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The World of Whiskey is a very difficult place to navigate.

There is a huge amount of opinion and a very small amount of good old-fashioned common sense with Whiskey.
All you really need is a quality Whiskey and a very comfortable Armchair.

Japanese Highball.

Allow me to introduce you to a new friend of mine, the Japanese Highball.

Like all quality Whiskies, this should always be drunk straight.

Please, no toxic mixers.

This silky whiskey from Suntory’s Hakushu, Yamazaki and Chita Distilleries is slightly herbal with a waft of green apple and honey, and a fruit-forward flavour of grapefruit and juicy grapes.

Strange for Whiskey? Yes, but the finish is a pleasant balance of sweet and spicy and will leave you with a flavour vanilla and ginger lingering on the tongue.

Believe me, it is worth the hunt to find this whiskey.

So, where to drink this beautiful whiskey?

There is only one place. And that is alone in the arms of the Scandi Designer Spiers Armchair from Retro Europe.

Scandi Designer Spiers Armchair from Retro Europe.

This Scandinavian style Armchair is as rich and luxurious as the Whiskey and just as surprising.

A high-quality whiskey enjoyed relaxing on a high-quality modern designer Scandi Armchair.

Cheers to the Spiers Armchair from Retro Europe.

Ons Nieuws

The History of Modern Designer Furniture.

It is our history that defines our future.

And, at Retro Europe we have been trading for nearly 50 years, and our history is entrenched in supplying our clients with high-quality modern designer furniture at a fair and affordable price.

All of our luxury Sofas at Retro Europe create Beautiful Homes.

We’re incredibly proud of our award-winning range of modern designer furniture.

At Retro Europe we offer a selection of modern, contemporary, vintage and Industrial style retro furniture that are at great value prices.

Discover how we can transform your lifestyle with our range of Sofas.

Alongside our permanent classic designer sofas, we have the Own Label Designer Sofas from Retro Europe.

Specially designed by the in-house design team at Retro Europe, the Own Label Furniture is exclusive to Retro Europe and sold under the banner of Reinvented, Affordable, Great Designer Furniture Collections.

Exclusive designer sofas handmade in luxurious finishes.

Retro Europe is the leading online designer furniture store in Europe, and from their website, at www.retroeurope.com you can order /pay and have delivery in just 7 days of your perfect designer sofa.

We manufacture in a quality 100% leather, and vibrant cotton fabrics, specially selected to be soft, luxurious and durable for a lifetime use.

Our sofas are constructed using the methods of traditional furniture makers, with a solid hardwood frame with a sprung deck to ensure the durability of the sofa, and maximum support and comfort.

The quest for quality and value never ends!

Unique, modern luxury sofas and armchairs in premium materials and finishes at Retro Europe.

We work hard to ensure our clients receive the complete 5 Star Concierge service when they buy their new modern designer sofas from Retro Europe.

Stylish, handmade sofas using traditional furniture makers techniques.

To help our customers get the best out of our designer sofas we have launched an exclusive Product Care Kit.

A cleaner, restorer, and conditioning all-purpose kit to maintain and protect your new designer sofa for a lifetime of use.

Whether you prefer Modern Contemporary Designer Sofas, or Industrial Vintage Designer Sofas you will find your new favourite at Retro Europe.

Customers have been enjoying our designer retro furniture for decades. Retro Europe was established in 1975 and we’re proud to offer such a wide selection of high-quality designer sofas.

Our aim is to offer Affordable Sofa Collections that are meticulously designed for the discerning buyer using premium materials responsibly sourced.

Ons Nieuws

Scandinavia’s Best Contemporary Furniture from Retro Europe.

What suddenly springs to mind when you think of Scandinavia?

Well, it could be the deep mysterious fjords carved into a forested landscape.

Or maybe it’s the ultra-cool, minimalism Scandi Designer furniture that has recently had all discerning lovers of great designer furniture falling head over heels for all things Scandi.

We would be willing to bet our pensions that the word “beaches” doesn’t cross your mind.

Because Scandinavia is the home to Scandi Designer Furniture.

And here is best of all the modern contemporary Scandi Designer Scandinavian Furniture on the market today.

The Spiers Collection of Scandi Armchairs and Scandi Sofas from Retro Europe.

There is something about the Scandi Designer Spiers Collections that somehow says quality.

A quality that has attracted discerning buyers of modern designer Scandi furniture for decades.

Others put it down to the comfort of the furniture, and some will say the design is unique, whilst others say it has the WOW Factor.

RetroEurope.com is the online destination for lovers of great designer Scandi Furniture.

It is the ”defined line style” that makes the Spiers Scandi Furniture Collection perfect, and the purse-friendly prices at Retro Europe make their Spiers Collection extremely affordable.

Now that we’ve discovered the Scandi Spiers Furniture Collection what is the next step?

The Retro Europe 7-day delivery promise.

Convinced more than ever that the Scandi styled Spiers Sofa and Armchair is the perfect addition to your living space, then go to www.retroeurope.co and complete the order, the furniture will be with you within 7 days.

