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Here are some of the comments from our clients;

Caroline Herrera Spain.

Retro Europe captures the spirit of modern contemporary designer furniture.

Michael Bloom Germany.

The Le Bauhaus Sofa is the perfect gift for myself. Modernist furniture that is so cool, comfortable and very good value for the price.

Damien Bloom France.

The Spiers Sofa and Spiers Armchair have taken centre stage in my apartment. Scandi designer furniture at its best.

Chloe Belle France.

A sublime design, dazzling and yet a sophisticated luxurious sofa. The modernist designer Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe is the most exquisite iconic modern designer sofa on the market.

Alan Coach. London.

The Kiss Sofa from Retro Europe is a designer sofa in the shape of a pair of luscious red lips that inspires spontaneous energy. A chic downtown style from Retro Europe.

Thierry Grace Paris.

The Eiffel Patchwork Armchair is a sunny flowerbed of colours captivating a modern designer style. Thank you, Retro Europe.

Kevin Flein England.

My Eiffel Office Chair in Tiffany Blue is a natural beauty, and in my Home Office my office chair brings a feeling of glowing freshness to my working day. A very comfortable ergonomic office chair that is the centrepiece of my Home Office.

Hugo Black Dublin.

The Le Bauhaus Armchair and Sofa is modern designer styled furnishings with luxurious comfort and a throwback to bygone Industrial Vintage designer furniture. A classic non-conformist styled designer sofa.

Charles Dunwaring. Lyon.

Modern contemporary designer office chair in a dazzling Candy Red is a fantastic addition to my Home Office. My Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe is the perfect office chair for my busy 8 hour working days.

Giorgio Lorenti. Milan.

Le Bauhaus Sofa is a sofa that is unlike any other sofa. It is modern, in an Industrial Vintage design with a strong image, and a confident no-nonsense style. A sofa with attitude from Retro Europe.

Issey Zadig. Croatia.

I needed 12 office chairs for my new office. I wanted an intensely fresh designer office chair that is functional. Plus I demanded comfort and great support from an office chair that looks youthful, individual, in a style that would transform my office. Retro Europe’s Eiffel Office Chairs have ticked all my boxes.

Benny Holmes. Liverpool.

Retro Europe sells real designer furniture. Sexy, bold designer furniture that sparkles and shines in any room. I am a proud owner of a Le Bauhaus Corner Sofa in my Office Reception.

Anika Haven. The Netherlands.

Bigger, Bolder, and Sexier the Kiss Sofa is fantastic. A 4 person sofa in the shape of a pair of Lips has transformed my home.

Juan Sanchez.

The award-winning Le Bauhaus from RetroEurope reminded me of the Le Corbusier LC2 an iconic Industrial Vintage styled designer sofa.

Desmond Healey. Aberdeen.

The Eiffel Bar Stools in patchwork look fabulous in our bar. They are in perfect harmony with the Eiffel Chairs we bought for the Restaurant.

James Gordon. Cardiff.

The next generation designer Spiers Sofa from Retro Europe have a subtle contemporary Scandi modern contemporary design, and they look and feel fabulous in the Mineral Blue fabric.

Louise Beckford. Paris.

Advanced ergonomic designer office chairs furniture from Retro Europe are so comfortable and stay cool even in the summer. I bought a Tiffany Blue Office Chair for my Home Office.

Francis Kay. Munich.

The ultimate must-have sofa is the Spiers Scandi styled sofa from RetroEurope. A classic modern designer sofa that is a special present for me from myself.

Jason Roberts. Manchester.

I created a peaceful haven for myself when I bought the Spiers Scandi Armchair, deep plush cushions and a stress-free experience every time I sit down!

Peter Cech. Amsterdam.

An innovative office chair for my Home Office that looks modern, is very comfortable and gives great support to my back and shoulders. I found the Eiffel Office Chair at Retro Europe, and it is better than I could have dreamed.

Frank Mans. Zurich Switzerland.

I was a big fan of Le Corbusier, until I found the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe online. They are of the same Industrial Vintage Design, but the Le Bauhaus is bigger and a fraction of the price. I bought the 3 seat sofa Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe for under one thousand euros, Le Corbusier LC2 is out of my budget at ten thousand euros. Very happy, very comfortable and exceptional quality. Well Done Retro Europe.

Hans Smitt. Frankfurt.

The Spiers Sofa from Retro Europe is largely inspired by Scandi Modern Designer Contemporary Furniture from Scandinavia. A perfectly proportioned and extremely comfortable 4 – seat sofa.

