brands announce they are in big trouble;

Carpetright stores may have to close with thousands of jobs at risk.

B&Q reveal a massive drop in sales.

And Claire’s Accessories files for bankruptcy.

Mothercare is set for cash crisis talks.

Fashion chain New Look posted a pre-tax loss of £123.5million in the three quarters to December.

And Toys R Us said that it was going to close all 100 of its UK stores after administrators failed to find a buyer, resulting in the loss of 3,000 jobs.

Meanwhile, a profit warning emerged from Moss Bros that sent its shares crashing on the open of stock market trading.

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The question is when will it all stop?

And who or what is to blame?

There is little point in blaming the rise in online retailers.

Come on, let’s all be honest here with this old excuse.

The internet has been running for 20 years plus, and online selling did not acquire all its power overnight

These disasters in the High Street have been coming for a long time.

And online retailers are not immune from closures simply because they have a website and operate from a low cost operating base.

Bricks and Mortar Businesses have been struggling for a long while.

Astronomical Rates, Rents and the never-ending bureaucracy from one new Town Hall directive to another.

Staff Pensions, HR Rulings, Compliance, and the upsurge in non-productive staff all contribute to costs that have the habit of running away with the solvency of a Company.

Consumers of a certain age.

Consumers of a certain age have grown up with the likes of Mothercare and B &Q.

They are embedded in our DNA, and life in the High Street will never be the same.

The Household Brands are the tip of the slippery iceberg.

Below are thousands of small and medium-sized businesses fighting for survival.

Exorbitant rent and rates.

Every day they are fighting to pay exorbitant rent and rates and fighting to comply with the latest Government Initiative, which invariably is not worth the paper it is written on.

Where do all the small business owners go after they are forced to close?

Who knows, but they are being squeezed from our Society.

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What is Modernist Designer Furniture?

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Retro Europe have Launched their ‘Own- Label’ Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection.

Reinvented, Affordable and a Great Design.

The Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection from Retro Europe is it a Modernist Design, or is it a Minimalism Design, or could it be an Industrial Vintage Design?

With All New Furniture Designs…..we all see different styles.

The Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is exclusively for sale from and is their latest Own- Label designer furniture range.

Retro Europe are Europe’s leading Online Modern Furniture Store and are designers and manufactures of traditionally handcrafted furniture.

Le Corbusier was one of the greatest designers of modern designer furniture, and produced many iconic modernist designer pieces, and Le Bauhaus is clearly influenced by the design style of Le Corbusier.

Some find the concept of mixing designer styles exciting.

The buyers of the Le Bauhaus Armchairs, Sofas, and Corner Sofas have been quick to report their absolute delight with the Le Bauhaus.

Postings on Social Media sites and customer satisfaction sites consistently agree that this a product that combines functionality, quality, and outstanding design with an affordable price tag.

”Retro Europe have clearly ‘reinvented the wheel’ with their very clever design.” is being repeated by followers on Social Media sites.

In my mind, the design is a blend of modernist and industrial vintage.

Le Bauhaus by Retro Europe is traditionally handcrafted with a solid hardwood frame, covered in high-quality multi-density cushioning, covered with a choice of genuine leather or soft Danish Cotton.

The body is then enclosed in a steel framework with wrap under legs giving this model an Industrial Vintage feel.

Or, it could be a Classic Designer Minimal Style from the Florence Knoll School of Design?

Clean, cool, and a cube styling lends the Le Bauhaus to be included in the iconic early to mid-century minimalism period of design where total function meets total minimalism.

Whilst the steel frame gives it the industrial style of Le Corbusier, the minimalism is an influence from Florence Knoll.

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Online Shoppers Scramble to get their hands on The New Kosmisk Office Chair.


From 139,99 euros the Ergonomic- Designed Kosmisk Office Chair from Retro is set to be the most influential office chair of the decade.

Retro Europe shared a photo of the Kosmisk ergonomic office chair on their social media platforms, and it attracted more than 5,000 likes as customers asked when it would be on sale.


Do you need the Kosmisk Office Chair in your life?

The retailer Retro Europe revealed that shoppers can start buying the Aero 5 ergonomic office chair online from the 20th March.

Retro Europe confirmed they have a huge stock of the Kosmisk Office Chair ready to deliver within 5-7 days anywhere in Europe.

The Kosmisk guarantees your comfort.

There may be many office chairs to choose from on the market, but few have the specification of the Kosmisk Office Chair.

Super cool back mesh and a multi-density cushioning guarantee your comfort and keep you cool all day. Plus, adjustable seat height mechanism, reclining back and locking back options, adjustable headrest, a 360-degree swivel, and universal wheels that glide on all surfaces.

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Ergonomic design guarantees your correct posture and support.

The ergonomic styled Kosmisk Office Chair conforms to every individual body shape and size.

Ensuring the correct posture whilst being seated and maximum support. Avoiding the distress of lower back and shoulder ache and stiffness.


