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Europe’s favourite online retro furniture store is Retro Europe, with discerning buyers of modernist designer furniture praising Retro Europe’s quality, affordability, and great designs.

Retro Europe- Number One in Europe

Retro Europe is number one in Europe in an annual satisfaction survey, with buyers of quality modern designer furniture voting for Retro Europe’s for their superior value for money designer retro furniture.

Le Corbusier has lost its crown to Retro Europe.

Le Corbusier was towards the bottom of the results survey.

Meanwhile, Le Corbusier was towards the bottom of the results survey, for being overpriced, uncomfortable, and too small for the 21st Century Retro Furniture Market.

The History of Le Corbusier.

For the first time in The History of Le Corbusier, Le Corbusier has lost its crown to Retro Europe.

Affordability and real value for money.

It is a clear sign, that cost, affordability, and real value for money have become the top priority for discerning buyers of quality designer furniture.

Praise for Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus sofa.

Buyers were not convinced that the Le Corbusier LC2 was value for money – but praised Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus sofa.

Move over Le Corbusier and Charles Eames.

Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus 3 – place sofa costs 999.00 Euros.

In a price, quality, function and comfort comparison survey, Retro Europe came out on top, and the opinions were overwhelming especially on price.

Le Corbusier LC2 3 – place sofa costs around a whopping 10,000 Euros.

Retro Europe’s Le Bauhaus 3 – place sofa cost 999.00 Euros.

Le Corbusier LC2 3 – place sofa costs around a whopping 10,000 Euros.

The buying experience of shopping online for modern designer furniture.

A consumer group asked Europeans across the EU, about their buying experiences, from buying online for modern designer furniture, over the previous six months.

Modern Designer Retro Furniture Stores were ranked based on consumers’ feelings about the appearance of a website, delivery times, and the range and quality of products and value for money.

Retro Europe has a five-star rating.

The survey gave Retro Europe a five-star rating with an additional merit point for Retro Europe’s 7-day delivery service.

‘No waiting after ordering, a seamless professional service from Retro Europe.’ was the overall message from consumers.

Why are more and more Europeans buying modern designer furniture from Retro Europe?

An industry spokesman said: ‘To be named Europe’s favourite online store for modern designer furniture shows just how much Retro Europe are connecting with their clients, these discerning clients love Retro Europe’s ‘fantastic prices’ with many also praising their ‘7 – day delivery service.’

Why anyone would pay 10,000 Euros for an LC2 sofa from Le Corbusier.

Meanwhile, one customer told the consumer group they are amazed anyone would pay 10,000 Euros for an LC2 sofa from Le Corbusier for 10,000.00 Euros when a bigger, high quality, modernist industrial styled sofa from Retro Europe is 999.00 Euros.

Retro Europe will continue to design affordable new designer furniture, constructed in the traditional furniture makers way.

Retro Europe said ‘We will continue to design new designer furniture, constructed in the traditional furniture makers way for a lifetime of use, and always at the best and affordable price for our loyal clients.’

Adding ‘We are naturally delighted to have been recognised as Europe’s best online modern designer furniture store in the survey, and with retro furniture prices increasing it is clear discerning buyers are savvy, evaluating quality and prices, and are then buying from our online furniture store at RetroEurope.com’


Online Retro Furniture Seller Retro Europe is cashing in by selling their own-brand designer modern designer furniture, that is of equal design appeal to the original designer furniture designed by Le Corbusier.

Analysts found no difference in the functional modern design style between two of the best selling sofas on the retro furniture market today. However, never in the History of Le Corbusier has there been a more credible alternative and rival to the LC2 Collection from Le Corbusier until today.

Retro Europe have launched the Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection as a direct rival to the Le Corbusier LC2 Furniture Collection.

The easiest way to tell the furniture apart is the higher price of ten thousand euros [10,000] for the Le Corbusier LC2 3 place Sofa, compared to the price from Retro Europe for their 3 place sofa at under one thousand euros (1,000 euros.)

Modern Designer Furniture Analysts found the standard of craftsmanship with the Le Corbusier to be very poor, whereas, the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe, with their furniture constructed in the traditional method of a solid hardwood frame, with multi-density cushioning for greater support and comfort, more suitable for the demands of the 21st Century discerning furniture buyers.

However, the quality of the leather was found to be of equal quality on the Le Corbusier LC2 and the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

Finally, a major deficiency with the Le Corbusier LC2 is that it is very small and grossly uncomfortable. Retro Europe have constructed their full-size Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection bigger, more comfortable, and with better support.

Retail experts said Retro Europe ‘gives the consumer a better constructed sofa at great value for money, without sacrificing any of the quality design aspects of a classic modernist designer retro furniture piece.’

‘Clearly there is a choice and if you want to save tons of money you will look closely at the modern designer furniture at retroeurope.com.

Retro Furniture shoppers were questioned and said they steer away from buying overpriced original designer furniture by Le Corbusier, because it is not comfortable, and challenged the Le Corbusier Pricing Structure after comparing the design and quality similarities between Le Corbusier and the Le Bauhaus from Retro Europe.

Retro Europe have stated that the price factors that they can control that affect the price of the Retro Europe products, are that their clients are buying direct from Retro Europe.

