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Team Retro Europe Create Another New Design

Providing the modern mid century retro market with a new modern designer sofa was a very difficult task, for the young team of designers at Retro Europe.

The perceived need to impress with a design that delivered on the mandate, of great design, affordability, high quality and be a functional piece of retro furniture, added to the growing concerns among the design team.

Following several weeks of dedicated endeavour the new design was completed, along with a new name.

The Savoy Collection was born.

The Savoy Collection is an example of pure retro minimalism, akin the greatest retro minimalism designer of all time; Florence Knoll.

Savoy Sofa 3 Seater The perfect geometric style of squares.

Two sofas were designed, a 2 place and 3 place, to make up this small but beautifully designed collection.

The Savoy Sofas are constructed in the traditional ways of furniture makers. A Solid hardwood frame, dressed in multi density cushioning for maximum support, comfort and a long life, and then covered in sumptuous soft Italian leather, which is made up of individually double stitched squares of leather, to create the feature design aspect of the Savoy Sofas; The perfect geometric style of squares.

Savoy Sofa The perfect geometric style of squares.

It’s clear that Retro Europe have another winner with the Savoy Collection of Sofas. Whether you like contemporary designs, mid century styles or just great retro sofas, the Savoy Collection will please.

Retro Europe’s extensive involvement in the online business of Retro Furniture and their reputation as a determined proponent of everything Retro will ensure that the new Savoy Sofas enrich the lives of everyone for many years to come.

Reinvention Modernism Spiers Scandi Styles

Turning ordinary into magical

Retro Europe unveil a new look in Modern Designer Furniture with the Scandi Styled Spiers Collection.

More often than not, modern designer furniture from Retro Europe conforms to the old adage of function and form. with the focus on quality and affordability.

The chair you’re sitting on is part of a constantly evolving design process.

In House Design Team

We have seen this many times in the past with the popular Eiffel and Le Bauhaus Collections, designed and created by the in house design team at RetroEurope.com

So it is refreshing to see another master class of furniture from retroeurope.com that diverges from the tired path of mid century replicas and copies. Retro Europe’s Scandi styled Spiers Collection does just that, and promises to transform an ordinary and banal living space into something magical.

What drives the designers at Retro Europe is an unrelenting sense of curiosity. They have no particular goal other than creating strong designs which people can easily relate to. Retro Europe designers have the capacity to balance the need to create a living space to enjoy and exist with, whilst pursuing a passion for individual designer furniture.

Influential Ideas

The designs and ideas of the Spiers Collection from Retro Europe will shape the face of furniture design as we know it, and ultimately become a certified work of furniture art. The design team at Retro Europe understand that the chair you’re sitting on is part of a constantly evolving design process that extends back pretty much to the start of human existence. Since early man first needed a place to sit, furniture design has been a necessary part of life.

Now move forward several thousand years and furniture design had progressed a little bit. In fact, modern designer furniture has started a revolution – a movement known as Modernism started the revolution and quickly developed into Contemporary and Scandi. The social impact that Modernism had on contemporary life is vast. Before Modernism, cumbersome, weighty and expensive wooden furniture was the norm. Mass production was not possible and a piece of furniture was valued purely in the time it took an artisan to make it.

With the rise of Modern Designer Furniture, techniques to create brilliantly minimalistic, comfortable and affordable well designed furniture like tubular steel and wood-bending – were being experimented with. Designers and architects collaborated in creative hothouses, in the same way that the design team at Retro Europe work today.

The net result of these endeavours is the Scandi Styled Spiers Collection from RetroEurope.com.

Scandinavian Styles

The Spiers modern sofa and armchair is specifically for the contemporary home living space or business environment requiring a subtle touch of class defined by its imposing design. Once you’ve stripped away the generous layers of padding, the Spies Collection is manufactured in the traditional furniture craftsman way with a solid wood frame, the Spiers is significant for its generous seating and the design of the armrests that appear to be floating above the cushions. The sofa sits upon a solid wood base and legs, this offsets its weighty form, making this massive sofa and chair appear to be levitating. The technique is heavily influenced by the Scandi Movement that ultimately defines much of the furniture of today.


Designed with Ease: The story behind the Eiffel Patchwork Chair

Retro Europe launched the modern designer Eiffel Collection in the summer, and month on month sales are increasing successfully at RetroEurope.com, and our commercial clients are buying in high numbers at business.RetroEurope.com.

So we thought, what better time to ask the design team at Retro Europe, about their own personal thoughts on the Eiffel Patchwork Chair.

Joseph, a new member of the Retro Europe design team said “When I was asked join Retro Europe, my first involvement was the Eiffel Collection of chairs, armchairs, bar stools and dining tables. I did immediately love the concept of a ”one single” design for all the respective products, and the simplicity of the plastic molded seat, mounted on a frame with solid beech wood legs. But I felt we needed a flagship model. ”


”I have previously visited Morocco and was entranced with the fabrics I had seen. Their colour was invigorating, and I suggested that we upholster the shell seats in a patchwork of vibrant coloured Danish Cotton. The fabric is not only bright and sunny but durable and easy to keep clean. I approached the design with a free agenda, wanting to create a chair that felt right at the time. Having seen many fabrics going round the markets in Morocco I was inspired to utilise the traditional technique of patch working, by turning the fabric pieces inside out, and folding in a 1 cm seam at the bottom edge and hand stitching. Then, straighten the quilt and lightly press. Next by sewing all layers together along the rows, and sewing in the ditch between the seams, we had nice plump squares front and back of the chair.”


”Embracing its purity and simplicity the design evolved from prototype to actual production in a few days. Working with Retro Europe’s in-house team, I was able to refine my design to produce a flagship model to a very modern designer chair that celebrates honest craftsmanship, through the high quality of materials and intensive attention to detail.”

Eiffel Furniture Collection