Jack Holmes. Kent.

The Corner Le Bauhaus Sofa from Retro Europe is fabulous space saving 5-6 seat sofa, the iconic modernist design sits very well with my furnishings and is a great addition to my living space.

Denise Hoff. Munich.

The eye-catching vintage styled Le Bauhaus Armchair from Retro Europe is my latest acquisition of modern designer retro furniture from Retro Europe. The armchair combines the Industrial steel frame with the modernist sofa and looks and feels fabulous in white leather.

Jason Yang. London.

The Eiffel Office Chair from www.retroeurope.com is designed to combine the benefits of an ergonomic office chair with a cool looking modern designer office chair. I just like it because of the colour. I love the Candy Red Office Chairs from Retro Europe.

Yves Long. Monaco.

Wonderful and such a fresh design that is both stylish and sophisticated. The Eiffel Office Chair from Retro Europe looks fabulous in my new Home Office. Thank you, Retro Europe.


Europe’s favourite online retro furniture store is Retro Europe, with discerning buyers of modernist designer furniture praising Retro Europe’s quality, affordability, and great designs.

Retro Europe- Number One in Europe

Retro Europe is number one in Europe in an annual satisfaction survey, with buyers of quality modern designer furniture voting for Retro Europe’s for their superior value for money designer retro furniture.

Le Corbusier has lost its crown to Retro Europe.

Le Corbusier was towards the bottom of the results survey.

Meanwhile, Le Corbusier was towards the bottom of the results survey, for being overpriced, uncomfortable, and too small for the 21st Century Retro Furniture Market.

The History of Le Corbusier.

For the first time in The History of Le Corbusier, Le Corbusier has lost its crown to Retro Europe.

Affordability and real value for money.

It is a clear sign, that cost, affordability, and real value for money have become the top priority for discerning buyers of quality designer furniture.

Praise for Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus sofa.

Buyers were not convinced that the Le Corbusier LC2 was value for money – but praised Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus sofa.

Move over Le Corbusier and Charles Eames.

Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus 3 – place sofa costs 999.00 Euros.

In a price, quality, function and comfort comparison survey, Retro Europe came out on top, and the opinions were overwhelming especially on price.

Le Corbusier LC2 3 – place sofa costs around a whopping 10,000 Euros.

Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus 3 – place sofa cost 999.00 Euros.

Le Corbusier LC2 3 – place sofa costs around a whopping 10,000 Euros.

The buying experience of shopping online for modern designer furniture.

A consumer group asked Europeans across the EU, about their buying experiences, from buying online for modern designer furniture, over the previous six months.

Modern Designer Retro Furniture Stores were ranked based on consumers’ feelings about the appearance of a website, delivery times, and the range and quality of products and value for money.

Retro Europe has a five-star rating.

The survey gave Retro Europe a five-star rating with an additional merit point for Retro Europe’s 7-day delivery service.

‘No waiting after ordering, a seamless professional service from Retro Europe.’ was the overall message from consumers.

Why are more and more Europeans buying modern designer furniture from Retro Europe?

An industry spokesman said: ‘To be named Europe’s favourite online store for modern designer furniture shows just how much Retro Europe are connecting with their clients, these discerning clients love Retro Europe’s ‘fantastic prices’ with many also praising their ‘7 – day delivery service.’

Why anyone would pay 10,000 Euros for an LC2 sofa from Le Corbusier.

Meanwhile, one customer told the consumer group they are amazed anyone would pay 10,000 Euros for an LC2 sofa from Le Corbusier for 10,000.00 Euros when a bigger, high quality, modernist industrial styled sofa from Retro Europe is 999.00 Euros.

Retro Europe will continue to design affordable new designer furniture, constructed in the traditional furniture makers way.

Retro Europe said ‘We will continue to design new designer furniture, constructed in the traditional furniture makers way for a lifetime of use, and always at the best and affordable price for our loyal clients.’

Adding ‘We are naturally delighted to have been recognised as Europe’s best online modern designer furniture store in the survey, and with retro furniture prices increasing it is clear discerning buyers are savvy, evaluating quality and prices, and are then buying from our online furniture store at RetroEurope.com’


Connoisseurs of designer furniture up and down the country are now buying retro furniture in their thousands, and are transforming their homes from mere places to take shelter from the wind and rain, to handsome places of beauty, sophistication, and style as we speak!

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