A number of accolades prove the beautiful Scandi designer furniture from Retro Europe is a testament to any modern home or business environment.

Welcome to the Official Scandi Designer Spiers Furniture Collection Owners Club.

Ons Nieuws

Retro Europe’s Promise to Reduce Prices for Modern Designer Furniture.

For years licensed retailers selling designer furniture originally created by the Masters of Furniture Design have been “getting away with murder”
by charging exorbitant amounts of money for modern designer furniture.

Fifteen years ago Retro Europe promised to bring down the cost of High-quality modern designer furniture.

”Original” Licensed Designer Furniture is some of the highest priced furniture in the world.

Despite the continuing slow down in demand for the old-fashioned, small. and uncomfortable designer furniture the licenced companies are still charging top-dollar for their furniture.

Retro Europe, Made.com, and other leading online modern designer furniture retailers decided to compete with the licenced holders of the original designer furniture.

Retro Europe, Made, and others have undertaken a programme to design their designer furniture

Retro Europe has set-up their own in-house design team to reinvent the classic designer furniture by Le Corbusier and Charles Eames.

The modern designer furniture friendly supplier Retro Europe is offering such iconic designer furniture styles from the Le Corbusier Design School at one-tenth of the price.

”The History of Le Corbusier” – The Final Chapter.

Retro Europe has reinvented the Le Corbusier LC2 Modernist Designer Furniture Collection with the Le Bauhaus from the Retro Europe Own Label Designer Label.

Le Bauhaus is styled in the classic Modernist Industrial design style of the Le Corbusier LC2, but bigger, cheaper, and with a high-quality build construction.

Le Bauhaus is one-tenth of the price of a Le Corbusier LC2.

Last year Retro Europe launched the Le Bauhaus Armchairs and Sofas to the modern designer furniture market.

Priced around one-tenth of the price of the Le Corbusier LC2, this has prompted Furniture Industry Analysts to acknowledge Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe has had a massive impact of the way we all buy modern designer furniture, and for Le Corbusier, it is the final chapter in ”The History of Le Corbusier”

Despite continuing rhetoric demand for Le Corbusier LC2 is dwindling.

Companies selling the original LC2 furniture from Le Corbusier have done absolutely nothing on this issue, and that has actually surprised everyone.

With their continued exorbitant pricing, the Le Corbusier LC2, the 3-place sofa is retailing at around 10,000 euros, compared to the bigger, better quality, and vastly more comfortable 3-place sofa Le Bauhaus sofa from Retro Europe 999.00 Euros.

Le Corbusier don’t like what has happened with very low and dwindling demand for the LC2.

Retro Europe has undertaken a concerted campaign to alert the Industrial Vintage Designer Furniture Market buyers to the advantaged of the Le Bauhaus Collection.

The Le Bauhaus Collection from the Retro Europe Own Label Brand has really shifted positive opinion with discerning buyers.

Now conversations are all about the Affordable Prices of the Le Bauhaus.

The discussions about the Affordable prices of the Le Bauhaus has now been extended to direct quality construction methods comparisons to the Le Corbusier LC2.

Le Corbusier LC2 is really under the microscope, the 100-year-old design of the Le Corbusier LC2 does stand up to the modern quality construction of the Le Bauhaus.

Le Bauhaus is constructed of a Solid Wood Frame and is bigger than the LC2.

The solid wood frame of the Le Bauhaus is constructed in the traditional Furniture Makers Method for quality furniture.

The Le Bauhaus Solid Wood frame and a Sprung Deck ensure a lifetime of use, providing great comfort, and the correct support.

Le Corbusier LC2 is constructed on a steel frame with elasticated straps with loose cushions and is SO small.

The metal frame of the very small Le Corbusier LC2 with elasticated straps provides a little comfort and zero to low support for the 21st Century User.

The loose cushions tend to disappear between the elasticated straps after continual use.

Retro Europe’s campaign appears to have borne fruit.

Judging by sales figures from Retro Europe for the Le Bauhaus Collection discerning buyers of modernist furniture are voting with their wallets and purses.

Retro Europe promised again that they would continue to bring reinvented designer furniture with affordable prices and Retro Europe have launched another model in the Le Bauhaus Collection. – The Corner Sofa.

The Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa is launched at 2299 Euros.

One of the greatest priorities for Retro Europe is to reduce the price of high-quality modern designer furniture.

Across Europe modern designer furniture from Retro Europe costs far less than the original Le Corbusier Modernist Furniture.

Retro Europe has directed their in-house design team to make fixing the injustice of high furniture prices their top priority.

Prices have come down.

But experts say that Retro Europe has not sacrificed affordable pricing for high-quality, and this has given Retro Europe the upper hand in the modern designer furniture market.

Retro Europe design and manufacture high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

The future is bright for Retro Europe with their full range of high-quality contemporary, modernist, vintage, and industrial styled furniture at a fraction of their competitor’s prices.

Sadly, for Le Corbusier, the future is not so bright, and forecasters are suggesting ”The History of Le Corbusier” is coming to a very untimely end.

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