Excitement and anticipation for the Kosmisk Office Chair.

A spokesperson at Retro Europe said: ‘It’s great to see such excitement and anticipation for the new Kosmisk Office Chair.’

This is not the first time that Retro Europe has caused a modern designer furniture frenzy with customers going into meltdown. The Le Bauhaus Modernist Furniture Collection was launched last year to unprecedented Press Attention and record sales.

The Kosmisk Office Chair will be championed by bloggers and celebrities alike.

The spokesperson at Retro Europe added;’ We fully expect the Kosmisk Office Chair to be championed by bloggers and celebrities alike, and our first consignments of the new Kosmisk office chair to be sold out.’

‘The 139.00 euros price tag discounted to 114.00 euros on the multi-buy scheme is the best value and most affordable price for an office chair of this quality and design on the market.’


New Colours.

The Retro Europe spokesperson concluded; ‘In just a few weeks there will be two more exciting colours in the Kosmisk Office Chair Collection.’

‘A stunning Red and a rich Dark Blue, both confidently expected to be winners.’

The Must-Have Home Office Chairs and Commercial Office Chairs.

Already hailed as the must-have Home Office Chair and Commercial Office Chair the Kosmisk from Retro Europe was pre-ordered by thousands and sold out several times over.

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Fashionably Clothed and Furnished with Furniture Art.


Bonnie Cashin is a Designer of unique distinction.

Inspired by mid-century modernism she is responsible for bringing change and a sense of purpose to the fashion and furniture art world.


Bonnie Cashin is the Mother of American Sportswear.

A modern-day icon, defined as a modernist and an artist, Bonnie Cashin (ca. 1908-2000) became a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American fashion designer.

Her influence in the world of fashion and furniture art is significant.

Recognised for her superior intellect, she was very opinionated with an independent fashion style.

Bonnie Cashin is the Mother of American Sportswear and will be remembered as one of fashion’s most influential designers.

Creating ready-to-wear clothing.

She worked for numerous private design studios and designed for around 50 companies including Internationally famous Hermès and American Airlines.

Bonnie Cashin spent the late 1920s and 1930s designing dance costumes for showgirls.

In the 1940s she created film costumes for Twentieth Century-Fox.

By the Mid-Century, she was creating ready-to-wear clothing.


Fashion is aligned to modern designer furniture.

In 1951 Bonnie Cashin explained to an audience her fashions designs were aligned to modern furniture designs and modern architecture.

Special recognition went to modern designers; Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Charles and Ray Eames and Le Corbusier.

All of these great visionaries have created a lasting dynasty in modern designer furniture.

Bonnie Cashin understood the unique sympathetic relationship between modern designer furniture, architecture and fashion.

Clothes are our first environment and our home is our second environment.

In the 1960,s Bonnie Cashin was showing her fashion in modern designer furniture settings.

A new and innovative style of fashion shows.

She created ‘Home Settings’ furnished with Mid-Century Contemporary and Modernist Furniture to show her latest fashion designs.

It was at the time considered to be slightly rebellious to move away from the normal style of fashions shows in hotel ballrooms.


Of her legacy she wrote, “This is my century…how nice, for one voice to ignite the imagination of others.”

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Where Is The Best Online Retro Furniture Store?


Where Is The Best Online Retro Furniture Store?

If you favour retro modern designer furniture, mid century iconic styled furniture or just great funky designer period furniture, and want the convenience of shopping online, we have the top destination for you to surf.

For exclusive modernist designer retro furniture, and a great service the number one choice is Retro Europe.

A family owned company that dates back to 1975, has great designs at affordable prices.

At you have a mixture of eclectic one-off exclusive designer retro furniture. If vintage, modernist or contemporary furnishings are on your shopping list then go to Retro Europe for your retro cravings. As the name suggests, the entire online shop is everything retro with the real sense of history behind all of its furniture.

Retro Europe specialise in the exotic and unusual, a visit to is like visiting a museum of modern designer furniture. Industrial styled sofas, modernist and Scandi styled armchairs and sofas, that stand alongside dining and occasional chairs and tables in functional mid century design styles.

Iconic Furniture Reinvented

If you are an admirer of the works of Le Corbusier, Retro Europe will ease you into the swing of things with their simple reinvented 21st interruption of the LC2 range of sofas and chairs, with their exclusively designer Le Bauhaus Sofas and Armchairs.

Le Bauhaus Sofa - 3 Seater - Black

Scandinavian Living

Or perhaps you favour the 20th Century Scandi Danish modern pieces, Retro Europe offer the fabulous Spiers Collection at great prices, so you might be able to really get your collection going with just one visit to

Spiers Sofa Blue Scandi Style

It’s only worth visiting 84 Smith Street if you have a discerning design eye, or the beauties that lie within won’t be fully appreciated. The owners specialise in locally sourcing the most original and eclectic items they can find. And even if you don’t buy any of the furniture, you’ll go home with a head full of ideas on how to decorate your home.

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