No commissions or fees are paid to middlemen or agents. Clients buy online direct from Retro Europe, and the accumulation of these savings allow Retro Europe to maintain an affordable price structure without sacrificing the design or quality of construction.


Priced at 999.00 Euros this quality modern designer sofa has some of the design qualities of the famous LC2 Le Corbusier Sofa.

Thankfully that is where all comparisons stop.

The Le Corbusier LC2 retails around 10,000 Euros, the LC2 is much smaller and the LC2 construction is straight out of the Dark Ages.

Modern Reinvention Made for a Lifetime of Use

Retro Europe is selling their Le Bauhaus 3 place sofa at one-tenth of the LC2, in full genuine 100% leather, and constructed on a hardwood frame, and it is a full 228 cms in size, unlike the LC2 that offers a miserly 180 cms for their 3 place sofa.

The online modern designer furniture store announced the Le Bauhaus Furniture Collection as the latest addition to their website.

Affordable Modern Reinvention

Retro Europe is committed to their affordable price promise and is selling at just 999.00 Euros. The new Le Bauhaus Sofa has been pitched in direct competition to the aged Le Corbusier designed LC2 costing around 10,000 Euros.

Le Bauhaus Sofa - 3 Seater - Black

Company Statement

A spokesman at Retro Europe commented: We’re continuously monitoring high-end modern designer furniture in the styles of modernist, mid-century, vintage and contemporary.

Our in-house design team creates modern reinvented versions to offer our customers great-value alternatives, without compromising on style, and we love seeing the excitement our products cause amongst shoppers.

These Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Furniture Brands from Retro Europe are sure to be a must-have for advocates of modern designer furniture looking to add a stylish update to their homes or work environments.

Latest Company News

But this isn’t the first Retro Europe item sending online shoppers into a frenzy.

The Retro Europe Scandi Styles Spiers Sofa and Armchair are fabulous quality and priced from 549.00

And, Retro Europe is launching an additional brand new designer Office Chair this December.

Le Bauhaus 2 Seater Sofa

Europe’s leading online modern designer retro furniture store Retro Europe, offers you a professional guide to buying the perfect designer sofa for your family room.

First, why do we all choose to buy a modern designer sofa for the family room?

The answer is to provide the utmost comfort for the entire family, and enjoy the beauty of the modern designer styled sofa.

The family room is the place where every family come together to relax and chill out, and the Modern Designer Sofa is the most important piece of furniture in the family room

All modern designer furniture must be chosen well, a bad decision is the same as throwing your money into the trash. Selecting the most suitable modern designer sofa is difficult and complicated, whether it be a modernist or mid-century design, a vintage, or a modern contemporary style.

But, I am confident Retro Europe can help you.

Not all manufacturers offer high quality and affordable sofas, which makes it hard to decide on where and what to buy.

Here is a very simple guideline from Retro Europe on how to choose a modern designer sofa for your family room.

Budget is a primary concern when it comes to searching for a great modern designer sofa for your Family Room. We all deserve quality and value for money. If you have an unlimited budget you are very fortunate, but paying top dollar does not always guarantee a top quality sofa.

Think about the size of designer sofa you need to accommodate your family. If you have a large family, it is necessary to look for a sofa at least 220 cms wide or a substantial corner sofa. Retro Europe offers the Le Bauhaus, Savoy, and the Scandi Spiers all in excess of 225 cms.


It is important that you choose a strong design and consider exactly where the modern designer sofa will be placed in the room.There are various shapes of sofa—L-shape, round, rectangular, and others, but generally the most functional are rectangular or L- shaped. Even with a limited space, the sofa must still be pleasing to the eye. So spend your money wisely, a great place to shop is www.retroeurope.com where you will be sure to buy a great designer sofa from the Retro Europe’s Reinvented, Affordable, Great Design Furniture Collection.

We always place emphasis on the aesthetic value, but we must also evaluate the components of the structure of the sofa. A solid hardwood frame ensures durability and a lifetime of use. At Retro Europe we manufacture using the traditional furniture makers methods. Our sofas and armchairs are constructed up on kiln-dried solid hardwood frames.

Multi-density cushioning will ensure great support and comfort. Modern technology has given us a dream comfort level with high-quality multi-density cushioning production. This system will ensure you have the necessary support, especially in those vital areas, the lower back, shoulder, neck, and knees.Plus quality multi-density cushioning is designed for a long life of comfort.

Generally, sofas are covered in leather or a quality cloth. They are easy to clean and prove enduring for all age groups.Retro Europe use only 100% genuine leather, some manufacturers use plastic or split leather, it may look the same but will last only 5 minutes and gets very hot and sticky in a warm room or in the summer. There are alternatives to leather, Danish Cloth is very popular and available in a choice of colours.

a revolution of furniture design, manufacture and supply.

Be stylish and bold. After evaluating the visual appearance, construction and functionality, buyers must still be very particular with the modern designer style they choose.Your new sofa must compliment your interior style. Whether your home is a minimalistic, classic or modern, contemporary or vintage, industrial mid-century, or even a funky art deco style, your new sofa must fit with the other elements in your home.

In choosing the best retro designer sofa for a family room, buyers must apply all these important pointers from Retro Europe, and this will lead to a worthy investment for your home.

If you require any further advice on buying the perfect modern designer sofa please contact Retro Europe at info@retroeurope.com